The murders in ‘police custody’ in the US are just so blatant, that the regime and their ‘news’ media propagandists have obviously given US ‘police’ carte blanche to publicly kidnap and murder civilians in the US just to show the entire apparatus of the state and their propagandists will murder their ‘own’ at home too.

There is no question that Sandra Bland was violently attacked and kidnapped by a criminal calling himself a ‘police officer’, because she ‘dared’ to ask why he was telling her to put out her cigarette while she was sitting in her own car, while the killer cop was writing a ticket for a minor alleged traffic violation.


impossible to say the entire apparatus of the US regime is not blatantly murdering their 'own'....

A huge question remains over where on earth was the professional legal representation in the three days before Sandra Bland could only have been murdered off camera in 'police custody'.

It was a very simple and straightforward matter for any professional lawyer to establish there were no legal grounds for the police officer to ‘order’ Sandra Bland from her car because she asked why she could not smoke, while sitting in her car, while the ‘police’ officer wrote a ‘ticket’ for a minor alleged traffic violation.

The ‘police’ based on the evidence of their own ‘dash cam’ could never even begin to argue that the actions of the ‘police’ officer were ‘lawful’ and ‘proportionate’ so one really has to ask what the whole sausage machine was doing in the three days before Sandra Bland’s death.

It is impossible in any legal sense, to understand how any 'custody officer'...could claim they had 'reasonable' grounds to detain Sandra Bland, based on the red herring that she had resisted/assaulted a 'police officer' presumably based on the false claim she did that because the 'police officer' was writing a ticket.


The custody officer could not claim he 'reasonably believed' that Sandra Bland had tried to prevent the police officer writing any ticket.

The US clearly do not have any kind of functioning system of justice, because it was such a very simple matter for any sentient human being to ascertain that the ‘police’ officer had no legal grounds to ‘order’ Sandra Bland from her car to then attack her.

The fact that the ‘police’ officer actually did only proves that he knows the entire apparatus of the corporate state will back him 100% in what is then a pack attack on a defenceless civilian off camera over three days.

The fact that the ‘police’ officer who assaulted her in her car was not immediately fired but only put on ‘administrative’ leave after her suspicious death speaks volumes about the level of collusion in her death by the entire apparatus of the state.


Time and again it is proven that 'police' all too typically get a civilian out of public view, to then make up whatever anyone likes about the 'police' murder of civilians.

The fact Sandra Bland died in suspicious circumstances off camera which only the police are entirely responsible for, can only make the police who were the only ones who had the ability to have her on/off CCTV, legally responsible for suspected murder.

The ‘police’ cannot genuinely argue that it cannot be proved that it was not murder, because only they had the means to have her off CCTV to try and claim it was not murder.

In fact it wasn’t Sandra Bland who ‘chose’ to die off camera, as indeed she is shown trying to use her phone to get help, while she is still in her car, which is the normal human reaction that killer cops really don’t like.

Of course in the UK, it is increasingly well known that many lawyers are in cahoots with the Genocidal corporate state, as indeed the murder of Sandra Bland in the US shows must certainly be the case in the US too.

There were very simple questions for any legal professional to ask that were not asked and dealt with by any professional lawyer, in a reasonable time frame, which is what ultimately in situations like that which Sandra Bland found herself in, led to what was most probably her murder ‘off camera’.

It was a very simple and straightforward matter for a lawyer to establish there were no legal grounds for the police officer to ‘order’ Sandra Bland from her car because she was smoking while sitting in it, while the police officer wrote the ‘ticket’.

It is pure propaganda that Sandra Bland was a ‘suicide’ risk because she would not have been in a cell without CCTV etc, if that had really been the case.

Ultimately the NATO corporate machine does attack civilians because it knows there are dirty lawyers who will routinely accept a bigger pay check to become part of the cover up.


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