On July 19th 2009, David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch in an unprecedented move for a public official and their chief propagandist, shouted from the rooftops that they were going to illegally ‘remove’ our Parliament Square Peace Campaign if he became Prime Minister.


Their violent promise was all the proof ever needed that we couldn't be more law abiding if we tried, in our only ever trying to restore the peace and harmony of the rule of law.



... January 16th 2012 was nothing to do with 'parking charges'...

Their ‘efforts’ only resulted in our filing an unprecedented High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011 that included and caught out all the ‘top Tories’.


This led to an ‘extraordinary’ series of ’events’ on January 16th 2012, when Westminster Council Tory Leader Colin Barrow was forced to ‘resign’ to try and save other Tories etc.

There’s really no point in pretending that any such thing called ‘democracy’ exists in Westminster because everyone in Westminster on all the political sides only have their snouts firmly entrenched in the global corporate trough of ‘hedge fund’ vehicles of all sorts.


You never have to look far in Westminster to come across the 'political intrigue' of the self-serving double dealing rats who don't give a fig for law abiding civilians anywhere.

Our High Court jury lawsuit forced the Westminster Council Tory Leader Colin Barrow [who was involved in the hedge-fund Alpha-Strategic with Boris’s Deputy Mayor and Head of the MET Police Authority Kit Malthouse who were involved with IKOS, Northill and Bertarelli mega hedge-funds] to resign.


They were both [Barrow and Malthouse] really working for two of the largest global 'hedge-funds' IKOS and Bertarelli.




... little is northill who are a spin off from bertarelli[waypoint capital]..

In legal terms, their business involvement with IKOS’s former Black Rod ‘Sir’ Michael Willcocks a) also links the Labour and Tory Party along with b) Barrow, Malthouse and Willcocks et al to three illegal MET ‘Police’ raids on our Parliament Square Peace Campaign on May 23rd 2006, August 31st 2011 and January 16th 2012.



The common denominator in Barrow, Malthouse and Willcocks all working together in hedge-funds, was that they had also all been involved in significant illegal raids etc to try and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


Not something any of them would want to be explaining to a High Court jury.



The Bertarelli hedge-fund [the family business was sold to Merck in January 2007] presumably set up Northill in November 2010 to secure influence in Westminster through Alpha Strategic in May 2011 who they took over on October 18th 2013 with Barrow and Malthouse resigning on January 31st 2014.


... fancy that... among the world's hundred richest...


 [The Brexit hedge fund 'Renaissance Technologies' algorithms who ran both sides in the U.S. 'election' signed up with the City of London on October 17th 2013]

Alpha-Strategic and IKOS had gone their separate ways by the end of March in 2013 for reasons that are obvious.


... july 13th 2009, barrow, malthouse and ikos...



... 'westminster village'... willcock joins ikos and is working with barrow and malthouse...


IKOS and Black Rod 'Sir' Michael Willcock:

... alpha-strategic... ikos and black rod...and the 'no free press' multiple hat brigade...


... 7/7 allison... the far from 'confidential' meeting over may 23rd 2006...


... the MET 'police' pass blame for may 23rd 2006 to "both houses and black rod" multi-hatted willcocks...


The 'algorithm':


 ... 'algorithms'... the husband resigns from ikos, while wife hooks up with barrow and malthouse in 2009 and willcock in 2010... 

The financial links and involvement of [for example] Barrow, Malthouse and Willcock in attacks on our Parliament Square Peace Campaign are too obvious.

What was done to our Parliament Square Peace Campaign by so many, over many years just beggars belief.




On January 16th 2012:

a) the Tory Leader of Westminster Council Colin Barrow formally announced his ‘resignation’

[I saw him do it blabbing away to the BBC in Parliament Square. It obviously had nothing to do with ‘parking charges’ really although it was well known the Westminster Council ‘legal department’ was spending all their money handing out brown envelopes to try and cover up what was really going on in Parliament Square. The Labour Party tried and failed to use us in a power struggle between them and the Tories in early 2012 at Westminster Council


The Labour party are just as bad as the Tories]


b) the Metropolitan Police Authority was ‘disbanded’/re-branded as MOPAC that had nothing to do with ‘parking charges’ and everything to do with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson assuming full ‘control’ for the MET Police brown envelopes in a duck and dive meaning he is also legally responsible for the...




... another 'disbanded' [legal gymnastics]... it's a disgrace the MET are even called 'police' when they are just politicians jackboots...



