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Westminster and their made in the UK ‘Israel’ have inevitably set up a myriad of false opposition in the UK who are completely ineffective because they fail to point the finger at Westminster in any meaningful way.

The failure of British ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ to point the finger at Westminster in any consistent let alone meaningful way does immediately render them open to accusations of hypocrisy which are actually entirely valid.


... zionism is just the re-branding of european colonialism...


It is fairly straightforward that if there were one election across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine the result would expose there is no difference between the likes of Netanyahu, Abbas or Meshaal so the reality is the many campaigns in the UK that currently profess to support Palestinian ‘rights’ are wholly ineffective.


The only person who has really made any successful effort in the Middle East to try and save Palestinian lives is Saleem al-Saqqa who had to embarrass Abbas and Meshaal into joining the International Criminal Court.


Of course then all manner of 'governments' and 'media' were incredibly questioning whether Palestinian people should be "allowed" to have access to an International Criminal Court to try and save their lives.



Any real efforts must also encourage free and fair elections which frankly are a luxury anywhere and don’t really happen in the UK where like the US, money is all that buys elections.

People need to genuinely want to clean up their own house before they can possibly be any use or effective anywhere else.


... the merry go round of westminster and it's controlled opposition...


Those British ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ who fail to recognize the very real fascism of Westminster in the here and now in the UK because they are living in their fluffy little bubble where they have not even really challenged Westminster, cannot possibly hope to help anyone else because they are living in a complete state of denial themselves.


... the ghoulish hypocrisy and voyeurism of the patronizing white boy who is perfectly happy living under and lying about the fascism of westminster himself...


Little white boy chooses to ignore the very real fascism of Westminster that he contributes to by turning a blind eye to and not standing up to, in the UK.


It is the very real fascism of Westminster that the made in the UK Israel feeds off.

British ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ who are genuine will take the time to learn how to really challenge Westminster’s very real fascism at home with some demonstrable results they can share, while those who don’t will just remain on the same utterly useless gravy train of distraction and disinformation.

People waste everyone’s time with the whole anti-semitism trope because the reality is Judaism is a religion that anyone anywhere in the world can join on any given day, so why on earth is anyone wasting their time arguing back and forth over the anti-semitism canard ?

It is not possible to have a religion that is a race so the anti-semitism canard is only designed to be a distraction.

British ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ who are genuine first need to face up to the reality that Westminster conflate their own fascism with democracy.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!