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The uncivilized British government first tried to exile me in April 2008, because we had won in Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007, which they knew meant we would win all our High Court jury lawsuits.


... it is a unique case to be illegally denied legal representation in the uk and forced into exile in the european union, despite having multiple citizenships...


Our win on 13 December 2007 was the same day they signed their Lisbon Treaty Article 50 propaganda device.


Article 50 was however only always a propaganda device, which is countered/rendered null and void by the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms coming into force on 12 December 2007, which is also included in the Lisbon Treaty.


In April 2008 I secured a High Court Order against everyone involved on 10 April 2008 too, which is really just another lawsuit I won.


When I look at the original malicious prosecution of me on 22 February 2006 (which we obviously eventually won too) and what subsequently unfolded it is now clear that there was very serious malice involved from the outset on the part of the government.


Anyone looking at that original extraordinary show trial can see there wasn’t even any pretence of any due process of any kind, let alone acknowledgement of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly, where everything that followed was about trying to cover up that case -and- Brian and I campaigning together.


Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson the 'politician' and 'journalist' then crossed all red lines when he tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009.


It was the British government’s deliberate refusal to a) hand over the ‘trophy tapes’ while b) I was repeatedly illegally denied legal representation that inevitably then set in motion a further sequence of events that included publicly subjecting me to prolonged inhuman and degrading treatment throughout 2012 eventually leading to my forced exile.


It is self evident that the British politicians and media barons lost sight of my being a human who they could not reasonably pretend in any legal sense they did not know about/know what they were doing, including because they maliciously prosecuted me etc sooooo many times.


My exile was ‘complicated’ by the fact the British government knew it had grown into a ‘unique’ case because of it’s international dimensions involving the stolen generations and the highest ‘echelons’ because I legally and legitimately have multiple citizenships.


The ‘unique’ case is only and entirely the fault of the British Parliament because it is a matter of fact there has never been any due process ever over a very many years.


All I ever did was lawfully practice free speech/freedom of expression in the most open way possible.


It was always the case in the UK that the British and Australian governments did seek to hide my Catalan and by extension… Italian ancestry that arose from that, because that is the essence of what the ‘dispute’ was really all about in September 2009.


The paper trail shows the Australian government were absolutely complicit at the highest levels. 


Their ‘version’ of me being British/Australian French, Spanish and Portuguese hid I am a Catalan, British/Australian, French, Spanish and…  Italian, because that truth involves the murkier stolen generations and highest ‘echelons’.


The Spanish government are the cheerleaders for a brazen propaganda set piece in the Treaty of Amsterdam that purports all EU nationals should unilaterally be barred from making political asylum claims in the European Union. This would obviously be incompatible with much including freedom of movement.


The Spanish propaganda has also been overtaken by the European Convention on Fundamental Freedoms coming into force on 12 December 2007 and being included in the Treaty of Lisbon on 13 December 2007.


There's a very good reason why families of Catalans expelled from Spain have always been very wary about living in Spain.


The British government have been given my instructions, which they do not dispute, on the obvious lawful resolution over exile to avoid refoulement or causing problems for any other civilians.


It is obviously very unpleasant to be exiled from the UK under such circumstances and particularly with such a history of what has happened to Catalan ancestors, but it is all what it is and I kept my promise to Brian who was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


There is no going back over Brexit's Alexander Boris Johnson crossing all the red lines in September 2009, where the British Parliament have since then only shown nothing but the very worst bad faith by continuing to bully and harass etc.


They are just maliciously using Brexit as a propaganda device because it is obvious they never really had any intention of leaving the European Union.


I am not going to be bullied and endlessly harassed and worse, all around the world, to for example save Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson’s blushes etc, because he is a deeply misogynist… ‘politician’ and ‘journalist’ who can go spin his memoirs in... Moscow for all I care.


It is a legal impossibility to deny that Brexit Alexander Boris Johnson maliciously targeted me for years, because he did most of it so publicly while posing as Mayor of London and boss of three successive Commissioner's of the MET Police (before he became Foreign Secretary).


My instructions over my exile within the European Union do specifically avoid any possibility of my being involved in anything that would affect the unity of law abiding civilians in the European Union. 


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!