... all completely corrupt... 7/7 former Mayor of London Livingstone, and former MET Asst Commissioner now 'Lord' Paddick and 'Baroness' Jones of the MPA were all involved in the raid on May 23rd 2006 and covering it up....


... a whopper of epic proportions... from the completely fascist UK Police State...

c) massive raid on our Parliament Square Peace Campaign to steal our shelter in the middle of winter on January 16th 2012.


... january 16th 2012...


It doesn’t take a legal wizard to ‘join the dots’.

[In 2007 Blair had to resign over ‘events’ on and surrounding Charing Cross Police station on September 4th 2006 while Charing Cross Police had already been disbanded once after we had Westminster’s backs against the wall on December 13th 2007 when we unexpectedly won.


The Superintendent at Charing Cross before Chief Superintendent Terry the Tosser & Co were also 'disbanded' following December 2007 had been Superintendent Dean Ingledew who simply transferred to Westminster Council to carry on his dirty deeds under the barrow boy.


Westminster just hate real peaceniks]

They were all knowingly acting in the most serious contempt of our High Court jury lawsuit that had been filed against everyone on August 17th 2011.


... 'business disruption over litigation'... corrupt politicians never stop lying...  about their unlawful disruption to law abiding civilians lives...

On January 17th 2012 the current Prime Minister Theresa May [formerly MI5 Home Office] tried to distance herself from the imbroglio but in so trying to do dropped herself right in it, legally speaking, by waffling on about what turned out to be non-existent ‘injunctive relief’ for their state agents.


The phoney Judicial Review 'case' that Westminster blabbed on about to try and cover up our real High Court jury lawsuit against everyone from August 17th 2011:


... the smoking email... everyone named in this email dated january 17th 2012 in the staged government fraud above that we were not involved in is lying that there was injunctive relief for the 'Judicial Review' above...


It sure wasn't 'parking charges' Westminster was all in a flap about.




The evidence is Murdoch and the MET et al lied for public consumption on January 16th 2012, when they dishonestly claimed ‘new’ legislation had been used against us, while their state agents were protected by an injunction.

This was exposed as a lie because:

a) there was no ‘new’ legislation used against us in what was really just a massive smash and grab


Press TV asked Superintendent Morgan in front of me [and who there is photographic evidence had ‘briefed’ Murdoch’s SUN ‘journalist’] for his legal grounds which he could not provide, instead sarcastically suggesting Press TV [and myself who was having property stolen] contact the MET Police ‘press’ office


b) there was not and could not be any injunction as we proved because they could not really use ‘new’ legislation against us, in the face of our real High Court jury lawsuit from August 17th 2011 that was quite different from their subsequent distraction about a 'Judicial Review'.



The injunction lie was invented to try and hide our shelter being stolen in the middle of winter while their state agents was not.

[This is why the MET Police have never been able to produce any paperwork at all, from what was a massive ‘operation’]

Wickedness does not even begin to explain what happened where their state agents are complete psychopaths.

It is a matter of fact that when I went to the High Court to get a copy of the supposed injunction their state agents had, everyone was talking about, it did not exist, so they had to subsequently make one up for themselves, dated February 7th 2012 that did not exist on January 16th 2012.


... all caught out lying... you really can't pretend february 7th 2012 is january 16th 2012...


... january 13th 2010... i was always right, and they were running from this truth big time... [and they wonder why i would want protection from harassment orders etc against all their agent provocateurs who aren't called that for no reason, whatever 'department' they work for]...


[On and around legal proceedings on July 19th 2007 involving my unlawful arrest on January 31st 2007, that involved Blair's armed close protection the MET 'police' started blabbing about and pointing the finger at Special Branch before I was literally kidnapped from court during live proceedings against me, I eventually won to stop a) the CPS being forced to give disclosures and b) me giving evidence]


If you looked back to January 2007 and everything that was going on [and there was a lot !! going on] it isn't too difficult to work out one person who was openly desperate to stop some inconsistencies being exposed:


a) that person inexplicably did not have a High Court jury case like my February 22nd 2006 High Court case [where Brian and I always publicly 'admitted' we campaigned together] despite their having the same lawyers, before police quietly dropped the case against that person at Crown Court, while police were saying they would "make an example of me" and I really was targeted


... brian and i always openly campaigned together... [february 2007]


b) who was supposedly arrested after me on May 23rd 2006 when I could not be charged with anything while Bindmans didn't immediately go to the High Court with a jury civil lawsuit for me, while the person claimed they were charged which there are no records of, before Brian could only be found to 'have no case to answer' in January 2007 [because he and I openly campaigned together and I hadn't been charged with anything]


