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The British and Australian governments et al stole Donna who was hidden/held hostage by the ‘highest echelons’.


They did what they did that I can’t undo that only they are responsible for doing that is what it is.



... there are no other 'hurdles' we have to overcome for those who lost in a court... ten years ago... on 13 december 2007 when Brian was still alive !!... 



The Catalan Company inevitably came looking for me to try and get me back when I was a teenager.


It is a very dark and unpleasant story of global deceit around divide and rule beyond the past millennium where you can be anything you like, except someone descended from The Catalan Company.


The Catalan Company were the original ‘mercenaries’ and ‘intelligence’ in Europe who had evolved from endlessly defending the mountains where they lived throughout the centuries into a hereditary amalgamation of royal and religious leaders who defended people and Europe rather than any hierarchy.


There is a human desire for a constant in among the revolving doors of competing royals, religions and politicians in evolving administrative governance.


The Catalan Company are the original centuries old ’shock and awe’ now you see me, now you don’t, with multiple citizenships… no-one ever speaks about.


Sound familiar ?


The Edicts of Expulsion and Two World Wars are reminders European royals etc keep their lists because they obviously don’t want the descendants from very far from civil wars returning unless they are fighting for one of their errr… same ’sides’.


They are known as the ‘rebel leaders’.


Anyway when I was a teenager and The Catalan Company came looking for me, I was obviously in an impossible situation.


My brother originally told me the relevant details, so then I did know who did what and when beyond the inevitable outpouring of lies.


The visit from The Catalan Company which was ‘discovered’ as though it was some sort of ‘crime’ led to my being threatened. It was just really, really evil. I was still a minor who wasn’t even sixteen then, so it was seriously, seriously illegal for any number of intelligence agencies who are one really.


I really was always the innocent one caught in a massive web of deceit built on the ambitions of others that had nothing to do with me, that I was caught in the centre of, through no fault of my own.


After I was threatened the only thing I could do to try and keep some kind of peace was leave Australia, because I am a Catalan and I obviously didn’t want anything to do with any intelligence services or any trouble for anyone else etc.


The descendants of The Catalan Company will be part of a union like the European Union but we don’t join intelligence agencies and so on and so forth.


It really was a truly terrible situation to find oneself in as a teenager in Australia.


I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be with the people who loved me !!


The governments wanted me to leave Australia and never ever see my family and to control my entire life.


Of course ‘leaving’ was obviously far easier said than done because what the governments had done still left me in an impossible situation because there were so many secrets and lies because it was ultimately illegal what they had done to me.


I obviously declined the invitation to go and fight for Thatcher & Co in the Falklands.


There was 1984 before 1995.


In 1995 the Australian government were forced to send me some documents etc in New Zealand that are my own personal and private property.


When you put the two parts of my life that everyone tried to keep separate, together, what you do come up with was the problem was Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes.



... the ministry of propaganda...



Once again the two ’sides’ appeared quietly circling in the periphery of my life.


I saw someone do exactly what the person in Australia had done when they threatened me when I was a teenager, while they tried to bring me into their orbit, which I wasn’t going to have anything to do with.


In hindsight I now know they were trying to… pre-empt what was never planned !! with one of those tangential off-shore leaks that wasn’t a leak because the New Zealand government would obviously know exactly what the Cook Islands was doing. 


What was really going on was the opportunist Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes and the Australian Foreign Minister and now Australian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Downer obviously wanted to orchestrate a cover-up.


I just didn’t look at anything in the same terms they did.


All I ever got was pressure to never have anything to do with descendants of The Catalan Company, which was unnatural.


Brookes and Downer were up to no good waging a very far from ‘civil war’.


No-one wanted me to be with my sister which was all just evil really, because their only reasons were their own personal ambition at our cost where they more than seriously abused the public trust placed in them in their public positions.


After the third death in my family (1999, 2000, 2001) people did start complaining about Alfred ‘Bloody’ Brookes.


The one who bought a goat she christened Mrs Peel renounced her British citizenship.


It is a matter of fact the Australian and British government did illegally share personal information among themselves that was only related to their cover up.


