There's only so many times a government can try and keep illegally 'overtaking' lawsuits with any hustle going that is only about trying to continue causing the most serious harm possible.



... my personal view is brian's message 'my country right it's wrongs'  is the real brexit message, because it really is... politicians not civilians who are the problem...



The government's lawyers in Westminster Village really are just a complete and utter waste of time because the government attack you while illegally denying you legal representation, while their own lawyers just cover it up because they know full well there is no due process:



... the no due process land of westminster village...


The legal reality is Brexit really is just a sign of how completely dysfunctional politicians in Westminster really are, which is how it has been for a very long time now really:


... westminster is already a dystopia in the here and now which they obviously want everywhere to be like now...


All the politicians are trying to do is endlessly cause very real problems for law abiding civilians, which should never be the purpose of any responsible politicians. 


It was so bad, they weren't even bothering to make any pretence of due process when we were there. 


This is just politicians taking the proverbial illegally pulling the hustle that will just go on as long as they feel like it because they never planned to leave the European Union, because they really are just using Brexit as cover:



... it's just a seriously illegal hustle that has been going on for ten years of no due process... that's called no deal....


It's not okay for politicians to just keep lying about anything they feel like to fill the... media space:


... this really is just such complete and utter garbage about a 'trade' deal... that is very seriously just playing games with... real people's lives...


The politicians spin about money is actually a complete distraction because what they really claim in Westminster is they have an "unlimited budget" to waste people's time and lives.


In legal terms the peaceniks are not part of any -Brexit- deal because it would be seriously illegal to even try and include us in any Brexit deal as just yet another means to yet again try and 'overtake' lawsuits.


Since politicians have made no effort of any kind to reach a lawful settlement with peaceniks over so many years, I am going to be asking the ECJ for civil High Court jury trials... to be convened outside the UK... in the European Union because politicians forced us out of the UK into exile in the European Union precisely to try and avoid that.


While also trying to continue causing us serious harm.


Sadly, the truth is the only thing you can be sure of is the British and Australian politicians are up to no good, where of course they can buy off other like minded politicians.


A government should not be able to benefit from forcing peaceniks into exile to avoid any real effort to reach a lawful settlement, which is all that has happened.


And I am also going to be asking the European Court of Justice for a) the European Court of Justice address to be used as the point of service for all documents, tapes etc and b) any... British judges to recuse themselves.


There has not been a shred of due process in the past ten years.


Of course there is no reason now the Australian government can't be sued at the ECJ too because the government have offices in the UK and EU who sure aren't acting lawfully either.


In real terms it is a simple case because show us the due process in the past ten years, because of course there hasn't been any.