... i was unlawfully arrested and released without charge while bent bindmans failed to go to the high court with a lawsuit the next day, which they tried covering up by swapping their partner tony murphy who was dealing with it, with chez cotton from bhatt and murphy so he went there and she refused to do anything...


c) then 'inexplicably' tried to set up another peace campaign within/split our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in 2007 with a separate SOCPA police 'authorization' [to legally distance themselves too] who did not then challenge fraudulent legislation we always did to force it's repeal


d) before of course being one of the 'organizers' setting up MI5 'Democracy Village' on May 1st 2010 but not fronting up in court to defend it while being protected by the Mayor of London after they were all a completely busted flush illegally using another !! agent provocateur in my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010:


... i was illegally denied legal representation on june 23rd 2010 and the court was closed to the press and public and i was stopped from giving evidence because i was exposing what was going on... [brian and i are the only two real peaceniks who are nothing to do with the mi5 'democracy village' we have illegally been 'joined' in malicious legal proceedings to]...


[The former Mayor of London, now Foreign Secretary went running to the High Court on May 26th 2010 to invent and bring malicious prosecutions against Brian and I, before we were released, so we would not get to the High Court first over the separate matter of May 25th 2010]




The whole injunction lie in 2012 completely exposed everyone who was lying because of course I was the person who should always have been protected by the legal reality I had filed a High Court jury lawsuit against everyone on August 17th 2011

When Colin Barrow and Kit Malthouse both resigned as directors of Alpha-Strategic on January 31st 2014 the Barrow boy went to live in Switzerland [where the originally Italian Bertarellis also live] maintaining two board member roles in the UK [Imperial College Health Partners ‘Advisory’ Board] and the U.S [University of Southern California] to obviously keep collecting kickbacks.


University of Southern California:



Imperial College Health Partners [expert advisory board]:


... barrow's only in it for the money...



... barrow is only an 'expert' in ripping off the public...


IKOS mega hedge funds ‘algorithms’ who employed Black Rod who was involved in the illegal raid on us way back on May 23rd 2006 also became the Press Complaints Commissioner overseeing what was really the Leveson white-wash of Murdoch.

[Murdoch and Branson have both been providing cover for a Mark Warwick who was busted in April 2010 attacking us while working undercover at the Serious Organised Crime Agency, before being given new cover as an investigator into the Iraq War, which of course he isn’t really]



The Museum of London and Goldsmiths University have laundered two illegal MET Police ‘conversions’ from May 23rd 2006 & August 31st 2011 into their own third ‘conversion’ that they are directly involved in.

The Tate Britain have been forced to ‘buy back’ the con-artist Mark Wallinger’s rip-off ‘State Britain’ from 2007 [23rd September 2016] because they were both really acting ILLEGALLY as paid agents for the British government to:

a) misrepresent and try and undermine legal proceedings

b) use banners as the false pretext to falsely claim the British government who they were paid by had a ‘right’ to ‘re-produce’ [and profit from] our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

In fact we own our ‘rights’ and indeed their rip off ‘State Britain’ and all that flows from that.

Both Tate Britain and the Museum of London are working with Westminster fraudulently misrepresenting our Parliament Square Peace Campaign that they really do not speak for in any way]


In early 2011, I had challenged Barrow as he was bad mouthing us live on camera on NBC the very day Westminster served us with a malicious prosecution, that ‘overlapped’ with Boris’ that was running out of steam by then.


... the barrow boy... pure evil...


I pointed out Barrow needed to put up or shut up with the legal grounds he did not have and could not give to camera, which I proved was true when Westminster Council were forced to withdraw their malicious prosecution on May 4th 2012, which the High Court had confirmed on October 7th 2011 would not end our High Court jury lawsuit.

What Barrow actually had the nerve to say to camera when I pointed out he had no legal grounds for his malicious prosecution, was that I “would not have moved if they just asked” !! which a) they didn’t and b) did not in any way give them legal grounds.

The unprecedented insurmoutable legal difficulties are/always were impossible to maintain before a High Court jury incl. because there was an overlap in the malicious prosecutions brought by the Mayor of London [and the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts] and Westminster Council where of course the MET police were always to be seen.

It is just impossible to say there has ever been any kind of ‘level playing field’ because all of ‘Westminster Village’ is only awash with corporate interests they personally profit from at the expense of law abiding civilians anywhere.