The Barclay Bros Telegraph maliciously published some ridiculous Murdoch Iraq War propaganda where Parliament and the ‘press’ are re-inventing the truth surrounding a Mark Warwick.

'Mark Warwick' was operating as an undercover agent when he attacked us in April 2010, while ‘seconded’ to National Crime Agency [formerly known as SOCA].


... mark warwick is the criminal who attacked us in an undercover role with the national crime agency [formerly known as SOCA]...


This was before I was illegally denied legal representation on June 23rd 2010, to once again illegally stop me giving evidence in the High Court against MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts, who overtly started on May 1st 2010] before he was later ridiculously appointed Head of Westminster’s ‘Iraq Historic Allegations Team’.


You can see their considerable legal ‘difficulties’ over that one in what is their very tangled web of deceit.


Numerous records exist of the complaint made to lawyers etc etc etc where it was admitted he was seconded from Thames Valley to the NCA [formerly SOCA] as his CV from 2014 [below] shows too.


A High Court jury would shockingly conclude that Warwick  was forced to 'retire' from the NCA 'hat' after attacking us in Parliament Square in April 2010 because I could identify him and later just given another 'hat' at IHAT, which is being used for all sorts of cover.


There is no way that gatekeeper is investigating war crimes over Iraq.


The filth don't go from working for Westminster trying to cover up the Iraq War, to investigating war crimes in the Iraq War.


In legal terms, the MET 'Police' Commissioner can't palm off war crimes investigations to bent 'retired' coppers who worked for him !!


In fact Warwick is only being paid very large sums of money to keep the political classes in Westminster out of courts over the Iraq War, with his 'IHAT' lies that overlook the illegality of the Iraq War itself.


This is Westminster's multi-million dollar botox sun tanned tall tale:


... well that is a massive whopper of all sorts... westminster are wholly incapable of telling the truth about anything... while covering up all sorts... [telegraph november 15th 2016]

... a criminal war propagandist really who is paid to publish whatever lie he is told...


Westminster are ridiculously trying to cover up a real incident involving Warwick working undercover for the NCA in Parliament Square attacking the peace campaigners !! in April 2010, before later going on to head/gatekeep IHAT [after I was illegally denied legal representation on June 23rd 2010 in the High Court to stop me giving evidence]:


... the theatre of war propaganda sitting in front of war criminals trying to work out what they can all launder together...


He has a murky 'CV'.


The theatre of war propaganda is obviously not very well versed in the rule of law:


 ... westminster trying to cover up it was warwick who was working undercover with the NCA when he attacked us in April 2010, and was rescued by 'police' who suddenly appeared from no-where, bizarrely claiming they had arrested warwick [not for attacking and threatening us] but for 'impersonating a police officer' ... when he was actually undercover filth !!...


In fact Warwick was acting illegally when he was undercover attacking us etc in April 2010.


Westminster’s official version of ‘Mark Warwick’ is the usual running and hiding behind Parliamentary cover in Westminster over what is in any event a far wider real High Court jury lawsuit that finally got through on August 17th 2011 that the High Court confirmed on October 7th 2011 could not be thrown out.

In fact, Mark Warwick attacked our campaign in April 2010 [in the run up to the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts].


So Rupert Murdoch sent down his 'Crime' Editor [and a photographer] sniffing around to see if I could identify the man and I gave them evidence I could, that was transferred by Bluetooth to their computers etc in their black range rover, while Warwick was at that time ‘seconded’ to the National Crime Agency [formerly known as SOCA] and living in Dolphin Square.


Westminster couldn't really work out how to try and cover up what had happened.

The word ‘seconded’ is always used to try and provide a layer of ‘plausible deniability’ that does not really exist in the real world where the evidence is those involved are always changing their hats/monikers.

What happened was Warwick was obviously wired when he was trying to smash down the campaign, before towering over me very aggressively threatening me very specifically over the Iraq War, trying to get me arrested, when it all started going awry.

So ‘police’ appeared from no-where and bizarrely pretended to arrest him for ‘impersonating a police officer’ [not for attacking the campaign and threatening us etc etc etc] as the ruse to rescue him really [probably because a number of their ‘operations’ against us had been busted over the years in all sorts of ways and it was so close to their starting the MI5 'Democracy Village'.]

The thing is the legal reality is Mark Warwick was an undercover agent !! working for the NCA [formerly known as SOCA] trying to unlawfully arrest me and Murdoch always knew.


All that happened was Westminster changed the hat Warwick wore because they couldn't have him busted etc so he just made millions covering up MI5 'Democracy Village' etc really:


... murdoch is just covering up his own involvement... which is not about investigating soldiers...


... 'the racketeers'... murdoch covering up he was directly involved in cover up over warwick et al...


