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The Labour government leaders of the UK Stop the War Coalition are a government run front so they always tried to hide our Parliament Square Peace Campaign AND their voting for legislation to try and violently remove us while they were working with the police etc.


... 10 April 1998 - 10 April 2008 - 10 April 2013... stakeknife corbyn is the freddie scappaticci of the uk peace 'movement' who has only posed as a peacenik while he has always really been a cold-blooded killer...


In the real world when self-serving politicians maliciously pass fraudulent corporate legislation only targeting peaceniks [which they did twice, in 2005 & 2011] they are in practice illegally running a pre-planned government operation of state violence.


"Some set-ups/operations against targets run for years, decades and even indefinitely."


The current Labour leader Stakeknife Corbyn is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace 'movement' who poses as a peacenik when he has always really been a cold-blooded killer.




On 10 April 1998 Westminster obviously made the Good Friday Agreement in preparation for the War on Terror which would see a shift from NI to Iraq in what they call their 'intelligence' sources and lethal weapons.


The illegal Iraq War conclusively proved there was never any War on Terror so the 'intelligence' services were always wholly discredited over the Iraq War -before- it even began.


In 2003, Lord Hutton the NI hanging Judge took to the media stage once again in efforts to sweep under the carpet the admission Freddie Scappaticci was a British agent in a bizarre case of Hutton's in 1990, while the BBC and Dr Kelly did another production in the dark arts of war propaganda. Dr Kelly was clearly no 'victim' who was 'duped' by the BBC, over 'biological' WMD's like nuclear depleted uranium... the British had been using in Iraq for many years.


Dr Kelly never cared about the effects of nuclear depeleted uranium on civilians or soldiers in Iraq.


Freddie Scappaticci aka Stakeknife is the British agent responsible for many murders in NI whose 'influence' was such that he arguably helped run the IRA for a number of years.


Stakeknife Corbyn definitively ran the UK Stop the War Coalition whose remit was as 8 March 2007 emails prove, to illegally try and violently remove we real peaceniks in the mainland UK.


The IRA case in Northern Ireland in 1990 involving the NI hanging Judge Lord Hutton, and Scappaticci had inevitably caused all sorts of problems because three British agents working together ridiculously pretended one was kidnapped by the other two. The real question is who didn't know Alexander 'Sandy' Lynch was not only an informer, but an RUC hitman, who the RUC obviously couldn't use any more. You can see why the British government might wait to try and re-launder that lot under the cover of the Iraq War.


The suspicion would certainly be that Freddie Scappaticci who went into retirement over the 1990 case, was responsible for bombing civilians on the mainland UK too.


Everyone had tied themselves in all sorts of knots over the 1990 case:


... the british agent... the british media will only 'out'/'leak' the british government's own with the british government's permission, for a number of reasons...


In 2003, the public who opposed the Iraq War -before- it began already knew there were no Iraqi WMD.


The Iraq War was the accumulation of evil that required a complete breakdown in the rule of law... in the UK.  


It was on Thursday 10 April 2008 @ 10am Labour and Tory made a pact against peaceniks in the UK, because their fraudulent 2005 legislation they were using against us was falling apart. We have a High Court Order against them over 10 April 2008, which is really a lawsuit.


In October 2009 7/7 Livingstone and Sinn Fein Gerry Adams were lamenting the passing of Redmond O'Neill [who worked with Livingstone, Fletcher and the MET Police !!!! against we peaceniks in the UK] as some kind of 'revolutionary' etc.


It would be self-evident to any sentient human being that Stake-knife Corbyn and Livingstone & Co didn't 'suddenly' start working with... the MET Police against real peaceniks in 2007.


Their socialist 'revolutionary' Redmond Neill who was married to CND's Kate Hudson had an 'aversion' to we real peaceniks errr.... tents on Parliament Square !! :


... 8 march 2007 emails... livingstone, fletcher and redmond o'neill & co were never opposed to war, nor were they great 'revolutionaries' etc of any kind...


What kind of 'socialists' bitch about peaceniks opposing the Iraq War !! having tents in Parliament Square ??


