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Equally corrupt political parties of all shades have come and gone from whatever they dreamed "power" was...but...

No other small group of people in the history of the U.K has ever faced such a comprehensive array of legislative frauds, which have only ever been about the U.K business state (media included) trying to violently smash our campaign, to try to prevent our doing.... law.

Over the years these violent legislative frauds have included:

a) SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 (repealed: now HQ12X01972 & HQ12X02745)

b) the Mayor of London's phoney High Court injunction (HQ10X01981/2) which masked what the phoney government run, Democracy Village were doing, which killed Brian Haw.

"arrest" number 40: "cutting to the chase" over the Mayor of London's phoney injunction.

c) the failed attempt by Westminster City Council to once again use the phoney Democracy Village to get a High Court injunction (counterclaim in HQ11X00563).

d) (January 16th 2011) & ss 141-150 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011(over ....umbrellas !!.... in HQ12X03564)

There was no dirty trick, no-where too low, that a murderous state (of all political shades) will not go (incl. HQ13X03488: torture & attempted murder)

So after the U.K State kidnapped Neil Kerslake on April 10th 2013, (see the "not so mysterious 7/7, 12/12/12 & 666" etc), when we left the High Court... because the U.K State simply could not work out HOW to keep covering up their mountains of legislative misdeeds.....because we said WE WILL PROSECUTE THE U.K STATE OVER.. WAR CRIMES,

here is their latest attempt at legislative fraud...

from the truly desperate and criminal business state trying to legislate to legalise...our disappearances by

a) busily trying to illegally remove legal representation,


b) trying to imprison(without any right of Appeal in the U.K)

c) those of us who (for example) really do "annoy" :):):):) the U.K State by doing ...law ....that publicly exposes the entire U.K State as the liars, thieves and murderers, they really are.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill.

High Court Injunctions: "conduct ..capable" of "nuisance or annoyance"

...any.... case (including ss 55-57 60-66 & surrounding the ridiculous Public Space Protection order.."cases")

...and by no co-incidence, technically it is actually possible that (if the High Court conveniently "dismissed" an Application without Notice made by the U.K State that) the Court of Appeal who a) do not make rulings based on fact but can b) deny you any right of Appeal in the U.K) c) could find against you ... without you even knowing !! (until ...you are of course "arrested" (ie: kidnapped)....because you had breached an injunction you did not even know about.

Over the years, sadly we have become used to - how - their numerous legislative frauds really play out, where the likes of the Guardian, and the equally horrible Independent, NEVER EVER really defended the rights of the PEOPLE, only those of big business, who include ...ummm..the far from free media.

wishful thinking from the far from...Independent.

Of course Mr Norman Baker is one of many lying bastards in Parliament when he dares to claim that the U.K State is merely trying to "simplify ...the ...complex"

(the European Court can expect to hear more)

After all the Criminal Behaviour Orders (for example) would make what was already the discredited Section 5 of the Public Order 1986 (harassment, alarm and distress) imprisonable...now (and provide that criminal politicians etc do not need to actually appear to give evidence in public)

In addition s 132(2)a of the bill illegally proposes that public officials and private contractors do not need to hand over public records which show wrongdoing of public officials.

The U.K business state are clearly trying to have five pops in the various sections of one bill, to disappear those of us who publicly expose their crimes incl. through claiming:

a) people who "annoy" ...the entire U.K State b) who have illegally invented various other phoney crimes to c) try to keep anyone exposing their crimes, out of public view (with - both - the dispersal orders which is similiar to ss 141-150 of the PRSR Act 2011 & the public spaces protection order), not forgetting ....the criminal behaviour "order"....

That is desperate.

So the gangsters bundled it all up with their mumbo jumbo over sexual offences, and drinking, hoping that people would not notice that even with those offences, it is yet again politicians, who of course, (see ss 98 - 99), are the most "dangerous dogs" .

There are TWO simple approaches to this latest (to be blunt) bill-shit.

The first approach is to point out that IN FACT, the whole of Parliament (and the global business state) intensely "annoy"/harass, alarm & distress, much of the world, so under their latest phoney Act, they should be locking themselves up.

However, this would - gloss - over the fact that under many existing real criminal laws, much of the U.K State, including the Houses of Parliament could already be more than satisfactorily locked up, and the key thrown away.

The people's rule of law involves real and identifiable harms and losses, such as Genocide, rather than the - subjective - legislative bullshit of the U.K State, so the people simply do not need to invent "Acts" to imprison much of the U.K State.

What has happened is that as the U.K State (like many others) have become ever more openly criminal, more and more people are cottoning onto the fact that you must prosecute ....the U.K State (for example).

It is not for no reason that the U.K State invented the idea that every "cuntstable" had the "power" to "arrest" (ie: violently assault) any law abiding member of the public since January 1st 2005. 

The second approach to their phoney legislation, is that you don't waste your time trying to get your head around the pages of unintelligible and insulting crap Parliament invent and remember just two words.

.... "reasonable excuse".

Those who have followed our tribulations over ...umbrellas..will know where we are coming from.

Given the voluminous nature of legislative garbage flowing forth from the criminals in Parliament these days, it is probaly easiest for people who expose the U.K State, to simply (for example) wear a t-shirt on them "at all times" that says:

"Under Jus Cogens or Article 10 & 11 of the Human Rights Act, my "reasonable excuse" (for being alive !! ...anywhere ...is), I am doing/upholding the law at all times, everywhere" (you could add something along the lines of..."unlike you criminal bastards in the U.K State")

Clearly being a law abiding member of the public, upholding law, all the time, is THE/YOUR ....

"reasonable excuse".

The U.K State cannot legitimately make it illegal for the people....to do ...law, which is precisely what the global business state have really always been trying to stop the people doing.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!