It's such a shame the Middle East doesn't build a Union like the European Union for... civilians.



... think 2010... this was the real hero, the peacemaker of our times... i am proud i stood with who made the real difference when 1 + 1 did equal = 2...



The War on Syrian civilians was another war... too far.


Did everyone really miss the... Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe ? and all that double dealing ?


Remind us when the Russian government started belatedly grandstanding from a great height in Syria ?


Remind me when VITOL quietly pulled out of Moscow ? And why.




9 January 2018: A statement by the General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces:


At 0240 Zionist air force launched multiple stand-off missiles from the Lebanese airspace toward one of our points in al-Qutaifa in Damascus Countryside; where Syrian Air Defenses completely foiled the attack denying any of the missiles from reaching their targets; and a single long-range SAM was fired toward the enemy formation with a reported hit.


At 0304, the Zionist repeated their attack by launching two surface-to-surface missiles from the Occupied-Golan Heights, which again were foiled from reaching their targets by Syrian Air Defenses.


At 0415 Zionists air force repeated their attack by launching multiple stand-off missiles from over Tiberias which again were engaged by Syrian Air Defenses foiling the majority of the missiles while the missiles that were not foiled landed in an area near one of our military points causing minimal material damage.


The General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces warns again the Zionist Entity from such provocative actions and its repercussions, and stress once again the complete readiness to counter such provocations with all means available and necessary; as well as continuing the war against the Zionist's mercenaries on Syrian territories until stability and security brought back to all of the Syrian Arab Republic.


Damascus, January 09, 2018

General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces.


SANA, 9 January 2018


The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the Israeli attacks on Syria prove the dangerous and hostile course followed by the Israel occupation Army with the aim of destabilizing the region and making the situation in it more complicated, stressing that these attacks seek to raise the collapsing morale of terrorist organizations.


In letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and the head of the Security Council on Tuesday, the Ministry said that on the dawn of Tuesday January 9th, 2018, the Israeli occupation authorities carried out three rocket attacks on Syrian Arab Republic territories.


The Ministry said that these attacks prove the dangerous and hostile course followed by the Israel occupation Army with the aim of destabilizing the region and making the situation more complicated, which serves the Israeli goals of supporting terrorism and maintaining its occupation of Arab lands, in addition to raising the collapsing morale of terrorist organizations that are being dealt severe blows by the response of the Syrian Arab Army’s response to these terrorists’ attacks in Harasta area and their attacks on Damascus and its suburbs with more than 200 rocket shells.


The Ministry stressed that the recurring Israeli attacks on Syria will not succeed in protecting the terrorist organizations which are Israel’s partners and proxies, primarily Daesh (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra, nor will they prevent the Syrian Arab Army from making achievements in fighting terrorism across Syria, the most recent of these achievements being in Idleb and Quneitra provinces.


The Ministry said that the persistence of the Israeli occupation authorities to violate blatantly Security Council resolution no. 350 for 1974 on disengagement, as well as several Security Council resolutions and international charters on counter terrorism, wouldn’t have happened without the unlimited support provided to the occupation by the US administration, support which gives Israel immunity from accountability and allows it to continue carrying out state terrorism against the region’s peoples and to threaten peace and security in the region and the world.


The Syrian government once again warns Israel of the serious repercussions of its attacks on Syria and its support for armed terrorist organizations, the Ministry said, holding the occupation entity fully responsible for these actions.


The letters concluded by demanding that the Security Council condemn these blatant Israeli attacks and take firm and immediate steps to prevent such attacks and hold Israel responsible for them.




La fin du rêve israélien de zone tampon au Golan occupé


par Samer Zoughaib, al-Ahed News, 3 janvier 2018


Golan: un cauchemar devenu réalité


Press TV, 31 décembre 2017






My understanding is that Iran et al has kissed and made up with Hamas ? who left the keys to Damascus on Meshaal's way out the door on 27 January 2012 !! to chill out in Qatar (ie: was working with Tel Aviv et al) with the comfortable slipper brigade. 


I don't know if the Syrian government has sent their bill to:




Maybe they should ask the UN Security Council to put... peacekeepers back in the Syrian Golan Heights ?


I don't know why the Syrian government hasn't gone to international arbitration over the Golan Heights.


I have no idea why the Syrian government does not just join the International Criminal Court anyway.


Who has profited from the war on Syria ?


It sure wasn't defenceless... civilians.


The diaspora. The exiles. 


A refugee of any kind from the Middle East who did not go to other countries... in the Middle East has more 'rights' etc etc in the European Union than an exiled peacenik from... within the European Union in the European Union. It's true (the EU just pretend it does not happen)


It's interesting when you look at the perspective from a 360 Mediterranean view.


The geographical 'jewel in the crown' of Messina (which has a very, very interesting long history) in the middle of the Mediterranean, which is a bridge between Catholics, Sephardi and Islam.


There's a lot of governments who need to take more responsibility to act responsibly.


The shame of it all.