Contrary to the whitewash ‘proposals’ of the former ‘journalist’ now latest jumped up weasel trying to portray himself as British ‘justice’ minister, it is already legally possible as we have proved to start dragging the British ‘justice’ system into the real world with (for example) proceedings recorded and published by civilians.

The lesson for the British regime, is that it is extremely unwise to go around violently unlawfully arresting a law abiding civilian 48 times, while maliciously trying to prosecute that person over 80 plus times too, because those chickens will come home to roost in more than one form or another.


the british regime can take their justice system and stick it where the sun don't shine

Yes we forced our first repeal, which of itself is particularly unusual and even more so in this fascist day and age, but there is obviously still so much more that needs doing.

It is notable that The British ‘Parliament’ and indeed the entire apparatus of the British State ganged up against this civilian member of the public, to actually invent legislation to try and disguise and delay my existing (I suppose, mother of all) counterclaim against them.




police 'custody' record belgravia police station april 2nd 2012


The only time the disgusting and revolting filth ever told the truth was their admission that I 'offend' the British regime which is obviously not a crime on my part, because I am trying to hold them legally accountable for Genocide, which is the worst crime known to humanity.


They will never willingly hand over even one of their own war criminals like for example Tony Blair because any case, will expose the entire apparatus of the British state is devoted to committing Genocide.


It is too simple that the starting point in the Iraq War is the entire regime (and indeed all the 'news' media) knew (for example) that UN resolution 1441 did not give Britain any lawful authority to unilaterally invade Iraq...on behalf of the UNSC.


The Iraq War happened because the UN itself could not be seen to be committing as Dennis Halliday from the UN exposed was Genocide, with the illegal sanctions that had murdered 500,000 Iraqi children.



the filth hate the public using hands free go pro cameras

It will be interesting to see the ‘Justice’ Secretary trying to explain in Europe how his ‘Home’ Secretary was nobbling High Court judges to try and cover up (for example) the fact that I discovered there was no restraint against police acting against their own agent provocateur on January 16th 2012.

1. On January 27th 2012, I discovered that everyone (‘news’ media, government and their agents, lawyers) had been lying about the police not being able to act against their agent provocateur named in stage managed proceedings that illegally sought to overtake my pre-existing counterclaim in 'satellite litigation'.


This is because the whole legislation they invented to try and cover up my counterclaim from August 2011, could obviously not lawfully be used against me...because of my still existing outstanding counterclaim against everyone.


In legal terms, there is no doubt that the agent provocateur Gallastegui is working with the British government (and I do not personally care in which 'department' because it is the one regime)


i discover by going to the administrative office in the high court, there was no restraint against the police acting against their agent provocateur gallastegui (the 'defendant' is westminster council) on january 16th 2012


Everyone panics with my 'discovery' above because they know the document above, will be added to my counterclaim, which is still as before, exposing them all.


The evidence includes that while the police were in Parliament Square on January 16th 2012, everyone is lying through the 'news' media about an injunction restraining the police from acting against their agent provocateur, that did not exist.


When I have made the 'discovery' everyone continues to gang up against me and Westminster Council send me the following as they all try and make up something to try and 'delay' my counterclaim that preceded their legislation:

2. On January 27th 2012, Bindmans lawyers et al who are 'representing' the agent provocateur and themselves) obviously discover that I have discovered what would obviously be added to my existing counterclaim, and so sought to dishonestly claim that I had agreed !!! a stay on my existing counterclaim against the British government, their client and themselves.




bindmans 'lawyers' spent years lying trying to destroy me which is a serious professional conflict of interest for them


Of course I had not agreed anything, and in particular to delay my counterclaim which is what everyone else was trying to do.


Obviously when that lie didn’t run, they had to start making up more things, like inventing a second injunction, which still doesn't explain away January 16th 2012.

3. On February 7th 2012 the Home Secretary and all those named in the email (below) are nobbling a High Court Judge to produce a second ‘injunction’ while still trying to delay my counterclaim in HQ11X00563 that arose before their new legislation, they obviously could not use against me.


they really needed a stay on my counterclaim and to try and keep the agent provocateur in parliament square to try and get rid of me, all of which only adds to my counterclaim from august 2011.


By this time they had all tied themselves up in lots of new legal knots because Westminster Council had gone from claiming in writing to me on February 1st 2011 that they would not enforce the legislation against anyone to just not 'enforcing' it against the agent provocateur too.


i personally think this email westminster council filed in the high court has been fabricated because the home secretary obviously knew like the entirety of the british parliament they invented legislation to try and overtake my counterclaim from august 2011


I think the smoking email above (that was disclosed to me by Westminster Council) has been made up by them all to try and disguise the true smoking emails that will exist.


The Home Secretary could not claim she did not know the British Parliament invented legislation to try and frustrate my existing counterclaim from August 2011.


There is obviously much disclosure being covered up (over years and years really) that inevitably exposes the criminality of the entire apparatus of the state.

It is notable for the depths of it’s criminality that the British Parliament actually invented legislation specifically to try and disguise my counterclaim, which is incredibly and extraordinarily illegal of them.


The whole of the British Parliament were so terrified of a counterclaim.

Nothing was a ‘mistake’ or by happenstance.

The Justice Secretary will not see off our legal challenge to McKenzie Friends having access to police stations and proper records/disclosure with his Pro bono bull.

The evidence includes the biggest British 'human rights' law firms were paid huge sums of public money to try and help the British regime smash our civilian resistance.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.