The City of London Vitol Tories recruited MI6 Mahdi al-Harati as a freedom fighter in Libya and Syria while their Macer Gifford and Erik Scurfield recruit/ed terrorists who fly under the banner of YPG who are also really the Islamic State too.


... vitol who have an annual turnover of $270 billion have a long and very dirty history of running mercenary terrorists...


It is well established beyond any reasonable doubt they all fly under any banner but the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The Mahdi al-Harati’s and Macer Gifford mercenary terrorists are exactly the same as the mercenary terrorists who murdered defenceless civilians in Catalonia.

The reason some people say they never realized those living among them were terrorists is because it makes them uncomfortable to even think of their own soldiers as terrorists when they go and invade other countries for politicians and media barons who heil them as 'heroes'.

The British government had a secret terror training camp in the UK that they hid from the public and were only forced to shut down in May 2015 when their terrorists could not avoid being put on trial for rape etc in the UK.

So then the British Parliament of all political shades rebranded their terrorists ‘refugees’ to send them to either their barracks in Germany or to facilitate their remaining in the UK.

The people who keep portraying mercenaries like Mahdi al-Harati, Macer Gifford and Erik Scurfield as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘martyrs’ are enablers of mercenary terrorists who like in Catalonia will murder defenceless civilians for money.

People just never saw what black-op mercenaries like Mahdi al-Harati, Macer Gifford and Erik Scurfield did and do because the politicians and media barons portrayed them in their own corporate ‘image’ as fluffy little ’freedom fighters’ above the rule of law wherever they go.

No decent and civilised human being says -some people- can live outside the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

Any sentient human being knows the reason governments recruit black-ops mercenaries is to try and give themselves ‘plausible deniability’ over atrocities they instigate.

The black-ops in Nisour Square in Iraq massacring defenceless civilians was no ‘mistake’ where the Blackwater mercenaries dishonestly portrayed themselves as ‘victims’ before many years later getting a slap on the wrist in a staged trial in the... United States of Ammo,  knowing their avenue of appeal would be to a wholly complicit judiciary.

The reason the Iraq War happened was because there was a complete breakdown of the rule of law... in the UK !!

The British government have always tried to create any and every ’side’ they can think of, recruiting collaborators from any walk of life, to try and stop civilian populations being united against their war mongering.

Those who really want to try and protect defenceless civilians lives stand for the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, instead of spouting the corporate ‘will of the people’ and ’Rojava’ woo and so on.