The ‘extraordinarily’ badly ‘drafted’ Investigatory Powers Act 2016 is 292 pages of complete ‘political’ woo from beginning to end, absent of all due process under criminal law, making it entirely incompatible with the rule of law.


... this is the reason for the 2016 're-write' which is still incompatible with the rule of law... because westminster have a massive high court jury lawsuit over the absence of a) any warrant to 'search' anything b) let alone run their whole MI5 'Democracy Village' for TWO + years !!...


Westminster are now trying to a) put spying entirely in the hands of politicians [ie: themselves] b) replacing the need to have ‘reasonable grounds’ under criminal law, with the spurious subjective woo of ’economic interests’ while deliberately putting it all outside any due process or Judicial oversight of any kind.

The absence of Judicial processes is because Westminster know what they want to do is completely illegal.


... politicians and their hangers on who know they can't get warrants in courts of law...


The fact a politician claims they can spy on anyone based on the wholly arbitrary and subjective grounds of ‘economic interests’ which is most definitely not ‘proportionate’ is the clanger upon which all the bad faith turns that follows, which is ALL illegal.

The political phrase ‘national security’ has long been a meaningless expression/red herring in courts that has no legal significance.

We have already proved that Westminster and their hangers on could not go to a court and get a warrant to spy.


...Westminster not only had no warrant to search anything, but no warrant to run their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that was BUSTED that day...


In fact on May 25th 2010, the BBC and MET Police maliciously and illegally edited and PUBLISHED audio over my unlawful arrest, giving a false account, because they not only had no warrant for illegal searches BUT THEY HAD NO WARRANT TO RUN THEIR WHOLE MI5 'DEMOCRACY VILLAGE' THAT WAS ALSO BUSTED.


Westminster maliciously targeted 'two veteran' peace campaigners.


The latest 'Act' wants to cover up 'journalists' and their 'sources'.


... may 25th 2010.. westminster and moscow covering up they work together with people posing as 'journalists' who are actually very, very nasty people, doing anything but being 'journalists'...


[It is a matter of fact that in Europe, Westminster and Moscow work together to try and smash law abiding civilian resistance to NATO because the whole LIE is that only the Russian government are 'opposition' to NATO.


They are tying themselves in knots with that massive lie that has seen Westminster and Moscow working with the war mongering Guardian's ASIO Assange Wiki-woo in London in by no co-incidence 2010, before Washington and Moscow working with MURDOCH peddling the ASIO Assange Wiki-woo to install Iraq War criminals as 'revolutionaries' in Washington in 2016


Murdoch's Fox News was spinning the same ASIO Assange Wiki-woo Russia Today was in the U.S. 'election' with far wider reach, while Putin the Pretender and his glee club play the victim canard in the whole phoney routine of being 'opposition'. The Russian propagandists are so obviously fake because with the end of the phoney 'Cold War' everyone can see it is obvious there is no difference between crony capitalism in the West or Russia.


The reason Putin the Pretender has lost all support from peaceniks in Europe is because he and his glee club have been so rude, horrible and downright dishonest towards real peaceniks because Russia never was really opposed to but are huge apologists for the Iraq War]


The wholly malicious frivolous and vexatious Investigatory Powers Act 2016 has been spawned because we proved and have the matching High Court jury lawsuit that Westminster had no grounds to spy on us, let alone with a whole MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts !!

Westminster illegally spy on peaceniks, and particularly those who repeal their multi-billion dollar corporate legal woo in their bogus ‘War on Terror’ racketeering that has only ever been about improving their own personal bank balances.