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The British Parliament always maliciously spun the Article 50 propaganda device knowing the law abiding majority of civilians were never leaving the European Union.



… exile… there is no point in denying the deep sorrow over what has happened during the past thousand years to the stolen generations of catalans in europe…


The Spanish politicians have been the cheerleaders for a 'protocol' in the Amsterdam Treaty which is very obviously incompatible with much incl. freedom of movement because it sought to unilaterally bar EU nationals from political asylum claims in the European Union.


All British politicians who are absolutely united in their Brexit deceit have always been spinning Mozart’s 37th symphony, whatever the true outcome of the referendum was in the UK.


They have been following in the foot-steps of Nixon because Watergate was really all about trying to restore credibility to politicians and media barons at the end of the Vietnam War.


And no-where has the credibility of politicians and media barons been so comprehensively discredited, as in the UK, over the Iraq War, because they are the biggest cheerleaders for war in the European Union.


A particularly unpleasant feature of Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson roadshow with it's Trumpian accompaniment has been the overt misogyny directed towards women who are not politicians or media barons, which reached a disgusting crescendo with the murder of a female protester at Charlottesville.


It was no secret what that monster did to me in the UK where he tortured and attempted to murder me before refusing to hand over the 'trophy tapes', while continuing to publicly subject me to endless bullying and harassment including prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment forcing me into exile.



... pure propaganda... from brexit warlords who call the 'autonomous' city of london 1% minority, brexit  37 % minority, a 'victory' along with the blatant cronyism of the unelected house of lords a 'democracy'...  



There is nothing remotely revolutionary about Brexit or it's repulsive old boy's club with their revolving doors posing and both 'politicians' and 'journalists' and 'Lords'. 


Unfortunately the true purpose of the apparatus of the state is to try and exploit any 'weakness' they can and the sleaze-bags do consider being a woman a weakness.


The warlords in Westminster are the acknowledged rent-boy capital of the world so they are united in collectively really hating women because that is what the misogynists and rent-boys have in common.






One very obvious reason Westminster continues to be so rotten is because so many of the worst miscreants are -rewarded- for their misdeeds by being promoted to the medieval unelected House of Lords which is stuffed full of cronies, who are only there to continue trying to cover up what they have done.




I will never make any apologies to anyone for being a woman and liking being a woman, along with liking doing girly things.


The British Parliament’s Brexit referendum saw every last lying politician spin a minority of 37% of registered voters as a victory while the Catalan government’s referendum spun a minority of 37.8% of registered voters as a victory that was swiftly declared null and void and an election called for 21 December 2017. 


When related royals had done their original round of expulsions in 1290, 1306 and 1492, Catalonia  then became the original ground zero for emerging nation states when it was divided between France and Spain after 11 September 1714.


What was once Catalonia no longer exists.


The next wave of expulsions came from Franco, Vichy, Mussolini and Hitler during Two World Wars in Europe that caused Genocide while all the related royals by and large had a holiday.


The Genocide of Two World Wars in Europe led to the European Union that exists first and foremost for law abiding civilians, not politicians and media barons.


The two most important foundations of the European Union are freedom of speech and freedom of movement.


In the future there may be more smaller states within the European Union because of course greater autonomy within the European Union is preferable to more centralisation along the nation state model, but the Catalan government did not make a case for doing anything with a majority within their administrative autonomy anyway.


There are many weasel words thrown around by all politicians because of course there are all sorts of smaller states within the European Union already.


However much I might personally like in my heart to see a Catalan Republic within the European Union I know it’s never going happen because the original Catalonia was divided between Spain… and France.


It has always been obvious the amalgam of 'nation states' would not want to see the original Catalonia re-united.


They have never even been sincere about wanting those exiled returning.


Brexit has never been anything but an unrestrained outpouring of hate against the law abiding civilian 'other'. 


To re-unite Catalonia is beyond the ‘capabilities’ of the short-term mindset of self serving politicians, including because they would have to re-wind to the original ground zero and pretend all the expulsions had never happened while the… errr... same royals still sit in Madrid. 


Catalans in Spain have some autonomy from royals while Catalans in France where there are no royals have no autonomy, so it is quite deliberately six of one and half a dozen of another.


The upside of the down-side is the European Union which came about after the downside of the continuing expulsions of Catalans using the religious canard.


There is no point in denying the deep sorrow over what has happened during the past thousand years to the stolen generations.


The majority of Catalans have always been on the side of the majority of law abiding civilians whatever the divide and rule.


We may be few because we have been disproportionately targeted but ancient Catalans are still honest and honourable, which is more than can be said for most royals and politicians.


I personally genuinely do love the diversity of inspiring cultures in the European Union, so that balances some of the sadness anyone who was a Catalan would feel over what has happened to Catalans during almost a millenium now.


It's always been the case that Catalans who come from exiled families are particularly wary of living in Spain anyway because it's the same royals.


Of course the Catalan government don’t act independently themselves because a significant part of the Costa Brava has profited from becoming quite an Anglo-Saxon tourist destination.


It is completely dishonest of the Brexit Trojan horses like Farage who are a minority who have never supported free speech for law abiding… civilians to portray the Catalan referendum as opposed to being in the European Union because it made no such claim itself.



... more brexit farage lies because not even the catalan government who held the void referendum wanted to leave the european union...


The rotten Farage has never even been opposed to war.


In France, the government had a Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Valls for a time and currently keep Brittany close by making Jean-Yves Le Drian Foreign Minister. The last musical chairs of an election in France only proved most people oppose all the politicians there too. The government never mentions Catalans because they have never had any autonomy and the government have further divided up regions and of course some Catalans ended up as pied-noirs in Algeria and so on. 


Brexit is a holiday for all the British politicians because they are not actually doing anything other than point the finger at anyone and anywhere else but themselves. 


I have lived years of the truth of what really goes on in Westminster Village that only they are living in a state of denial over.


The warlords in Westminster are the biggest war mongers lurking in the swamp the Houses of Parliament was built on, having legislated into existence their violent ‘autonomous’ City of London for the 1% who are definitely a minority.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!