... january 1st 2016... not trying very hard in between keeping up with the tennis, suntan and botox now is he... [some soldiers have openly boasted on 'remembrance sundays' about murdering baha mousa and others...]


In April 2010 Warwick was going seriously OTT mental over our having the temerity to oppose the Iraq War [and of course knew we legally had Westminster’s backs against the wall since December 13th 2007, all of which went straight to Number Ten, including Special Branch etc and involved Murdoch]


Warwick was doing the whole Chief Superintendent Terry the Tosser, the great I am act, and how he was going to 'sort me out' himself, and all that, which was just a few days before the whole MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts, which we had no idea was about to happen.


His whole manner was very 'odd'.


It is only in hindsight because we did not know MI5 'Democracy Village' was going to happen a few days later, that there was obviously much going on 'behind the scenes' because everything had really 'spiraled completely out of control' in Westminster on September 4th 2009.


The internecine money grabbing squabbles going on among the political classes and their hangers on over the rigged 2010 election was only really, really bad for us.


Once Murdoch and Cameron publicly said they were going to 'remove' us on July 19th 2009 in the race for the Crown, the dogs of war were unleashed against us that led to September 4th 2009, which in turn led to the rigged election because Brown was well and truly finished after that.


It all sure put me off personally ever voting for any politician ever again, under any circumstances, because I know what really goes on.


It was easy for them to rig the election because they only had to split the vote three ways with the Lib Dems telling the student fee lie, so they could be sure they had a Tory Mayor with a Tory government because it had to be that combination to try and use the MI5 'Democracy Village' against us in any court.


They had used so many 'combinations' of all sorts against us over the years from any number of government departments that had failed.


In Warwicks own weasel words:


... sectu & 'project... allied matters' like... peace campaigners!!'... he really hated us for some reason much like when chief superintendent terry the tosser lost against us in court and would go off the deep end etc etc etc ...


This is the same wholly corrupt police state who filmed Brian asking the filth if they find any bombs going through the pages of our books, when they were doing illegal 'searches' to try and find any excuse to be around us, just to harass us and unlawfully arrest us with any old lie.


[Charing Cross 'Police' had to be disbanded after we won on December 13th 2007. In practice Chief Supt. Terry the Tosser was shipped out to the East End for a few years until he was brought back under the cover of the Royal Wedding when he was out for revenge big time, while other filth with grudges over lawsuits against them moved to Belgravia so they could still have a go at us from there, before black ops against us had to finally be moved to Royal Parks]


Warwick fully supports everything about the Iraq War.


All the filth are primarily obsessed by their 'pensions' and don't like any lawsuits that put that at risk, which the cumulative nature of ours always did.


It is far more common than people realize that corrupt MET filth are sunning themselves usually in British off-shore tax havens over some dirty job or another for the political classes in Westminster.


Westminster who only talk big in the press have proved squeamish about what they really do being exposed before a High Court jury.


When you put Westminster torturing Iraqis and peace campaigners in London side by side it shows that nothing was any accident.


MI5 down the road on Millbank would openly yell out "bomb the Iraqis" etc in Westminster while driving past in their black SUV's so it's not like anyone ever had far to look for war criminals of all sorts in Westminster.


It is a matter of public records that I had also incredibly been kidnapped from court during live proceedings to try and stop me giving evidence on July 19th 2007 about Special Branch and armed police from Blair's 'special protection' etc that did involve Murdoch and in so doing, exposed it was all about their complaining about ‘Constitutional Law’ etc etc etc surrounding corporate war really.


I had previously complained when Murdoch's Sunday Times ran propaganda about problems with 'Constitutional Law' in Europe disgracefully using a picture portraying me as a criminal over January 31st 2007, which was a malicious prosecution I won involving July 19th 2007.


I did witness a Times 'journalist' threatening Brian one night etc.

The Sun were obviously not fans of ours so their turning up trying to spin a sob story in April 2010 that Warwick was a poor drunken bent copper etc when the reality was he was working undercover [and everyone was working with everyone else to try and shut us down] was obviously 'unusual'.


The evidence is no-one was ever trying to 'investigate' anything, they are too busy trying to cover up:


... 'show them no pity, they have stains on their souls'... the evidence is no-one was trying to investigate anything...


Warwick’s CV [below] makes it more likely than not, that he must have been involved in earlier attempts on my life involving Special Branch etc [September 4th 2006 and January 31st 2007 and September 4th 2009] and then of course there is the whole MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts.


So Westminster had illegally stopped me giving evidence in court on July 19th 2007 and then the High Court on June 23rd 2010 etc etc etc.


