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Who could have possibly ’guessed’ a civilian female Sephardi/Catholic ’converso’ peacenik from a long line of exiles would be forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union ??


All of Westminster. 




... the witness... it's all about how politicians treat defenceless civilian children and women...



It's a known known I was the 'political football' way back on 13 December 200... 7 !!


None of it is what politicians could call a ‘comedy’ of ‘errors’ or a ‘mistake’ over which there is any ‘plausible deniability’ of any kind, where what is very clearly their 'mob mentality' just takes over.


There's no politicians who could claim there is a process to protect civilian exiles from within the European Union, because there isn't. 


In my own long experience I have sadly learnt politicians are only ever looking for ‘plausible deniability’ which they tellingly go to very considerable efforts to contrive, like through Article 50.


It is self evident Article 50 is just another ‘veneer’ that has no ‘plausible deniability’ of any kind itself, because politicians from across the EU did not put in place any due process to protect civilian exiles from within the European Union… before Article 50.


The proper process would have been to put in place a process for civilian exiles from within the European Union before Article 50 which it was foreseeable could/would also involve a process of exile that in fact existed before Article 50 was triggered.


It was however a known known I was the ‘political football’ on 13 December 2007 because there has been no due process for… twelve years !! including before and during Brexit that won’t change after Brexit because there is… still no due process for… civilian exiles from within… the EU.


I was exiled from Australia really, then from the UK into the European Union so I have never seen any due process or any relevant legal representation my… whole life whether I was a child or woman in Australia, the UK, or European Union.


The governments have always been completely responsibility free zones in I might add, the most serious of circumstances. 


It is entirely foreseeable that a civilian exile from within the European Union who has no rights at all, including compared to refugees from outside the European Union is always going to be a ‘casualty’ of some kind, because the European Union is not set up for any other scenario.


The British and Australian governments have always acted in bad faith because they knew exactly what they were doing because they knew there was no due process for civilian exiles from within the European Union.


The politicians knew they had a High Court Order and real lawsuits against them, so it’s really not like they didn’t know exactly what they were doing.


Who else could politicians who already had lawsuits against them, they had forced a peacenik into exile over, want to make into/be their first… civilian ‘casualty’ to try and cover up what they have done ?


The same person who stood up to them for so many years in Parliament Square, Central London.


It's a very, very nasty business that is actually escalating all the time.


The reality is politicians always knew the Charter of Fundamental Freedoms (12 December 2007) existed before they signed up to Article 50 (13 December 2007) so they did always plan to do the performance for camera while going after someone already exiled, before doing their whole drama of another referendum.


Brown was late signing Article 50 for a very good reason, because I very unexpectedly won a 'decisive victory' in court on the same day (they set the court dates) so he will have gone running to his lawyers first because there are very, very serious legal implications that the triggering of Article 50 prove.


His 'lawyers' will have only be paid to say... how long he might hope to try and get away with what he did, because he knew there would be resulting lawsuits, which there is.


The Labour and Tory politicians have the... same lawyer because the lawsuits covered all the administrations.


At the very least they are using very serious... intimidation.


If you are already exiled without any due process and Article 50 has no due process and that no due process will continue after Brexit what is it all about other than intimidation and worse ?




There's no reason to believe otherwise precisely... because politicians have made no effort to lawfully settle lawsuits.


If politicians had ever had the slightest intention of lawfully settling lawsuits, they'd have made the effort by now.


Brexit was of itself a major escalation in politicians bullying and harassment etc, proving their... true focus was 'abroad' (no pun intended)



The politicians in Westminster could not claim they 'reasonably believed' they could 'trigger' the 'veneer' of Article 50 to try and avoid lawsuits which is exactly... all they have been doing.


Cameron did publicly say he wanted to illegally 'remove' peaceniks on 19 July 2009 which was a very, very serious threat to make, that had very, very serious consequences, because of course in saying that what he was really admitting was Westminster had lost in court way back on 13 December 200... 7.


There is a very clear long term pattern of very serious escalation by... politicians.


They are just such dreadful bully boys.


Article 50 is just another way or extension of politicians maliciously… continuing to act in seriously bad faith etc that hasn’t and won’t change during or after Brexit because the truth remains... there is no due process for… civilian exiles from... within the European Union.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!