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No-one is stopping the Dunkirks in Westminster surrendering their own European citizenship.


This does not change millions upon millions of law abiding civilians will not be surrendering the fundamental freedom and independence of our own European citizenship.


...et si...


No reasonable or rational law abiding civilian is going to trade in the fundamental freedom and independence of their own permanent European citizenship to downgrade to arbitrary permits of all sorts etc controlled by the already discredited political classes.


Westminster have been comprehensively ignoring the rule of law for so many years now, it is no surprise they are running from the European Courts of Justice etc to continue trying to do that with their 'Great Repeal Act' in their whole theatre of war propaganda.


They are just trying to repeal... the rule of law through... Parliament before the rule of law repeals their... crony capitalism through... courts of law.


... the ever diminishing little englanders westminster will have to cede northern ireland to try and save their war mongering crony capitalism...


It is a matter of fact that anyone in the UK who really challenges Westminster is illegally denied legal representation and illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial.






It is the exact same corrupt Lord Pannick [Mischon De Reya] and bent Bindmans Solicitors who are fronting the phoney Brexit challenge to try and 'surrender' other people's European citizenship, who tried to stop !! our repeal of fraudulent corporate legislation that was being used against us.


While I proved the violent fraudulent legislation the state was using against us was 'void ab initio' on September 14th 2006, Bindmans et al spent years making millions, dishonestly trying to claim it was 'compatible' with the Human Rights Act !!


So we do have a track record of beating dirty Bindmans et al.


[It is a matter of fact I was, for example, unlawfully arrested forty seven times etc etc !! while bent Bindmans et al were taking their massive brown envelopes !!]


We have been the avant-garde front line for many years now.


[N.B: Bindmans are also busy trying to cover up with the phoney UK 'undercover inquiry' that happened after MI5 'Democracy Village' was a busted flush and we launched our High Court jury lawsuit, that while Bindmans were taking brown envelopes to try and stop our repeal of corporate legislation, there is loads of evidence they were also representing agents of the state trying to do the same thing. Hmmm... very dirty !!]


Lord Pannick's Mischon De Reya who headhunted Miller that includes the likes of Mullins while Bindmans et al launder money through 'crowdfunding' are money grabbing sycophants who have never put 'their heads above any parapet'. 


The unelected Pannick actually rubber-stamped the original EU Referendum 'Act' that was no 'mistake'.


The Attorney General is actually fronting up for the Queen and Co this time, to try and bend their 'land law' they errr... changed the entire history of !! in their fraudulent MI5 'Democracy Village' proceedings against us, back into some kind of something ;


Westminster and it's far from 'Commonwealth' doesn't actually really have a legal system per se, but instead a system of injustice built on 'serious procedural irregularities' [ie: they violently 'abuse all process' to duck and dive from the rule of law]


The purpose of the fraudulent Brexit legal challenge is Mother Theresa & Co obviously need to produce some people who have tangibly voluntarily 'surrendered' their European citizenship.


It is an admitted fact they are all working with Westminster.


The reason for their 'hearing' on October 13th is that date encapsulates the centuries old battles to control civilians through re-drawing borders in the Middle East and Europe, which is what Brexit is once again all about.



For the avoidance of any doubt we are not a part of or represented by anyone involved in those fraudulent legal proceedings.



The cheapest, most efficient and lawful way forward is for petulant Westminster to build a real database of their around 17 million beloved sycophants who out of 65+ million people are actually the only ones surrendering their European citizenship.


It is only a minority really, who want to confirm they don't want any freedom or independence from Mother Theresa & Co wiping their arses for them in between the latest programming schedule from five eyes Murdoch.


Only those who are deluding themselves claim Westminster and Murdoch et al have anything to do with freedom !! for goodness sakes.

Westminster have obviously made the decision to join the WTO because in the tall tale that they are telling, everything about anything is the ’fault’ of Europe.


Of course all roads really lead back to Westminster.


It will be business as usual to a point for big business, who all really wanted the Brexit to try and hang on to as much of their lawless 'Free Trade' as they can.

All Westminster have to do really is make sure that they continue their ‘maintenance’ payments towards the millions upon millions of law abiding civilians who won’t be surrendering our European citizenship and all that goes with that, and Westminster can live with the egg on their own faces.


'Re-unification Day' in Germany is a reminder that it is not really civilian populations who ever have a problem with one another, while too many governments try and 'own' people.


The European Union really is not all about the political classes or who has got the most money.

No-one is interested in Westminster's echo chamber wasting everyone's time trying to say how wonderful Westminster is, because of course the one thing that every reasonable and rational law abiding civilian knows is Westminster only use people.


While the self-serving political classes in Westminster are truly horrible people who come and go, the fundamental freedom and independence of European citizenship is priceless.






Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!