I was forced into exile within the European Union, because the British government tortured and attempted to murder me in 2009, before then very publicly subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment.


This happened because there was no due process and I was illegally denied legal representation.


... stolen generations... catalan and proud.. it's not up for sale in any votes...


The warlords in Westminster didn't want to hand over the torture tapes, which was when all red lines were crossed that it is obviously impossible to go back from because it is what it is. 


Politicians who torture and attempt to murder their 'own' peaceniks who are doing nothing more extraordinary than lawfully exercising free speech have very obviously lost any legitimacy.


It was just appalling they then set up their whole MI5 Democracy Village for two years trying to hide that politicians and media barons were the real 'complainants' behind our unlawful arrests. 


It is a legal impossibility for any politicians and media barons to claim that they did not know what they were doing, because the one certainty there was is that there was no due process.  


The basic foundation of any civilized civilian society is not voting which can be so easily manipulated by money, but the due process of the rule of law.


The Brexit-gate nasties weasel words:



... weasel words from politicians and media barons over their abuse of law abiding... civilians... through the violent weaponization of corporate legislation that leads to all sorts of abuses of 'power'...


When the same politicians and media barons then make billions stooping so low, spinning a 37 % minority in a referendum on the international stage as a further 'opportunity' to bully, harass and worse the law abiding majority of civilians that is just illegal too.  


The bullying politicians in connivance with media barons openly boasted about being willing to trade a "mountain of gold" for cover-ups:


... brexit-gate... 23 june... the nixonian politicians and media barons willing to cover up for "a mountain of gold"...


The deliberate echoes of European fascist overtones in the language used are unmistakeable. 


It was when I was illegally denied legal representation, and the High Court was closed to the press and public on 23 June 2010 to stop me giving evidence, after I started to lawfully blow the whistle in court on 21 June 2010 that signalled another chapter in the Nixonian cover up.


I couldn't have known it at the time because it was so dreadful what was being done to Brian and myself, but Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson's sleaze-bag ASIO Assange and CIA 'Chelsea' Manning were going along behind us trying to re-spin the significant key dates of 13 January 2010 and the 'State Opening' on 25 May 2010 before the CIA Snowden did the same over 21 June in 2013. 


The war mongering Guardian who first spun the misogynist sleaze-bag ASIO Assange who was parachuted into London in 2010 to run cover, now spin the most incredible weasel words trying to 'airbrush' the misogynist sleaze-bag Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson and the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village with the now Foreign Secretary's Trumpian 'hedge-fund' algorithms.


Johnson is Trump and Trump is Johnson.


The BBC state broadcaster and Murdoch who spin 'sides' are well known as the two biggest war propaganda outlets in the world.


The revolving doors of medieval politicians and media barons still disrespectfully trying to spin war propaganda 101 that abusing defenceless civilian women is somehow a huge laugh ?? is long past it's sell by date, and goes a long way to explaining why law abiding civilians are turning their backs on the old dinosaurs in droves:



... westminster warlords truly incredible "none of my business" state of denial and then some from the Daily Mail gutter 'press' who were part of the MI5 Democracy Village...  


That is what politicians and media barons in Westminster call a 'democracy' village.


'For the avoidance of doubt' in any decent and civilized responsible adult society it is obviously not considered 'sanctimonious self-importance' to state the obvious that women being raped is not a laughing matter regardless of any 'political' belief.


Two days after politicians and media barons who were 'embedded' in MI5 Democracy Village published this headline on 25 May 2010, trying to hide the BBC illegally edited and maliciously published audio to hide politicians and media barons were the real 'complainants' in Brian and my unlawful arrests:


... 'two veterans'... the evidence is the bbc illegally edited and maliciously published audio to hide in any legal sense the 'news' media who were 'embedded'  in MI5 Democracy Village with the knowledge of politicians were the true 'complainants' in the unlawful arrests of brian and myself...


(The London Evening Standard is owned by the Daily Mail and Independent)



A 'slap-dash comedy' ? :



... on 27 may 2010, the 'guardian' owen bowcott (who was busily spinning my having shelter of any kind as my new 'crime' in 2012) was spinning odile and odette and nureyev who was forced into exile...


Last time anyone looked it was 'Sir' Alan Duncan's Tory Vitol Oil chillaxing in Moscow because of course the reality London and Moscow are really best of friends, only became a 'secret' in the Brexit and accompanying Trumpian spin.


It's a legal impossibility to deny the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village that included the gutter press like the Daily Mail was 'hidden' in full view between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012 by all the politicians and media barons while the public all knew it was not the real deal.


It was more than incredible what went on in among the multiple layers of deceit, and all the more so and particularly when you consider I was illegally denied legal representation while everyone else has always had an entourage of lawyers in tow.


The understatement of the past millennium over colonial child trafficking:



... the highest 'echelons' and the understatement of the past millennium...


The Catalan President was the latest to jump on the Brexit bandwagon selling divide and rule with Madrid, forgetting that the original Catalonia was already divided between France and Spain... centuries ago at the original ground zero on 11 September 1714. 


Brexit-gate have already spun a Brexit 'State Opening' on 21 June 2017 with it's follow up Catalan election due on 21 December 2017.


However, the true history and culture of the Catalan is throughout the European Union really because the grim reality is Catalans have been 'exiled' by all the royals, religions and politicians throughout the past millennium, during all the changing 'stages' of 'governance'. 


We are all the European Union.


It's always been the case that the exiled Catalan diaspora are particularly wary of returning to Spain with good reason because it is the same royals who also cynically championed using the Treaty of Amsterdam to try and ban any recognition of European Union nationals in the European Union as political exiles.


That cynical act of manifest bad faith was deliberately aimed at the exiled diaspora, which they later tried to airbrush over with some 'convoluted' legislation in 2014, which is superseded at the European Union level. 


Everyone always knew Article 50 was a propaganda device because the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms that came into force on 12 December 2007 was included in the Lisbon Treaty on 13 December 2007.


Brexit-gate and the Nixonian cover up of the 'trophy tapes' of the torture and attempted murder of a female Catalan peacenik in the UK:



... another murdoch whitewash... everyone in westminster has always known that what the politicians who are all either misogynists or heterophobic rent-boys have in common is that they are united by their hatred of civilian women...


It was on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court that we comprehensively proved the multi-billion dollar legislation the politicians and media barons in the UK weaponized against us was null and void, so from that point on Westminster was just trying to stop the lawsuits because we had won. 


The unrelenting state violence used against us over a very many years without any due process, was just appalling.


There is a very big difference between anyone lawfully exercising free speech to have a disagreement with a politician and politicians abusing public office violently weaponizing corporate legislation over free speech against peaceniks for corporate profit.


The European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms is incompatible with and renders Article 50 null and void.