I have always been the complete innocent in this truth, which of course actually explains why I have always been illegally denied legal representation.


The very 'unusual' childhoods of my brother and I were always hidden from any jury.



... the witness... it's about how politicians treat... civilian... children and women...



I have lawfully lived in a very unusual 'legal vacuum' while being abused by the state… my whole life.


It is more than 'odd' that shocking events in Australia were used to 'design' a campaign of terror against me as a ... peacenik in the UK, that are linked... to politicians signing up to Article 50 and... royals attempted land grab in Parliament Square, in Central London. 


The abbreviated version is:


I was still four years old when my brother and myself were taken 12,000 miles by the ‘highest echelons’ to visit the Queen which was a pretty strange thing to do, including because our English cousins didn’t come along.


In fact it would be impossible for the British government to do anything other than confirm... I have never worked for any intelligence services because it is a legal impossibility to even begin to try and claim it would be possible to say an infant gave 'consent' to... anything... ever.


I was then still a minor when I was viciously threatened so I was forced to leave Australia when I was still a teenager.


I could not possibly have known when I was in New Zealand and I got the legal records over my true identity… many years later in 1995/6 that it would send all sorts of alarm bells ringing all over the place, that once again led to my by... extension returning to the UK, which everyone knows… I really hadn’t wanted to do.


It is true that there are a number of ‘oddities’ about the legal records.


I do know I got a lot of hassle about having anything to do with my sister.


I am the common link between my brother David I was 'raised' with and my sister Jennifer who I was not 'raised' with, in what then did become a horrific War of Terror… in Australia.



... the prisoners... 'raised' by the 'highest echelons'...  with 'minders' et al...



In all the true circumstances it was always completely inevitable I ended up in Parliament Square Central London to try and stop… terror.


In fact when I very unexpectedly won in Southwark Crown court on 13 December 2007 in the UK all ‘plausible deniability’ over soooo much was lost.






It’s the 'picture' from 4 September 2006 in the massive lawsuit in the UK that led to my forced exile from the UK, that could only tell me, my sister was murdered by an undercover police officer in Australia on 10 September 2000… during the jury legal proceedings that ended with a final appeal on 13 December 2000 involving what was very clearly the execution of my nephew on 19 February 1999 and the death of his twin.


The most shocking breach of public trust:



... 4 september 2006.... we proved... what was going on in the uk was seriously, seriously illegal...



I have not only seen but experienced the very real 'plain clothes' terror like above... in the UK that was seriously, seriously illegal that led to (for example) an entire 'police' station having to be disbanded !! from the... top, down, all while I might add I was completely... unprotected.


What was going on that was real terror, was real life, not some... movie.


It is a matter of fact that in the UK ‘police’ in ‘plain clothes’ whose identities we did not know 'invited' Steve and myself into a corridor they then pretended was without CCTV (of course it had CCTV) because they had to attack Steve to try and grab and destroy the footage that Steve took which would... identify what we proved were at best our kidnappers.


The records they contrived… afterwards do not to this day make any legal sense at all.


In a malicious prosecution they split in two and heard back to front, to try and buy time, it took them until 9 July 200...7 to admit they never had any evidence to charge us with anything over 5 August 2006 on 4 September 2006 which they had obviously always known.


So what was really going on ?


There is no reasonable explanation for the UK 'designing' and conducting what was undoubtedly a campaign of terror against me in the UK using dates from appalling events in Australia.


Their ‘behaviour’ was… inevitably so alarming because everyone did know they had ‘invited’ me to Charing Cross Police Station under entirely false pretences, without legal representation !! so I… inevitably ran to try and get help when Steve was... attacked. In any real world terms it really was dangerous men who have guns all over again really.


I have been terrorised by men with guns and so on my whole life.


They could have at best sent a fraudulent 'summons' in the post over what was their own fraud anyway when I was... targeted among many thousands of other people who were not, while I was standing by Downing Street on August 5 2006. There were too many examples of inexplicable completely... OTT state violence towards us that went... beyond the fact we were campaigning. 






