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Brexit Westminster and Washington's cheerleaders in Moscow, have predictably announced a 'peace deal' with 'Syrian rebels' but 'not ISIS or Al-Qaeda'.


Since 'Syrian rebels'/ISIS/Al-Qaeda are all lethally armed terrorist mercenaries supplied by the same weapons manufacturers, who only change monikers depending on the corporate spin, the weasel words can only really mean Westminster, Washington and Moscow have agreed to carry on their wider bogus 'War on Terror'.


... the three fascist brexiteers...


The war propaganda is presumably supposed to in part 'reflect' the reality the Syrian government recently took back Aleppo.


Those in Iraq who have been savaged by an illegal war continuously re-branded by all sorts of lies for so many years now continue to have the same ’superpowers’ making a grab for oil in Mosul through all sorts of corporate deceit.

Moscow remain complete and utter apologists for and in cahoots with Iraq War criminals in both Westminster and Washington, so only the war propaganda ‘changes’ for public consumption.

Their two-faced Brexit war propaganda that the fascist mob rule of a political vote has supremacy over the peace and harmony of the rule of law, is all so very last century.

The lawless Big Brexit scam's Iraq War criminals and their apologists posing as 'revolutionaries' of all sorts is a repeat performance echoing Westminster's double-dealing with the MacMahon-Sharif agreement in 1916, [ie: like the con of the big Brexit robbery] and the manufactured Bolshevik 'revolution' and Balfour Agreement in 1917 [stealing citizenship in Europe and the Middle East] leading to the phoney Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

The Brexit bitch from Westminster who helped bring the world Two World Wars, the Cold War and the War on Terror is on cue, planning to ‘exit’ the European Court of Human Rights in 2020.

Westminster, Washington and Moscow were only pretending to have any interest in the rule of law when they put the Nazis on trial at Nuremberg, having managed to 'ignore' so many years of colonialism that continues.


Many continue to be slaughtered in Iraq while the 'transition' to the Trump military junta of Iraq War criminals takes place, in exactly the same way so many died in Gaza during the Obama 'transition' in 2008/2009.


Moscow's cringe-worthy fawning over all things Trump with Exxon Mobil headlining a military junta of Iraq War criminals so obviously all about Big Oil, is even more overt than and makes Westminster almost look like 'moderates' by comparison in their alliance with Washington.


In fact Westminster rely on the Brexit echo chambers in Washington and Moscow because continental European civilians really are not as enamored by Brexit Westminster and Washington as Moscow now are.


Clearly Putin the Pretender did not really oppose the War on Syria, where he stood by watching civilians being slaughtered for four years, while he also did not really and still does not oppose but is instead the biggest apologist for the illegal Iraq War.


In reality Westminster, Washington and Moscow work together with all their government approved 'groups' of all sorts.


Real peaceniks oppose illegal wars because they are illegal and not because they are government approved mouthpieces.


The fascists in Westminster and Washington only try and pretend they are a 'democracy' by having different 'sides' that everyone knows are the same, while the fascists in Moscow just re-branded their one party 'Communist' state as the one party 'Democratic' state.


The UN Security Council are united by the fascism of their crony 'capitalism'.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!