The spin about The Catalan Company of mercenaries didn’t wash well while trying to stop me being a errr… peacenik !! in Parliament Square, Central London in the UK.


Their complaint then was that I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be a peacenik !!


The governments waged a very dirty war on peaceniks over many years.


I saw what they were doing to Brian and tried to stop them because Brian really was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


The public records prove they viciously spun the deaths of three family members in Australia against me in the UK.


It was truly so evil !!


They really didn’t want the Catalan to be a peacenik because they wanted to own the Catalan themselves for no other real reason than to try and continue their own cover-up.


They just would not accept me being a peacenik !!   


It is impossible to deny it was the peaceniks who were maliciously targeted and called the criminals in the UK which we did conclusively prove was untrue because their weaponisation of legislation did not exist anywhere else in the UK.


On 8 March 2007 the Crown Court did very strangely rule that Parliament Square was my home when I said I would campaign there whatever they said anyway, before the Queen then lodged a belated claim on 19 February 2008 which Brian and myself proved we had no interest in during 2010 - 2011.


We never had any personal interest in Parliament Square which we properly argued in courts should remain for the public.


They kept on trying to make something out of nothing because of their… own cover-up.


Downer who was legally responsible for what happened to me in the UK too, that we proved there was no plausible deniability over, was involved with Blair and Cameron and now Johnson (just like he was involved with Bush and Howard)


They are the violent robber barons ripping law abiding civilians off while not paying their debts.


They talk big but only pay off other people to do their dirty deeds because that is obviously how they make the most money for… errr… themselves.


Brian died and I was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union because we have always been… peaceniks.


I would have to be a strange person to not have been devastated by the deaths of Brian and my sister.


There is no possible chance I would ever trust any politician ever again.


Now governments are baulking at freedom of movement because guess where the one place is they don’t want me going to.


So while it is claimed there is freedom of movement within the European Union, that is not exactly true for anyone descended from the Catalan Company returning to Catalonia even if they have a long and unimpeachable track record of being a peacenik, which they did completely openly for many years.


Of course when governments talk about the rule of law and courts they don’t mean they want the public to use them.


I am now a Catalan who was forced out of the UK into exile in the European Union because I am a peacenik who is also not ‘allowed’ to return to Catalonia in Spain.


Presumably there is a ‘danger’ too much peace may break out.


Brian and the two Catalan sisters and those around us have not been treated well by those who falsely claim… citizenship means… ownership.    


The British government only always have a long list of demands like exiling me from here and there and not wanting me to return to Catalonia or for the British government to pay their debts or whatever their latest whim happens to be.


I was originally willing to compromise, in an agreed further place of exile with a full and final settlement, but it turned out the typically double-dealing government were actually only trying to buy time, and far, far worse !! for themselves rather than right it’s wrongs because they are only always completely untrustworthy.


Of course they do want their cake and to eat it too.


They don’t want to go to court OR pay their debts or let me live in Catalonia and so on and so forth.


The only reason there is no deal is because all they want to ILLEGALLY do is pay mountains of gold to other governments to try and illegally leapfrog lawsuits and worse, instead of and rather than reach a real and lawful settlement.


They do already have a demonstrable track record of doing this for the past ten years.


There obviously could not be the ‘trade’ originally agreed because they did not pay their long overdue bills up front to us, because the legal reality is I am not standing in the way of anything because we are the ones who already won… in courts… long ago.


There are no other hurdles we have to overcome for those who lost in a court... ten years ago... when Brian was still alive !!


The lawsuits are very real. I never cared about them yacking away about whatever they wanted after they had paid their bills.


The government can't lose lawsuits and then continue trying to dictate terms to those who won.


The truth remains a government who hasn’t paid it’s bills after ten years has never shown any good faith or any intention of ever paying it’s bills.


It is the warlords in Westminster who are the ones who now want to spin it all through the European Court of Justice that I will win too, because we already won ten years ago.


I always did the right thing through the courts while the government only invent excuses. 


Last time I looked I am the peaceful, honourable and honest one, while it is a very straightforward matter they have no due process over anything.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!