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Westminster, Washington and Moscow's politicians and media barons -all- fall in line together either over Brexit and/or Trump's Afghanistan War on Terror war propaganda.


The Brexit Les Misérables who were enabled by Blair enable Trump as they all really support terrorists.


... the collusion is clearly over the war on terror...


All responsible adults know the Brexit ‘will of the people’ woo is the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


No-one who could be less of a victim in the War on Terror plays the victim more than the orange wailing wall.


The Nazi KKK President in the United States of Ammo brazenly defended some Nazis as okay, when the reality is when you march with and are willing to collaborate with and endlessly make excuses for any Nazis, you are a Nazi.


A Nazi can and will change their mind on any given day using the arbitrary 'will of the people' woo because the rule of law is absent in what doesn't even come close to anything resembling any democracy.




Trump makes every effort, while bizarrely portraying himself as the victim, to avoid the reality the only 'high profile' case arising out of Charlottesville is the cold-blooded murder of a protester [and serious injury of others] opposing Trump Nazis. 


... trump's nuremberg rally...


You wouldn't have thought a 'President' could find so many words to portray... himself as a victim over Charlottesville, while trying to minimize, downplay and mock etc etc etc the cold-blooded murder of a protester that saw many others injured by... the overtly Nazi rally his military 'organized'.


It is a complete fabrication that Trump opposes any 'news' media because he is 'five eyes' Murdoch's mouthpiece and Murdoch along with the BBC are the biggest outlets for war propaganda spinning the false paradigm of 'left' and 'right'.


There are a cohort of typical apologists for Rupert Murdoch & Co who like royal flag wavers choose to be absolutely complicit. There is no rational adult who is so ignorant they genuinely 'believe' Rupert Murdoch and his mouthpieces are 'revolutionary' etc. 


It is a mistake to confuse what can appear to be the 'banality' of what is really their opportunistic evil, with stupidity, because what most people really saw was there was only a Hobson's 'choice' of evil on offer in the 'election' in the United States.


The Trump Nazis would be squealing like stuck pigs if a foreign military was occupying the United States, yet they want everyone else to live in a state of denial about their doing it.




... murdoch henchman: "if he tells me to pick up a gun, I'm doing it"...


Netanyahu inevitably supports Trump because a) many Ashkenazis discriminate and look down on Sephardi Jews themselves b) they want people to keep moving to Israel which many Jewish people don't want to do:


... trump's fox news nazi who also said he would pick up a gun when fox told him to...


The Brexit Nazi Royals colonial 'franchise' hide 'Five eyes' Murdoch is the common denominator always brazenly inciting and enabling murder.


... the nazi royals were hitlers biggest fans and enablers who have never changed with their 'will of the people' woo...


People don't want the lawless Brexit Royals and Trump Nazis occupying the EU by flying under the banner of NATO, with the complicity of Putin the Pretender.


The Royals in the UK haven't really ever bothered hiding they are Nazis because the politicians and media barons just 'gloss' over it all for them.


The endless lies about 'having a party' and 'heiling a bus' etc etc:


... a royal off to Iraq in 2007 on a desperate propaganda drive for the politicians, where he obviously never went near any action before going to... afghanistan too...



 ... june 2003... putin the pretender didn't waste any time collecting his cheque from blair & co...


 ... 22 february 2007... when blair was on his way out the door...


 [The Blair Nazis held their failed show trial of me on 22 February 2006 in Central London, because 22 February 1943 was the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial of and executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich. What is notable is that Blair was trying to 'make an example' like the Nazis did.


The Brexit PM Cameron was more overt than Trump, publicly making the illegal election pledge to 'remove' us which was cheered on by politicians and media barons... in the UK. That led to my being tortured by police in an attempt to murder me. Brian died.


President Obama was doing the whole standing up for 'people of colour' lie at that time while the sleaze bag Brexit ASIO Assange et al ran cover for the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village.