They were having a right old bitch-fest about we real peaceniks behind our backs, [these emails were not disclosed until September... 2010] that only spilled out into the open in August and October 2007 after the 'socialists' beloved Blair was forced to resign in June 2007.


Livingstone & Co were violently attacking us in August and October 2007 without taking us to court, because that would obviously only expose them as not being remotely anti-war.


These are the complete and utter lies Uncle Tom Livingstone the quisling told about his rat Redmond O'Neill in 2009:



"... A lifelong revolutionary socialist and leading figure on the left for three decades, Redmond was the son of Irish immigrants from Tipperary: born in London, he was the second of five children. Internationalism was a fundamental core of his beliefs, and his rejection of colonialism and oppression made him friends all round the world.

As a student at Sussex University in the early 1970s, he became an effective organiser, joining the strongly internationalist, anti-colonialist International Marxist Group. He believed the road to socialism would be hard and long, and appreciated that defeating injustice entailed respect for many who did not necessarily share his vision.

He was expert at bringing together alliances around specific goals, helping to create a centre-left alliance in the Labour party, building the campaign against Cruise missiles, championing Irish unity, opposing the first Gulf war, organising solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution, opposing the war in Gaza and defending Muslim communities.

After the break-up of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, Redmond worked for left unity as wars and racism followed the re-introduction of capitalism. In this struggle he met his partner, Kate Hudson, who survives him.

He threw himself into building the anti-racist movement and most recently Unite Against Fascism. Through Socialist Action magazine he developed ideas and arguments on many issues.

With the establishment of the Greater London Authority and the office of mayor in 2000, Redmond became my deputy chief of staff, responsible for transport, trade union relations, editing The Londoner and public affairs. He worked with all London's communities, playing a major role in reducing racist attacks and ensuring community harmony after the terrorist bombings of 7 July 2005..."



They are just full of it.

Stake-knife Corbyn and Co aren't merely 'champagne socialists' but complete and utter frauds, who are supported by the leadership of both the DUP and Sinn Fein.


So it isn't really possible to say that there were any politicians in the mainland UK or Northern Ireland whether they were the DUP or Sinn Fein, who were really opposed to the Iraq War.


Worse is the pretence that politicians who make legislation against peaceniks, dare to pretend they are peacemakers of any kind.


We did what we did very openly, while there were many cowards in government who didn't like our forcing the repeal of their legislation. The 'socialists' were then all falling all over themselves to collaborate with... the Tories to steal our tents on January 16 2012 !!


The fact anyone may belong or attach themselves to any 'political' party does not extend to them any right to violently attack law abiding civilians, including by maliciously passing legislation while posing as 'politicians'. 


What is also notable is that alleged or actual members of the IRA did have legal representation, incl. in particular over torture, while legal representation has illegally been denied more recently to we peaceniks !! in mainland UK where torture was used by the British government in 2009, to try and cause organ failure and death.


After the torture in September 2009 in the UK, which the government couldn't pass off as anything other than attempted murder, various agencies THEN !! ran illegal operations to try and stop me getting the interrogation tapes and CCTV that they were forced to 'secure'. This included both the MOD in November 2009 and SOCA, now the NCA in April 2010 running stings to try and unlawfully 'arrest' me too !!]


The British establishment keep very quiet about their torturing peaceniks etc etc in the UK mainland.


Stakeknife Corbyn, 7/7 Livingstone, McDonnell and Abbott are a truly devious and manipulative, rotten, rotten lot whose role is to try and leverage whatever Westminster’s divide and rule of the day happens to be by publicly playing the role of what is really false opposition.


... 16 january 2017... we proved that when we slapped the mi5 democracy village with high court jury lawsuits in august 2011 that all sorts comes crawling out the woodwork while westminster delay and cover up with the likes of their fake undercover 'inquiry' typically fronted by... their own british agents !!...


They are always trying to violently bring law abiding civilians back under total government control.


