I have chosen to repeat, on the day of Mandela's funeral, what is more than -very- cheap, rhetoric from John Pilger, in the miserable paragraph (see below) he could be bothered to write to wrap up his version (many abound) of Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


by John Pilger.

22nd September 2011

...I went to Parliament Square the other day. The graphic display of state crimes mounted by peace and justice campaigner Brian Haw had been finally removed by the Metropolitan Police, knowing that Brian could no longer stand up to them, bodily and in the courts, as he did for a decade. Brian died in June. Visiting him one freezing Christmas, I was moved by the way he persuaded so many passers-by and the power of his courage. We now need millions like him. Urgently

Actually, John Pilger was fully aware that the Parliament Square Peace Campaign continued after Brian Haw's death on June 18th 2011.

Even though Mr Pilger pointed out that Brian Haw stood up to the Metropolitan Police "bodily and in the courts", he actually did not want people to know the real difficulties Brian and other members of the campaign had faced over the years or the fact that the campaign continued after Brian's death.

["Brian asked him time and again, as did others,to report on what was really going on, as recently as last Christmas, and he just wouldn't." Babs Tucker]

SEPTEMBER 2011: stolen not.."removed", as the campaign ...continued.

Okay, so I gave a phone number that is switched off, to someone we never heard from, that I would not now, ever want to hear from.

SEPTEMBER 2011: imprisoned without legal representation or ..trial....

 Mr Pilger,

Brian and I both thought you did wonderful films.

I remember Brian mentioned that you bothered to come and see him one day, but he was always very much bothered that despite the fact he contacted you, you could never make any effort to find out or report what was really going on in Parliament Square.

You are one who is -responsible- for the millions not doing, what you dared to claim in September 2011, people should be doing.

As you lied in saying Brian's campaign was gone, our campaign was continuing, despite my having been imprisoned. So given your blindness, you will understand how I might find your comments, several months after I was with Brian when he died, more than a little insulting.

I did not ever see you, once in Parliament Square during the seven years I was there.

You never did bother telling the truth what was happening on your own doorstep in Parliament Square, London.

Perhaps the truth of what was really going on, was a "little too close to home", so that it might make your own life a little too uncomfortable, if you spoke up.

I shall therefore not waste my time watching (or even recommending) your latest film, because I know that, while you can write moving words, and informative films, you do not really -care- what is really going on.

There are other ways to find out the information you might bother to put out, that at least you will not financially benefit from.

You chose to not report real resistance.

I personally think Brian who lost his life, while you stayed comfortable, did far more than you ever will, because he did not fake, caring.

Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign.