The British government and MSM recruitment of mercenaries in Syria beggars belief and requires further investigation to establish the true facts, that certainly do not involve any law.


Best guess is the British banking cartel who are hiring mercenaries to fight in Syria (like Vitol Oil did through MI6 in Libya) arrogantly/stupidly named their MI6 Syria operation after a real City of London banker called Macer Gifford who is "intimately involved in the design of the British Government’s banking stabilisation package in response to the financial crisis".


criminal nato propaganda


It is certainly no co-incidence that the entire propaganda is trying to portray Tory bankers as good guys.


From: Babs Tucker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 16 July 2015 03:47:56 CEST
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It is important to establish the true facts surrounding the obvious NATO propaganda regarding a Mr Macer Gifford who is actively through the MSM and with the knowledge of the British government seeking to recruit British civilians as mercenaries to fight in Syria, outside all legal accountability both in Syria and Britain.

It is a matter of fact that the British public are being presented with entirely false information that British civilians have legal rights to actually enter Syria and use lethal weapons however they choose, both without the knowledge or permission of the Syrian government, or indeed any legal accountability, anywhere.

Indeed, the ‘official’ British army are not understood by the British public, to be afforded the same lack of all legal accountability that a Mr Macer Gifford -publicly- incorrectly assumes is his unknown special right and is actively through the MSM using to try and recruit other British civilians to also go and do in Syria.

Mr Macer Giffords sheer colonial arrogance over the legal rights he claims he can assert to use lethal weapons in Syria frankly beggars belief.

The fact that Mr Macer Gifford has by his own conflicting accounts in the MSM variously claimed his name is/is not Mr Macer Gifford, does understandably invite reasonable suspicions regarding his true intentions and motivation.

Of course most sentient human beings would reasonably understand that the true reason the MSM and Mr Macer Gifford seek to cast confusion over his identity is that he assumes legal rights in Syria, he clearly does not have.

Therefore kindly provide the evidence that the person who in legal terms is a military mercenary (most probably working for the British government) the Guardian purport is actually a ‘civilian’ is first of all really called Macer Gifford.

It seems unlikely that the Guardian’ or their Mr Macer Gifford are unaware that it is matter of fact, as indeed the British government know, that there is also an older City of London banker of the very same name, who in his own words is working ‘intimately’ with the British government.

Of course it is no co-incidence that the Guardian’s Mr Gifford is currently promoting the British government’ NATO war propaganda that Britain has a role in conducting air-strikes in Syria, for which both the Guardian and Macer Gifford know neither the British government nor indeed the Guardian or Macer Gifford have been able to produce legal grounds.

The true starting point when we are talking about human lives is to produce legal grounds for your actions, instead of spouting ‘political’ opinions, which at best are based on what amount to the conspiracy theories of the British government and MSM, which as we well know would not be evidence in any court of law.

Of particular importance it remains a matter of fact that the Syrian government have not invited the British government to conduct airstrikes in Syria.

Since war which primarily involves the murder of civilians, is not about a cacophony of ‘political’ opinions, kindly provide the contact details for the Guardian’s Macer Gifford.

Mr Gifford can then be properly served with legal papers, to establish in a court of law, on what legal grounds he claims he was lawfully fighting in Syria, including who provided and paid for the lethal weapons, he has publicly claimed he used.

At the very least Mr Gifford must assume the same legal responsibilities to provide verifiable evidence of his actions that any member of the ‘official’ British military is legally obliged to provide.

It will also be necessary for the Guardian and Mr Gifford to provide evidence of when and how he illegally entered Syria so there is an opportunity to stop other colonial British mercenaries simply entering Syria to do whatever they please with lethal weapons based on the ‘political’ beliefs of the British government and MSM.

I copy to both the Guardian and the British government who are actively supporting the MSM recruitment of British mercenaries in Syria.

Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign




The NATO war mongering Guardian and Macer Gifford presenting themselves as purveyors of the errr...truth...


maybe mr gifford got an invitation to visit france's hugely unpopular 'president' hollande with nato's elysee kurds too


There are no legal grounds to slaughter any civilians to try and carve up Iraq and Syria for NATO because of the axis of resistance to NATO from Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and the Houthis.



macer gifford is more rather than 'was' a conservative rent boy...


if the cowardly mercenary mr gifford dared to spend seven years on a real frontline in in parliament square before shooting his mouth off, he might learn a better grasp of the truth and law...


I have never hidden from the fact I am the quite 'reliable source' of the article about Macer Gifford that also happened to appear in the Free Syrian Press that he obviously does know about.


The article only used information that is publicly available to anyone, questioning the true identity of the mercenary fraud who is Macer Gifford, and an older identifiable City of London banker by the same name, working with the British regime on so called banking 'reforms'.


There are not that many Macer Giffords in the UK.


It is a matter of fact that it is Mr Macer Gifford who has repeatedly changed his mind publicly in the MSM over whether or not he is actually called Macer Gifford as he pointedly seeks to duck and dive from all legal accountability !


Such 'luxuries' were never afforded to our genuine civilian resistance to NATO who had our personal information illegally seized by the British regime, and published in all manner of 'news' media dishonestly portraying us as criminals.


The British government and mainstream media repeatedly suggesting we are criminals has obviously always been what is really their pathetic 'conspiracy theory'.


the worst crimes known to humanity are 'tedious whataboutery' for the 77th brigade: macer gifford is a white supremacist racist typically trying to deflect from genocide the british government are committing that he isn't going to spend five minutes trying to stop



most people know the fake 'islamic state' are nato mercenaries too


Mr Gifford certainly needs to learn that NATO Wars are about human lives and not self-serving 'political opinions' of any kind.


People who turn a blind eye to the British government committing Genocide anywhere, cannot pretend they have any genuine interest in any civilians anywhere, including in Syria.