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It beggars belief that while the likes of Tony Blair who invented his dodgy dossier, continue to roam the world and wreak havoc on innocent civilians, brutally murdering whoever they like, that the priority of the Swedish and Danish authorities has been to kidnap and hold a young man in solitary confinement.

Over what you may well ask.


It is about peer to peer "file sharing".

What reading between the lines of the official Google and Wikipedia version (where newspaper articles are cited as facts !!) tells you what all will admit, is that what the "legal issues" really are, is that a young man was essentially kidnapped by European "authorities" from Cambodia.

Over "file sharing" ?

Cambodia had no extradition treaty and there is no record of any court warrant in Europe.

Is his lawyer jumping up and down about anything much.

Hell, no.

In this day and age of ummm....government confessed "hacking" on an unprecedented scale, it is shameful, even if it were true, that where it is claimed a member of the public (and why should anyone believe - the - kidnappers) has hacked into a police national computer database, they should be imprisoned.

In the U.K the police would be hard pushed to prove any of the information held on their PNC's was true.

It would seem that in the world of "hacking" where governments are clearly criminal, that Mr Svartholm has only pissed off some people.

Maybe Angelina Jolie can take a hit on her income, and step in to speak on his behalf.

There's definately a movie that could be made over what is really going on behind the scenes, with the case of Mr Pirate.

It looks as though it is quite possible that the authorities have sought to make what was at best, civil, criminal. In doing so, they have acted criminally themselves, which only raises further suspicions about their true motives.

Criminal Governments would benefit from pretending all peer to peer "file sharing", was criminal.

Our own website is evidence that in the U.K, it is the U.K police, who run around with phoney numbers like 666, putting fraudulent information on the Police National Computer to kidnap law abiding people off the street.

It is not that likely that 666, is the only, albeit unusual, example.

Given the current wall of silence from the whole U.K State, Attorney General and "judges" included, all police may as well start wearing phoney numbers.

The U.K Police State may as well just call itself 666.

It is clear that it is not law, the likes of 666 are upholding.

It all reminds me of how in Westminster, it used to be a bizarre sight to see police regularly going around arresting ice-cream vendors.

Picture the filth driving off in an ice-cream van, and you get what I am saying.

One day I asked the filth because I was curious, why they were doing it.

The filth said it was because "so many" ice-cream vendors did not have "licenses" so ....they were making loads of money, under the table.


The global community of big business was not getting their slice.

So the police were effectively acting as "enforcers" of a "protection" racket, outside the Mother of all protection rackets, the Houses of Parliament.

Orwellian times, or what ?


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!