UK Police State Kidnap Neil Kerslake

10th April 2013

Is an Umbrella a bigger crime than GENOCIDE ?

15th February 2013

Westminster City Council: Vermin

15th February 2013

4am Westminster Council: "Don't care about Law"

30th January 2013

Hunger Strike Day 28: "Arrest" 48

23rd January 2013

Chief Inspector Hobson's Choice

28th January 2013

Hunger Strike Day 27: Police without Tents

22nd January 2013

Babs Tucker interviewed by ABC News (Austraila)

11th January 2013

Police "Dialogue": It's the Mayor of London

4th January 2013

Press TV Interview with Babs Tucker

4th January 2013

Health & Safety: Sleeping Bag Return

17th December 2012

"Free Iran" Rent-a-Rats

6th December 2012

Westminster City Council Harassment

16th November 2012

Health & Safety: Sleeping Bag Theft

15th November 2012

Kurdish Hunger Strike

14th November 2012

National Front March to the Cenotaph

11th November 2012

Remembrance Day in Parliament Square

11th November 2012

2 minutes Silence in Parliament Square

11th November 2012

An Anonymous Tent

5th November 2012

We Do War Not Law

3rd November 2012

Boris' Snuff Movie

25th October 2012

Return of the Prodigal Sun Shade

24th October 2012

Westminster City Council: Anghel of Death

24th October 2012