MICE & MEN  (10.01.2018)



Leila Rachel was in Hong Kong. The unusual wedding photographs at the Cathedral say it all really.



... the witness...



I was a young child in Australia when our black and white cat Cindy and I were playing in the garden one day when 'the others' had visitors around for a barbecue.


A snake reared it’s head to strike and Cindy stood between me and the snake before someone or another came along and lifted me out of harms way and Cindy was fine too. Cindy was the protector because she knew snakes don’t like some cats much. Cindy was an outdoor cat, rarely seen inside. In many ways, I don’t blame her.


My big brother later had a beautiful chinchilla cat too who was called Fluffy, who was more an indoor than outdoor cat really, who would be waiting on the brown letterbox for my brother when we came home from school. I would give Fluffy a cuddle on passing if I was home first.


There were not many girls in the neighbourhood in those early days. I kid you not though, that there was a large boys ‘farm’ across the road, that I remember when I was older the adults used to call the ‘naughty’ boys ‘home’. The boys from the 'farm' didn't go to schools.


One of the families running the boys ‘home’ was a Dutch family called the Vandenbergs who had a daughter around my age. I used to walk to and from school with my friend from the farm and we used to walk past the Italians house which always fascinated me, and we talked about, because it was all very different in so many ways.


I remember one day when I was at my friends house on the ‘farm’ when their mum had a butter churn she was showing me how to use. She said she had to go off and do something else and we should meet her at a different house on the farm when the big hands on the clock got to a certain point. I only remember that because I could actually tell the time myself. 


I guess I was only around five years old then. So later my friend and I went to the other house on the farm we had been told to go to. A young man opened the door and said my friends mum wasn’t there but we could come inside and wait, so we did. It wasn't a normal house per se, but more something used for all sorts I guess, because my friends mum was supposed to be going there to get her hair done and part of it was like a hairdressers. When we came inside the young man who was no hairdresser that's for sure, shut the door behind us and took down one of the shotguns that was on the wall by the entrance. The house just had guns on a rack by the front door, which even in those days when people had guns was different and not something you would normally see. Then he said we were going to play ‘hide and seek’ and that he was going to count to ten and then come and find us and shoot us !! It was not a good game of ‘hide and seek’ and we said we didn’t want to play but we didn’t have any choice so we did hide while he counted to ten and so on and so forth. It really was not a good ‘game’. At some point 'the adults' turned up.


After that I was too frightened to go to school or do anything because I would have to walk past the boys farm and so on and pretend everything was normal and nothing had happened. No-one could persuade me to go to school and so on. One day Leila Rachel made me sit on the blue seat on the porch and left me there saying she was going out. I didn’t care. I was fine sitting on the blue seat on the porch with Cindy. Later Czechpoint Charlie who looked about one hundred foot tall if you were a small child came along and asked me why I was sitting there and wasn’t in school and I didn’t say anything. Anyway he went on and on and on and on and... on and said he was going to walk me to school and so he did.


We were later moved to another school in among all sorts.  


What I never understood was why 'the adults' said they were ‘naughty’ boys at the ‘farm’ yet they had guns everywhere to do whatever they wanted !!


The goat story is illustrative.


Leila Rachel bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel.


A young child could see the goat was treated very differently to all the other animals.


Even a young child could understand that what happened to Mrs Peel was cruel and entirely foreseeable because that goat was treated so… differently to all the other animals.


The goat was treated in an entirely un-natural way, and in particular compared to the lives of our two cats and numerous dogs and ducks and rabbits and mice and so on. 


Leila Rachel & Co had real ‘issues’ in their own lives that were not ours.


I remember when another friend and myself were teenagers who do what teenagers do, so one day it inevitably came to pass we really were how can I put it discreetly, floating through a legal studies class at High School where nevertheless I scored A+ because it all seemed natural to me, so none of it was 'news'.


What I know is there are three people and it is all about two days, one in 2007 and one in 2010, which were both about a single truth about 4… not once, but twice !!


The person who did always try and… stop the terror was always seriously punished for trying to do that.


I am quite certain there are people in the Middle East who do want a mother and father to be re-united with what thankfully actually is two parents little girl and I am sure 'Washington' know what is called ‘news’ when they see it, however any want to package all that.


The Article 50 exile business is obviously absolutely unlawful because that would mean that any politician could just exile any civilian from… within the European Union anywhere in the European Union at any time without any due process. This is exactly what happened to the third person who in contrast to all the other actors has never had an entourage of lawyers in tow at any point in their entire life.


All the politicians involved obviously have an opportunity to do the right thing because it is only defenceless civilians ever being hurt.


Article 50 is obviously incompatible with much including no refoulement.


Most people know there is obviously always much work to be done to get the right life balance within the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.