Warwick must have been involved in much targeting of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign over the years, including when I was incredibly kidnapped from inside court during live proceedings on July 19th 2007 to stop me giving evidence because it was emerging 'Special Branch' etc was involved way back then but everyone kept illegally blocking proper disclosure and just pointing back to Number Ten.


... his CV published in August 2014...



... it's definitely mark warwick who attacked us in Parliament Square while working undercover with the NCA in April 2010... [he is similar in many ways to PC CX 674 Roger Smith who was not a 'police officer' but 'seconded' to black-ops @ Charing Cross, then Belgravia and then Hyde Park to maliciously target us]


It is a matter of court record, the 'police' admitted Special Branch were involved way back in 2007.


On July 19th 2007 PC CX 'Smith' boasted he had an 'unlimited budget' to get rid of us.


... an "investigation of huge importance"... he definitely supported the iraq war in every way and was attacking the peace campaigners to try and STOP any real investigation...


Not forgetting of course our being lured to the High Court on April 10th 2013 under false pretences in the whole bizarre 666 episode because I had filed papers on April 8th 2013, pointing out Westminster had ‘no recognized defence in law’.


It most certainly wasn’t Iraq War crimes Warwick was ‘investigating’ but instead trying to cover up in July 2013 in Europe in the full knowledge of our High Court Order from 2008 and High Court jury lawsuit in 2011.


I commented to a friend that I had recognized a man from Westminster [who was Warwick] who certainly wasn't doing what he claims he has been doing.


I now realize that Warwick et al were STILL ILLEGALLY spying !! on us to try and cover his/their own miserable arse/s which is just so pathetic.


Of course this was also after we had asked Westminster for their legal grounds in writing, when they were trying to overtly invade Syria.


Heaven forbid peace might break out.


Murdoch always knew what Warwick had done in April 2010:


... murdoch was always in on the whole scam that was never about investigating soldiers...


... there's a lot of bent coppers etc who wear all sorts of hats...


... netcu, setcu, soca, nca etc is well documented that the biggest rackets going are against any peaceniks because it is ordinary law abiding civilians who are the only people who will stop these money grabbing rackets...


The legal quagmire Westminster are in over the Iraq War has always been just incredibly massive, where everyone can see Westminster ROBBING entire civilian populations.


It all includes the international 'Red Snapper' racket which is advertising it is a 'fishing expedition' for goodness sakes, by 'former' filth who are really ILLEGALLY targeting peaceniks, not soldiers.


... a corporate front rubber stamped by westminster, not being used to hunt down soldiers...


... the barclay brothers are part of the whole global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket, which is obviously seriously criminal...


... pure 'in-house' theatre covering up large sums being laundered to cover up the MET Commissioner's War crimes Unit wasn't investigating Westminster...


In fact, the MET 'Police' Commissioner was really exposed years ago refusing to investigate anything to do with Iraq war crimes with his own War Crimes Unit, which he could not 'outsource' etc to private companies etc etc.


There was no reason for anything other than what was the already existing war crimes unit, which they refused to use because there was within less than a square mile a) the Houses of Parliament b) our Parliament Square Peace Campaign c) New Scotland Yard which made it very clear Westminster were only trying to cover up their own biggest war crimes.


ie: I really did make a lawful citizen's arrest of Geoff Hoon when he was the Defence Secretary and the coward fled behind 'police' into the Houses of Parliament.


Westminster did know what they were doing.


The color drained from the face of the former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith when I said to him, for the children, that one day he would stand trial for war crimes.


We were in the same small area of Westminster for years, which has the highest proportion of active war criminals in the world.


No-one made any of the war criminals in Westminster do what they do, which they could have walked away from any time.


What Westminster are really trying to do is duck and dive to cover up their undercover agents of all sorts who are not retired including through using front companies of all sorts who work for Westminster.


They have always been trying to invent any kind 'grey area' to try and a) give Westminster 'plausible deniability' and b) to try and limit lawsuits by laundering whatever they can through multiple layers of the same deceit.


It's all the same as but larger etc than the witch-hunts for 'reds under the beds' with COINTELPRO style outfits really, all of which is seriously, seriously illegal.


Westminster can't deny for example, they conducted the most massive 'witch-hunt' against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


And the same Westminster have the nerve to bitch about law abiding civilians having the freedom of European citizenship !!


Westminster will rubber stamp any gravy train that goes along with/helps their corporate lies.


Everything about 'IHAT' is trying to minimize and trivialize what Westminster political classes have done to wage the Iraq War:


... westminster just gave warwick another hat to wear and launder public money through, when he was busted in april 2010...


[Public Interest Laywers were always gatekeepers because they never challenged the legality of the war itself in the UK through a High Court jury trial]



It is obvious that IHAT was set up in 2010 as just another means for Westminster to try and waste time over their own legal accountability in waging an illegal war [where they are STILL in Iraq:


... the brexit by 2019 button...