The Brexit Nazi Royals invited the world's media for their whole wedding performance in Parliament Square on 29 April 2011, with their Bin Liner bagman spin that was past it's use by date, after they had really lost in the High Court to we peaceniks on 23 June 2010.


Westminster had suddenly 'adjourned' a trial on 29 April 2010 to try and stop our lawfully exposing in court, the illegal undercover operation being run against us, that became MI5 Democracy Village on 1 May 2010.]


It's not difficult to see who Trump's enablers are, where this front page wasn't published without the approval of the Royals themselves who picked the argument:


... this front page wasn't published without the approval of the royals, where the truth is the royals picked the argument, not the other way round [we were unlawfully arrested by the MI5 Democracy Village, many hours before the royals slithered past]...


[The only 'passing' comment I had publicly ever made about the Royals... to their faces, some years earlier, was "when the Queen was in her counting house counting out her money, was the Duke of Edinburgh counting dead brown babies ?" because he is an unashamedly archetypal racist snob etc.


I have also openly spoken for years about the obscenity of their annual 'celebration' in Westminster Abbey of the slaughter of indigenous people around the world in the far from 'Commonwealth'. These are not uncommon views expressed by the public all around the world.]


It's impossible to hide the Nazi Royals unprecedented witch-hunt against 'two veteran' peaceniks... in the UK.


The Nazi Duke of Edinburgh @ Fallingbostel in Germany:


... afghanistan 'deployment'... when they shipped british troops out of fallingbostel in germany in may 2015, they replaced them with their mercenary terrorists, who had been in a 'secret training camp' in the UK, by simply re-branding them as 'refugees'...


Trump is playing it slightly more slyly in the U.S. than Cameron & Co initially did in the UK


Everyone 'forgets' British royalty were the first to expel Sephardi Jews in 1290, which was followed by France in 1306 before they entered into a marriage of convenience for the Spanish Inquisition and so on.


The 'British' royalty haven't changed or modernized in nearly a thousand years.


No mention of Nazi British royalty expelling Jews in 1290:


... the nazi royal colonial 'franchise' will co-opt/hijack any costume to make a fast buck... [prince charles who is a trademark westminster 'cross-dresser' in israel and saudi arabia]


The War on Syria has finished while the permanent 'State of Emergency' remains in France !!


The unspoken truth remains the Nazis weren't any different from the British royalty who expelled Sephardi Jews, or the French and their Vichy regime or the Spanish Inquisition and Franco or Mussolini and the Pope.



When I knew I was on a real front line, facing down real life Nazis with their container wagon in the background, because the Iraq War only happened because there was a complete breakdown in the rule of law... in the UK:


... the arbitrary nazi rule in the uk with an unelected royalty and their colonial 'franchise' who were always hitler's biggest fans...


All corporate deceit spins a 'premium':


 ... the armchair general, brian called donut dannatt [because he had a gaping hole in his 'christianity'] always hid behind politicians and media barons because he could not publicly debate war with we peaceniks, knows brian got 54% of a public vote in 2007, when dannatt got 18%, blair 8%, cameron 6% with the rest of their rabble scoring zero...


[The recently re-invented Stakeknife Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace 'movement' was literally no-where to be seen... opposing war]




Blair's peripheral Stakeknife Corbyn and Co are the champagne 'socialists' mythical so called 'anti-fa' etc first actually invented by 7/7 Livingstone & Co to try and co-opt people in the UK, while they were also running the other false opposition of the EDL now ridiculously heiled as 'free speech heroes' too.


The politicians purpose in the War on Terror has always been to try and corral and shoe-horn people into -anything- that isn't really anti-war.






In 2017, one Vietnam War draft dodging politician now hides behind another Vietnam War draft dodging general to keep trying to sell the corporate juggernaut of the War on Terror with the eternal victimhood of 9/11 from Nazis who can never reconcile the Bin Liner was their bagman.


