The Syrian government openly invited the Russian government to operate in Syria, under the command of the Syrian government, which was the Syrian government’s choice to make.

The British government covertly invited the Russian government to help them try and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London in the UK, all of which was illegal.


... the mi5 'democracy village' of all sorts targeted... two veterans...


It has always been and remains the case that neither the Tories or Labour want demonstrations outside the British Parliament over their illegal wars.


The UK ‘Stop the War’ Coalition were part of the UK and Russian governments criminal actions in the UK towards our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London.

It is impossible to not conclude that the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts between May 2010 - May 2012 was created in the full knowledge the UN Security Council were planning the ‘Arab Spring’.


The UN Security Council's bogus 'War On Terror' had comprehensively lost the propaganda war over Iraq and was trying to change the narrative.


The only malicious purpose for disinformation from the UK and Russian governments along with the UK 'Stop the War' group about their trying to illegally smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London, is because they have never been trying to end war.


... put simply putin the pretenders russian government are nothing more than controlled opposition on the un security council...

Our opposition to NATO Wars is not and has never been premised on support for the two-faced Russian government, but instead the rule of law.


We beat Westminster's multi-million dollar 'free speech' ban that was supposed to be their 'crowning glory' in their bogus 'War on Terror'.


Westminster's 'free speech' ban was copied by the Russian government and other governments in Europe.

We protected our legal position with a High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011 that includes our High Court Order against everyone from April 16th 2008.


It is only trying to replace the rule of law law with a world of war propaganda that leads to a lack of transparency in people's true motivations and actions.


The British Parliament illegally held a 'vote' to conduct airstrikes in Syria knowing there were no legal grounds to do so.


The holding of that illegal 'vote' that is no different from subverting the rule of law, with the reckless roll of a loaded dice, all of which was known to be absolutely unlawful, was supported by Stake-knife Corbyn.


Weasel words:


 ... says putin the pretender who is the controlled opposition who helped them by collaborating with boris & co to try and violently smash our only long-standing visible resistance in the uk and europe to nato wars ...


Putin's 'Russia Today' is the public platform for all controlled opposition from the UK. is impossible to not conclude that the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts between May 2010 - May 2012 was created in the full knowledge the UN Security Council were planning the ‘Arab Spring’...


Putin the Pretender is very obviously protecting Russia Today's 'journalist' Mike Raddie.


It's undeniable that Putin the Pretender was trying to hijack and smash our long-standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign that was the only visible law abiding civilian resistance in the UK or Europe to NATO Wars.


The pulp fiction that tries to pass itself off as 'journalism' just insults all law abiding civilians intelligence:


... what is really going on is the un security council are trying to disguise that the russian government and all their propagandists, who watched for years while terrorists poured into syria slaughtering defenceless civilians, are very obviously controlled opposition...


The UN Security Council propagandists are always telling everyone to ignore the illegal sanctions that caused the Genocide of 500,000 Iraqi children, followed by the Iraq War.


The Russian propagandists professed concern over Syria are clearly crocodile tears too.


The propaganda always 'forgets' that the UK, France and Russia all sit on the European Court of Human Rights.


It's one thing for the Russian government to not support genuine law abiding civilian resistance in the UK to NATO which is not a big deal at all, but when the Russian government actually collaborate with the UK government to try and smash real law abiding civilian resistance to NATO, then they cannot reasonably expect to have any credibility.


Let's get real. It's bad enough for law abiding civilians in the UK to have the whole of Westminster opposed to you, without adding the incredible dishonesty of the Russian government to the mix.


All any reasonable law abiding civilian wants is for the bogus 'War On Terror' to end.


It's always been a simple and straightforward matter that the rule of law identifies that all the lethally armed Syrian 'Opposition' are criminals.


Most people can see that the UN Security Council just do not want to end their bogus 'War On Terror' because too many multi-national corporations will be out of pocket.


That is the real problem.


Law abiding civilians everywhere do not have any kind of problem with each other, but do have a problem with the endless parade of inscrutable sleaze-bags being put forward for public office.


... the shocking russian war propaganda is very much in keeping with the general 'nationalist' apologias over the genocide of 500,000 iraqi children during illegal sanctions, followed by the iraq war...


[Trump's double act with Clinton is very much an apologia for illegal sanctions on Iraq and the Iraq War, with his running mate Pence]


Heaven forbid that the UK, France and Russia might remember that they all sit on the European Court of Human Rights.


Westminster et al live in a state of denial, because their sole objective is to subvert the rule of law to try and reduce the value of human life to the roll of a loaded dice called a 'vote' which is merely undertaken for the purposes of criminal propaganda.


The true purpose of British and Russian war propaganda about themselves over Syria, is to distract from the reality the Syrian government have always been lawfully defending Syria from a lethally armed opposition who are all acting illegally whatever their moniker.


... it is a matter of fact that tories and labour both illegally support the same terrorists in syria, including the 'free syrian army' moniker...


It is not known what 'atrocities' Labour attribute to the Russian government... in Syria.


... the only evidence is the uk and russian governments along with nineham's uk 'stop the war' were only ever trying to hijack and smash our parliament square peace campaign in london, because none of them were trying to end war...


... the telegraph propaganda that contradicts what the guardian claims, forgets that labour and the tories along with their tatchell all support the same 'free syrian army' terrorists the errr... telegraph do...


[The Telegraph would support 'Communists' long before they would ever support the rule of law and our Parliament Square Peace Campaign ; which they would never do]


The entirety of Westminster supported the 'free speech' ban against us [we forced the repeal of] because of their multi-million war propaganda racket.


Westminster have no respect for any law abiding civilians or the rule of law.


Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and their fake 'Stop the War' are the usual suspects who never did anything, except try and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


... blair and brown's ghoulish hate-filled cox spin doctors always had zero credibility too, with their lucrative fat cat 'charity' war propaganda rackets...


Westminster is a cesspit of deceit with everyone falling over each other, to hurt defenceless law abiding civilians to 'get ahead' and collect the corporate pay cheques.


It is documented that Stake-knife Corbyn's so called Momentum's Simon Fletcher were the very ones running around like headless chooks having meetings with the MET police behind our backs complaining !! about our having tents, way back in 2007.


The way all of Westminster treated our Parliament Square Peace Campaign with their 'free speech' ban tells all law abiding civilians, everything they will ever need to know about just how much Westminster live in absolute contempt of all law abiding civilians.


Not at all anti-war:


 ... there's no difference between the war mongering telegraph tories or guardian labour... and their support for the same 'free syrian army' terrorists... [stake-knife corbyn's 'victory' speech on september 12th 2015 parliament square, london]


It is not clear that the Russian government accept that all the lethally armed Syrian 'Opposition' are acting illegally.


Those who are terrorists in either Syria or Iraq are the same.

We remind that a war criminal is a war criminal and war propaganda is a crime.


There is no doubt that the breakdown of the rule of law at the UN Security Council, where three of the five permanent members, the UK, France and Russia also sit on the European Court of Human Rights, led to the bogus 'War on Terror' landing in Syria.


... it is the rule of law that brings harmony that creates and protects life...


The obvious problem lies in those trying to subvert the rule of law with the roll of a loaded dice, which only highlights political classes and their propagandists complete contempt for all of humanity.


... war criminals are war criminals and war propaganda is a crime...[the daily mail, along with the bbc, guardian, telegraph, independent, and london evening standard all colluded with putin the pretender too]


Crony capitalism has clearly completely lost the plot over the limits of administrative governance in a world no human made.


No reasonable or rational law abiding civilian 'believes' they can just 'vote' to do whatever they like to another human being.










Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.