Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times.



... the witness...



It is true that what Brian and I did in Parliament Square, Central London is historic.


I am careful to ask myself what Brian would do and would approve of and so on to try and stay true to what we both stood for together.


Those who love, take care of and treat others with respect know there is no need for ownership of any other.


The nomenclature ’CryptoKitties’ is a marginal improvement compared to the other !! name for an operation that began in 2010 although it’s obvious biased flaw is still evident in the whole ’ownership’ thing which doesn't reflect the truth of so much in real life. 


It is the possibility of DNA/genetics that the first born Catalan Sicilian sister was born under the 'star' of Aquarius and the little sister on the 4 September Vespers while the rest can by and large be 'cattributed' to the inevitable consequences of social constructs of all sorts.


The christening of the first born Donna because she would always be their Madonna was a real ‘crown of thorns’ in the whole ‘Don’/‘MaDonna’ deal etc.


I obviously don't really recognise the other name/s I was 'christened' with by others that Brian helpfully abbreviated to Babs.


There will always be a sadness that too much was hidden from the sisters and the sisters were hidden from each other and so on for so long.



... the catalan sisters... i am my sister and my sister is me... annunziata dei catalani...



Anyone who knows me can see the Catalan Sicilian in me in what I am and do.


A Catalan Sicilian is in many respects naturally ‘spontaneous’ and ‘ambiguous’. 


The whole ‘his…tory’ of the past millennium of Catalans is a combination of being forced to be ‘crypto’ and our naturally placing importance on personal privacy.


It is incredibly nasty what the warlords in Westminster have done.




When the Crown of Aragon and Catalan Sicilians who were Sephardi and Catholic won the War of the Sicilian Vespers at Messina in Italy, which began over the abuse of women, they were double crossed by every royal and religion thereafter, through the expulsions that had started in England in 1290 (the Edicts of Expulsion have never been repealed) that led to the Genocide of Two World Wars before the emergence of the European Union. 


The evidence is I was first unlawfully arrested on 21 December 2005, with Blair spinning the 22 February 2006 abuse of process against me, which was the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich, before he tried to Vesper me on 4 September 2006 (which Johnson tried again on 4 September 2009)



When we won our 'decisive victory' in court on 13 December 2007 (over 4 September 2006 etc) proving everything was an abuse of process, Brown was late signing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the same day, before Blair who had been forced to resign over what he had done, converted to Catholicism !! on 22 December 2007 to enlist Ratzinger's help in Rome. 


It was the same as the War of the Sicilian Vespers because that the peaceniks had won the 'decisive victory' in court but Westminster refused the lawful settlement, running to the politicians in the European Union and the Pope in Rome !!


The royals hastily made a tasteless claim on Parliament Square on 19 February 2008 etc etc but failed to send the Attorney General along to court.


I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union because Westminster would not lawfully settle lawsuits or let High Court jury lawsuits go ahead. I was exiled before Brexit so that doesn't apply.


There is ample evidence Westminster have been properly instructed to lawfully settle the lawsuits/pension/retirement.




The Catalan Sicilian is the reason for the European Union but we are still the wanderers by the Mediterranean in the sense that our true background means that we are an amalgam of a number of modern day states rather than owned by any state, royal or otherwise.


We are the avant-garde in the sense the true legal order is most important to us.


We don’t lean towards the extremes of any ideology because we understand the true legal order.


However, the balance of accommodations in ‘plausible deniability’ only go so far.


I am a Catalan Sicilian… peacenik.


A certain male could only be called a gentleman by… others (in all the circumstances, such a description would obviously never be forthcoming from any peaceniks) when he pays the bills many owe and quietly retires, so that no more needs to be said. 


I am a woman.


It is not beyond the capability of those involved to… respect that.


I am not and have never been the banker or the accountant. 


My word is my word.



... the greatest peacemaker of our times... and a true gentleman...



The reality is I really am not looking for an argument with anyone because I do want to quietly move on… now, within the European Union and sometimes/possibly elsewhere, because there is a wider beauty I still need to… personally explore.


Those who have done what they have done are going to show the defining character of some respect or they are not.


I will obviously need to stop-over along the Mediterranean after the main settlement is made, to sign off a 'title' at the 'Rock' of many years ago, now chips and all, with the Cathedral, all of which was named for a not unconnected reason to elsewhere, so it is all in the round.  


Cherubs and butterflies. 


The watchers and all that.


I am on the same yet different, quiet journey now, where I am like anyone always learning about everything.


There is a certainty we are all a spiritual work in progress.