In legal terms the political classes in Westminster are legally responsible for every single last one of the millions of civilians in Iraq who were murdered where Warwick is being paid very large sums to try and buy time for Westminster.


What is so terribly sad is the incontrovertible evidence is war crimes in Libya and Syria against defenceless civilians happened because I was illegally prevented from giving evidence in the High Court on June 23rd 2010.


Had I been able to give evidence to shut down the 'scandal' of the disgraceful MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts at that time, that would have stopped everything, that just kept exponentially growing.


The obvious problem anyone can see is too many governments with armies of lawyers !! either go along with or actively collaborate in the bogus 'War On Terror' and still do, on many levels, knowing it is just repeating the 'Cold War' etc etc etc.


The one true legal reality is Westminster had never had anything like our Parliament Square Peace Campaign consistently in their faces because all we have ever done is the rule of law to try and save civilian lives.


I think we can all be quite sure Warwick who is a gatekeeper, will not be getting paid to advocate the UN Security Council is reformed !!


The very obvious purpose of 'IHAT' is like Alistair Campbell’s MI5 'Chilcot Inquiry' and the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts, attempts to stop Westminster being put on trial over the Iraq War because it is so straightforward that they ‘do not have any defence that is recognized in law’.

The greatest act of cowardice is Westminster hiding behind their military [the military ‘leaders’ are self-serving cowards too] which is why the UN Security Council are legally obliged to join and make themselves subject to the International Criminal Court, which will end war because administrative law over a world no human made is not complicated.

Westminster’s two-faced UN Security Council have been the underlying problem for around seventy years now.

In far from legal terms what was always really going on was Westminster knew we really did do the rule of law, while all around us did not, so of course they did not ever want us ending up before a High Court jury incredibly ending war and in so doing shaming all the multiple layers of deceit going along with everything.

The law surrounding an illegal war is so simple which is why it has always just been state violence trying to stop law abiding civilians ending war in courts of law.

We have proved a very small group of people really doing the rule of law can go a very long way and it is without any doubt that the most powerful campaigns are backed by the rule of law.

It is just disgusting when Westminster and their propagandists try and blame any Iraqis for what Westminster did themselves.


This is the same Westminster still daring to arrogantly rip off Iraqis who should ALL be living like people in other oil states like UAE etc.


All Iraqi people have lived through so many years of the terror and madness of war.


It is just beyond disgusting that war propaganda tries to demean Iraqi people who should NEVER have even had to ask their occupiers for redress over the most serious crimes known to humanity !!


In reality Westminster are just trying to gate-keep any High Court jury rulings etc being made against them.

War doesn’t just happen and the Iraq War was never any mistake.


The incontrovertible evidence is Westminster actively worked to continue what they always knew was illegal.

It was very early on when I was in Parliament Square and some squaddies were giving us jip, and I just said to a young soldier that I was a parent who would do whatever I could to try and stop my own and other people’s sons ever having to go and fight in wars for the liars across the road in Westminster.

I was shocked when the young man fell to his knees and broke down crying in front of me saying he wished his parents had done the same, and unburdened himself over how he tried to miss when shooting and they were terrified and trying to save their own lives and so on.


Young soldiers would often also self-harm to try and avoid going back to Iraq etc etc etc.

Westminster knows they had to negotiate deals over soldiers who went AWOL.


The predatory political classes and their propagandists are preying upon young people trying to get them to 'join' the military to go and fight what everyone does know are their illegal wars.


People like Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn are all part of the criminal war propaganda of 'jobs for the boys' and so on, so young people don't really have anyone they can turn to, and in particular if they come from a 'military' family.


Westminster has been a 'war economy' for centuries, where it is only unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War that was not led or controlled by but instead transcends the political classes and their propagandists, that has helped encircle Westminster with the rule of law.

Westminster and their criminal war propaganda is so illegal because it causes so much irreversible catastrophic human damage, while they are not telling the true stories of real people’s lives at all, which they casually dismiss because they are just in it to make as much money for themselves before the next baton change.

This is why adults do have such a very real and the most important responsibility to not let children be used in wars, by what is seriously criminal war propaganda that is only about making money.

Warwick is really just another cruel and wicked jobsworth always changing hats to try and protect Westminster from what they have really done to real people's lives.


... brian haw was the greatest peacemaker of our times...


The UN Security Council must be reformed because everyone can see that will stop war and war mongers slithering in and out of 'public office' through baton changes where they just all protect each other, while being anything but the servants of the people they are supposed to be.


There is no 'glory' in war where guns do not grow on trees.