The orange wailing wall currently appears to be confusing his bunkers.



Easy thing to do when you’re a billionaire only moving between your golf or nuclear bunker, far removed from the hoi polloi.


You can just picture the orange wailing wall going "Honey I'm home" [I can never remember if his latest wife is Ivanka or Melania ?] "I started a nuclear war when I got stuck in a bunker on our golf course, so now we gotta go hide in our nuclear bunker."

The Brexit Les Misérables with their endless moaning about the rest of the world being the problem are certainly in good company with the orange wailing wall.


Not forgetting Professor Plum from down under wittering on about Australia being there for the orange wailing wall, while hiding in his errr... nuclear bunker too ?


It's impossible to understand why the orange wailing wall doesn't just invite Kim over for a round or two of golf for goodness sakes ?


It would make much better headlines.


He could cut a few deals opening some golf courses in North Korea.


Job done.


Smiles all round.


Politicians are a very strange job lot, who only talk big to cameras as long as they've got their nuclear bunkers to hide away in. 


Ordinary people by comparison have real problems in their everyday lives.