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There is considerable evidence of the Brexit vote being rigged in a number of ways which is particularly highlighted by the legal reality people in Northern Ireland are remaining in the European Union legal order regardless of if and how they voted, ergo everyone does.


The true facts and evidence show that most people are not fooled by any of the politicians any of the time.


... the evidence remains the problem is with the politicians on all 'sides' not the public who were always united in their opposition to the iraq war....

Another way Westminster rigged the vote and the accompanying propaganda was by counting the number of those voting rather than the number of those registered to vote because it is simple math that the majority of people did not vote for Brexit.

There is a considerable margin between 29 million people not voting for Brexit and 17 million people voting for Brexit so all the politicians are telling the most incredible lies.

It is usual in referendums that the amount of registered voters, not actual voters is considered because they are voting for a proposal not politicians.

Otherwise you end up with fascists who claim it is a democracy even if one person votes for a proposal.

It is impossible for Brexit voters to spin those who didn’t vote for Brexit in any other way than their not voting for Brexit.

The fact Westminster intended to rig the vote in all sorts of ways has been obvious in many ways because of course they did stop people being registered to vote because they knew they were not going to get a majority of registered voters to vote for Brexit because it is all baloney.

It’s appalling that all the politicians just never stop lying because they just have no respect for the public at all.

The British politicians always knew that the public do not have to vote to keep their rights that are not surrendered to politicians or anyone else to do whatever they want.

What calls itself 'news' media is completely censored just regurgitating whatever politicians want.


The only people who voted for the fascist Brexit media roadshow that is not by any stretch of the imagination 'revolutionary' are the politicians and the media barons and their followers.


The rest of the world can see the UK are the fascist stronghold in Europe.


It is exactly the same rabble who are apologists for the Iraq War who sell Brexit, while hiding that the architect of Article 50 was Blair on his way out the door in 2007.


Most people are not fooled by any of the politicians any of the time.




N.B: Voting for politicians in elections has generally been in a downward trend in the UK for a long time now because there is only always a Hobson's choice of no choice between evil that is substantially compounded by the lack of democracy with an unelected House of Lords stuffed full of cronies, trying to make the unsurpassed greed of an interfering unelected royalty look good.


The unelected Spanish royalty who were abolished in 1931 clawed their way back to power by installing the vicious fascist dictator Franco who brought the same 9/11 Bourbon job lot back.


British politicians have done huge damage to the UK too with the Iraq War, endlessly inventing so much corporate legislation to siphon off vast sums of public money to their cronies in global corporations using any false pretext in their 16 year War on Terror.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!