The all too obvious execution of my nephew on 19 February 1999 in Australia:



... (19 february 1999 & 10 august 2000) on 22 may 2000 the shooter was found guilty by a jury which is very, very unusual...



My sister then dies after someone confirms the address of where she is living :



... 10 september 2000...



In Australia, the courts cannot overturn a jury verdict on 13 December 2000 in the overt execution:



... 13 december 2000 ... the shooter's appeal on 10 august 2000...  fails...







In the UK everything was set up for this... peacenik to lose on... 13 December 200...7, but I unexpectedly won in what was only growing bigger and bigger all around me:



...  13 december 2007... i very unexpectedly win... in the uk  (4 september 200...6, 22 january 200...7 , 22 may 200...7 on 13 december 2007 etc) in what is...  getting stranger and stranger all the time... because of those involved...



In the UK, by the time when we won on 13 December 200... 7, there was not a lawyer left in sight, because they had all run loooong before, because the 'case' proved so much about so many.


It was what happened... in the UK that inevitably raised.... more questions about Australia because it was so incredibly vicious and nasty.


On the same day in the UK I win the 'decisive victory' over everything really, something else happens which is Brown signs up to... Article 50 on 13 December 2007 which is a complete fraud of no due process, before the... royals make a very tasteless land grab in Parliament Square, Central London on... 19 February 2008 (that we didn't know about until 18 June 2010)




There were too many unanswered questions.


The only possible connection could be -me- because I am the... common link... in it all.


It is very telling what then happened in the UK when I won in court over what everyone did know would be massive jury lawsuits.


Imagine those in government trying to explain to a High Court... jury what on earth was going on.


Go figure:




The only way the royals attempted land grab in Parliament Square -along- with Article 50 could possibly be construed is to (for example) try and... exile me... again into further... no due process because Article 50 is only really hiding there is... no due process for... civilian exiles from... within... the European Union. 


Why would the royals even become involved ? 


(It has all been very 'Catalina of Aragon', Henry VIII & the whole Peter of Aragon et al on 4 September 1282 War of the Sicilian Vespers)


Enter stage left the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commission’s 2010 ‘Matryoshka’ including the ‘Romanovs’ and the 'Julian Calendar' which was all educational.


There clearly is and was... something else going on too in among the inevitable all sorts if you are a... peacenik. 


What is the most serious indictment of what are clearly self serving social constructs that suited everyone else, which most people know is the far wider truth more generally, was no-one accepted it was actually perfectly normal for… two sisters to just enjoy their lives together.


It is self evident to most people, no-one has any other ‘motive’ than pure enjoyment in wanting to spend time in their lifetime with their sister. It is just normal.


There were only a multitude of guilty consciences (if they had any which they don't) elsewhere over all sorts.


The best 'explainer'/'excuser' they will give is what is really... Johnson's 'biographer' Michael Wolff's tawdry tale that put in it's proper context in... Europe obviously would involve serious fraud against a... civilian like myself, which would explain a large number of 'strange' goings on.


There are marriages of all sorts people just 'forgot' to mention.


There have been... too many instances over the years when the governments ridiculously... alternate between saying I exist/I do not exist. In 2008 the 'men in suits' did actually try and say I did not exist on any 'official' record, while they were actually speaking to me to... my face, while I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial, which obviously had it's 'official' record, all of which led to my original High Court Order against everyone involved. I have seen some very strange things. 


The governments really have only excelled themselves with their deceit and the 'reputational managers' are obviously making lots of money.


I didn't think anything was a 'comedy' of 'errors' in Australia, in the UK or elsewhere. 


I was the innocent infant in Australia who grew to be a woman and peacenik because I do know my true self.


There was only ever a long list of what I was not 'allowed' to be that included, Donna, a woman and peacenik.




In Parliament Square, Central London I just openly got on with doing the right thing and there were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven year watch, which anyone who is honest knows did in fact benefit everyone.


What is really important is that the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law continues as a work in progress.