Brexitgate is a classic but seriously illegal hustle by con-artists (which is all politicians are) that they can very easily drop on any given day in any number of ways.


The politicians in the European Union don't care, because it really would be impossible for it to be more obvious to politicians in... other countries that there is something very, very seriously wrong with what politicians in Westminster are doing.



... just thugs... i am quite certain the folder only had brown envelopes to hand around to all the bent coppers because by then everyone had completely given up any pretence of doing anything but hide behind 'both houses and black rod' (politicians) so of course they had no paperwork of any 'operation' to hand over... 



The politicians in the European Union really are now just letting the politicians in Westminster do whatever they want really.


It is really politicians in Westminster who are in complete control of Brexit because they know it is a hustle they are pulling.


We only always saw politicians really, really viciously use the cover of… anything else to try and hide we peaceniks were the real ‘marks’ whatever they were doing which… never had any due process.


There is no due process in Brexit anywhere.


If politicians were really doing a Brexit they would still be dumping on any civilians who would still have to go to court over it.


In our case they knew they couldn't legally tie us into it.


When Brexit 'Tsar' Alexander Boris Johnson did the MI5 Democracy Village hustle he knew he couldn't use it to remove us so he used it as cover to try and cause us as much harm for as long as possible while hiding he was blocking us in the courts then.


Westminster Council did the same knowing all along they had no-where to go with what they did that they were just trying to carry on with for as long as possible before covering up with more legislation to cover up the cover ups that included a lawsuit against them. 


I didn’t see a single politician in Westminster do due process once because they just rely on the mob mentality of bullies passing the baton, which means they don't care what they all do because they all go along with it as a... mob because it suits them all.


That is exactly what I first saw them doing to Brian that I tried to stop.


I have seen them do it too many times in too many different ways.


Westminster did illegally force… peaceniks !! of all people out of the UK into exile in the European Union because politicians were causing such... serious harm they obviously only ever wanted to… continue.


There is no 'diplomacy' going on between any politicians because it is a straight hustle that is seriously, seriously illegal.