9/11 is not any kind of 'defence' that can be used to murder and keep on murdering !! defenceless civilians in... other countries !!


"Let Iraq infants live":


... 2 june 2001 parliament square, central london, before 9/11...


Stakeknife Corbyn & Co never supported Brian.




... the vicious global anarchy is really the lawless badge and label suit brigade, who recruited their bin liner bagman...


Trump and Mattis never dodged the Vietnam War because they are opposed to any war.


Only someone who has never stood on any real front line themselves, boasts like Trump, there can be a 'winner' in any war because it is only ever defenceless civilians who are the real victims.


... war propaganda is a crime because it intends to cause the most serious identifiable harm possible to defenceless... civilians who are the real victims...


[The entire American population could have access to affordable health care for everyone if taxes were not passed to global corporations instead in the War on Terror]

The whole War on Terror has been built on a lie about a mercenary terrorist the Yankees... recruited, with new monikers being invented for mercenaries to hide behind as necessary. It is only war propaganda that hides people are recruited from all walks of life.



The United States military 'organized' an overtly Nazi 'open carry' demo with a 'permit' which was really a trap. They viciously murdered in cold-blood, in a sneak attack from behind, a defenceless woman [and injured many others] who were all heading home after opposing the demo, before their President [who has no respect for any women anyway] brazenly claimed not all Nazis and those who stand with them are bad.


There are no known and visible 'leaders' of or any 'notable cases' involving any so called 'anti-fa' in the United States, while there is the 'high profile' case of the cold blooded murder of a defenceless... civilian, in a cowardly attack that caused serious injury to many others.


The politicians and media barons who pretended to denounce Trump over Charlottesville for all of about two seconds, are back in the corporate loop over Afghanistan.





... they couldn't pick on 11 million people [12 march 2004]...


The collusion with the Russian government which all the MSM and alt ‘news’ participate in, is over the War on Terror, because the Iraq War conclusively proved there is no War on Terror that Putin the Pretender is a fully bought and paid up member of too.


In real world terms, Afghanistan was the staging post for the soldiers and their mercenaries to prepare for the illegal Iraq War.


Westminster, Washington and Moscow have all waged illegal wars in Afghanistan:


 ... the 'opaque' underworld of corporate mercenaries with manufactured online 'legends' and algorithms for cover....


The ghoulish voyeurs in the two-faced MSM and alt 'news' echo chamber with their crocodile tears have no track record of supporting civilians who stand up and oppose war.


The war propagandists couldn't spin their two faced lies if they spent any real time themselves on any real front line really challenging war.


The Russian government who colluded in the Matyroshka of the MI5 Democracy Village that was 'hidden' in full view in the UK between 1 May 2010 and 4 May 2012, tellingly stood by watching for four years while defenceless... civilians were being slaughtered in Syria.


It was Westminster who welcomed the Russian government into the UK !! under cover of the 2010 election to try and hijack our long standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign in an unprecedented witch-hunt against law abiding... civilians:


... the collusion has always been 'hidden' in full view...


All decent and civilised people the world over have always been united in their opposition to the illegal Iraq War.


... politicians and media barons dismiss entire civilian populations as 'non persons'...

The only reason politicians don't support ‘open carry’ in the European Union, like there is in the United States of Ammo and the British colony of Israel is because so many people are united in their opposition to the war mongers and the terrorists they recruit.


Millions upon millions of innocent civilians were slaughtered in Europe during Two World Wars built on the same lies the politicians and media barons still sell.


... the catalan 'corridor' has been used for centuries by civilians fleeing back and forth across the mountains from the coporate fascism of rulers including the umayyad caliphate, the spanish inquisition, hitler, the vichy, mussolini and franco regimes...


Most governments collaborated with the Nazis like they now collude in the War on Terror.

The mighty NATO continues to occupy the European Union where it is only defenceless civilians being slaughtered by the terrorists politicians continue to recruit to try and give themselves ‘plausible deniability’ in the whole corporate rat run.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!