When Babs answered bail on September 4th 2006, over August 5th 2006, to be illegally charged, the police invited both her (and Steve Jago who accompanied her) into a corridor directly off the reception area where the police claim there was no CCTV.

It would seem the police had hoped she would walk into Charing Cross Police Station on her own, to be...disappeared, it appears, to some mental health unit.

Steve Jago was then suddenly unlawfully assaulted in the corridor by a Detective Inspector and other police officers.

The CCTV which shows an Inspector who is seen grabbing Babs after she goes to try and get help for Steve, is the same Inspector Wareing (now working in Hertfordshire) who is responsible for editing the CCTV outside Downing Street to try and not show how long the police had been harassing her while, also editing out the audio from the CCTV in the reception area.

They also seized Steve Jago's camera and destroyed all footage from that.

When Steve Jago then stood up in the custody area and asked to speak to the custody sergeant the CCTV shows he was attacked again.

The police's problem was they could disappear one body, but not two, at that point.

So the police lies and corruption had to grow even bigger !