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The British 'establishment' whose closest royal connections were usually always Russian have always just bought off a few people and then terrorized civilian populations.




... 22 june - 26 june 2003... collecting the red carpet iraq war cheque...



The history of Europe itself in Two Genocidal World Wars is the British causing the trouble with the Russians going along with and cleaning up their mess with the whole royal, good cop - bad cop, plausible deniability routine.


The British talk big about the World Wars but Churchill was just spinning both Gallipoli and Dunkirk when they were not reliable allies at all.


The same old two-faced British propaganda (ie: the likes of Simon Jenkins) is the biggest bullshit with five eyes who should have always been called six eyes, usually spinning a border for leverage, whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq or going the full circle, back to Catalonia.


What's so obviously missing is the true history of intertwined royal alliances in administrative governance in Europe and the absence of any democracy with the likes of the unelected House of Lords.


It's the same old do whatever Britain and Russia want, which is no freedoms for... civilians:



... Brexit bullies with egos to match... the same old British incl. DUP... leveraging their Russian alliance... 'critical need for a deal with Russia'... 


In Westminster everything is always... someone else's fault with Brexit being the final proof of what is the fault of politicians in the UK who are not fit for purpose living in a state of denial over what has really been going on in the UK for a very long time now.


The historical revisionism is the Iraq War was at worst a bit of a 'mistake' while Brexit was entirely everyone else's fault in yet another face saving exercise for politicians at the expense of millions upon millions of law abiding civilians.


The Australian intelligence services were always ‘infiltrated’ by the Russians from their inception from the top down with Britain's Anthony Blunt who trained the first Australian spy.


When it got a bit embarrassing from time to time they just retired to Moscow except for the Queen’s ‘art’ curator.


The four of five eyes that were really six went along with it all because they were all really Commonwealth half-way houses.


There's nothing democratic about Australia where the unelected British Queen who is 'Head of State' can still arbitrarily sack a democratically elected Prime Minister, which they did do.


The one who bought a goat she called Mrs Peel renounced her British citizenship because what happened grew so appalling, way beyond the end of the Cold War.


I was being threatened as a... teenager in Australia when I was still a minor !! (which was only possible because the Australian 'intelligence' services were always 'compromised') 




2010 - 2012:


In the UK, they spun the Matryoshka of their MI5 Democracy Village where they shit all over their own peacenik Brian big time using their Russians, with the Australian government collaborating in doing the same to me.


Westminster and Moscow were trying to illegally 'remove' we peaceniks in the UK, to spin... more war.



...the real brexit message should be the uk 'right its wrongs'...


It was always well known Brian didn't like the Russian government.


The British ran the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village with their Russians hidden in full view ('embedded' with 'Russia Today' and the Daily Mail et al) trying to spin plausible deniability.


The Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village 'hidden' in full view for two years between 2010 -2012 was the dirtiest thing you have ever seen:



... 'rebranding' ... the russian government took the iraq war cheque then 'russia today' embedded with mi5 'democracy village' working with the british government covering up their unlawful arrests of brian and myself, dishonestly portraying themselves as opposed to the iraq war...


It is a matter of fact the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village always publicly hid they were actually the 'complainants' in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself on for example 25 May 2010 and 8 August 2010, which is obviously very, very serious including because it could never have continued without that being covered up. 


It's always been impossible for the British politicians and media barons to deny what went on in Parliament Square, Central London between 2010 - 2012 because it involved such protracted legal proceedings in the High Court that had no due process etc that do actually show what they were covering up along with who was missing from proceedings and why. 


The BBC, Russian government and Daily Mail et al never fronted up in the High Court, while instead hiding what they did, with their involvement in the unlawful arrests of Brian and myself etc.


It's not like the Russian government could possibly have had diplomatic 'immunity' to do what they did in the UK, because that just adds to the no due process that Brian and myself as law abiding civilians faced. 


There were very serious questions the Brexit 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson's lawyers etc could not answer in the High Court over his malicious prosecution etc of Brian and myself and who he used to bring it.


The Brexit 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson:


... moscow's favorite 'foreign' minister and former mayor of london who is a well known violent thug and compulsive liar, very obviously 'hiding' westminster and moscow singing from exactly... the same two-faced hymn sheet they have been for over a century...


Of course there's never been any Russian peaceniks.


'Russia Today' is obviously abysmal because it only consists of Westminster spinning their false opposition who inevitably support Brexit which basically purports that law abiding civilians shouldn't have any rights or freedoms and there is no need for due process or courts of law.


What happened was most governments backed the Iraq War in 2003 while people from all walks of life opposed the Iraq War so they had to spin 360 to try and undermine Brian and myself which is how Brian died and I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union before Brexit.


It really does say a lot about a so-called 'democracy' when it is the peaceniks forced out of the UK in the European Union.


(They were all covering that we had really won many years earlier in... court on 13 December 2007)


Brexit is a very British 'revolution' which was just a vote to blame anyone and everyone else rather that British politicians by hiding only 37% of registered voters supported Brexit compared to 63% who did not, which does show how easy it is to manipulate propaganda around any electoral process.


You've got to be a really nasty person to support Brexit because Brian was always right that it is the UK who needs to 'right its wrongs' instead of always trying to scapegoat someone else. 




Then... Brexit's predatory drones send this unsolicited email to the very same peacenik they errr...  opposed in Parliament Square, Central London:



... brexit's predatory drones i obviously never wanted to hear from ever again...



In Afghanistan, it is essentially one or the other military, with the same story in Iraq and now Catalonia with the remnants of royal spin about borders.


It is well known they did the whole border spin against Brian and myself in Parliament Square.


In the European Union, if the French and Spanish border were for example moved 35 five miles south, Catalonia would look different.


Why ?


Because there would not be any royal spin, which is not to say there would not still be spin but whatever spin would be less.


The spin is about a... royal border.



... the russian government only ever worked... against the peaceniks in the uk along with the british government...


The British were always behind the battles in the mountains of Catalonia using royal or religious divide and rule.


Brexit is the British spinning borders again using their Russian allies once again for plausible deniability, with the for example, Australian intelligence services who are still rotten.




... you can be sure he has an entourage of lawyers in tow whatever that revolving doors is really over...



The warlords in Westminster who are uncivilized savages have always spun the divide and rule, most often with their Russia allies because that is obviously how they make the most money.


When the Cold War ended there was the inevitable gold rush in Russia that happens anywhere when a new commercial market opens up, but Russia still primarily rely on the UK as allies really.


The British 'establishment' are so two-faced (which is not to say many governments aren't but they are the worst) which is why London is such a nest of spies.



... 22 june -26 june 2003...



The British and the Russians are the ones openly opposing a European Union, once again proving they are not the reliable allies of anyone in the European Union.


All they have to do is buy off leaders in the European Union.


On 23 June 2010, the British and Russian governments were working together against Brian and myself while still now working together against 500 million Europeans with Brexit:



... it is a matter of fact that the uk and russia were working against... peaceniks on 23 june 2010 and against 500 million europeans on 23 june 2016...


It was Blair who invited all of Eastern Europe into the European Union without any restrictions in the UK, before they are unsurprisingly spinning borders again, blaming anyone and everyone else.


Merkel obviously spun the migrant crisis for Brexit.


There is no rational reason to oppose the European Union which is not and will never be any superstate, that is no different from any other continental sphere.




The British (like the Russians and the rest of the Commonwealth) are using Brexit to try and spin borders again for any number of their own financial reasons that are not aligned with the interests of civilians in the European Union.


The real point is in a world of evolving administrative governance, the British and Russian administrations really do continue to be the least constructive participants.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!