... 16 January 2012... it's a legal impossibility for the british government to explain this abuse of all due process in stealing my shelter in the middle of winter and not taking me to court, while leaving MI5 Democracy Village's shelter to publicly stage their drawn out fake Judicial Review that had nothing whatsoever to do with us...

Stakeknife Corbyn is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace ‘movement’ promoting British government terrorists like the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and a ‘free vote’ for war, while shamelessly exploiting the War on Terror to call for more police in the UK etc etc.




It was Stakeknife Corbyn and Co's job on 12 September 2015 to welcome back as 'refugees' to the UK, the same Mahdi-Al-Harati Libyan & 'Syrian' MI6 Vitol Oil et al terrorists who had been thrown out of the UK in May 2015 because they were raping and terrorizing British people.


The Corbyn propaganda hides they simply re-branded the union vote to pretend they had new voters when they didn't. The recent election then saw the Tories run the worst campaign they possibly could, while Stakeknife Corbyn and Co promised anything, when both were really trying to control any opposition to Brexit.


... the sleight of hand... stakeknife corbyn and his union leaders, including the ahem... 'police' union were exempt from legislation against us, which he never mentions in his speechifiying...


The Abbott was completely in bed with the -Blair- government, DUP and Tories in trying to violently remove we peaceniks once trundling past with nose in air in 2008 while the MET police were violently attacking us. Stakeknife Corbyn slyly pretended to oppose the legislation while really hiding his union leaders were exempt from legislation violently used against us.


They were trying to violently stop any law abiding opposition to the illegal Iraq War.


... 18 june 2017... there was nothing wrong with the abbott...


Stakeknife Corbyn & Co have always worked with the Tories, and they keep very quiet about their collusion with the DUP against peaceniks in the UK:


... no dup ?... the express spinning a load of old cobblers again... [july 2017]...


Stakeknife Corbyn and his union cronies weren't even out on the streets after the 2008 financial crash.


The Brexit mob obviously sees Stakeknife Corbyn standing united with the Faragarama and Tories in their overt racism etc towards 450 + million law abiding civilians in the... European Union.


Westminster has always had Uncle Toms because they are themselves Uncle Toms working against law abiding civilians in the UK too.


It's not just the Tories who collude with the DUP, with Abbott colluding with the DUP against peaceniks in the mainland UK too !!


There was cross party support to pass the fraudulent legislation against us, with politicians only quibbling over the details:


... it's a fact labour's mi5 shadow home secretary diane abbott voted with the dup dodds & co to illegally 'remove' peaceniks...


The fraudulent multi-billion dollar corporate legislation that became ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 with it's accompanying Spanish Inquisition of ss 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 where politicians purport anyone can be arbitrarily arrested for any reason, received Royal Assent in April 2005 before the May election and 7/7 in 2005.

You never hear any politician et al celebrating our forcing the repeal of that original violent legislation they made against us, because in the course of our forcing the repeal which was indeed a very big deal to do, they were inevitably collectively exposed as huge liars and worse.


The Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik who pretended to oppose the legislation had me violently unlawfully arrested by Palace of Westminster Police under that same legislation on 14 January 2009 when I was never charged with anything, while Westminster's Israeli colony was bombing Gaza.

I challenged Abbott about her hypocrisy in standing there -watching- police attacking us, in 2008, which of course she couldn’t answer because the 8 March 2007 ‘Momentum’ emails [that were disclosed in September 2010] prove they had always been working with Blair and the MET Police et al behind our backs.


... the Abbott was cheering on the MET police doing this in 2008...


The first question I had asked when I discovered Brian was where was Stakeknife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition supporting Brian, because of course the leadership not only never did, but were actively always working against Brian.

It was Livingstone violently attacking us in August and October 2007 after Blair was forced to resign in June 2007 that led to Livingstone’s own downfall as Mayor of London in April 2008 which the Vitol Oil Tories helped Labour cover up.

Livingstone was repeatedly violently attacking us without taking us to court because he could only lose in court, exposing he is a complete and utter fraud.


... august 17 2007, livingstone violently trying to remove us while also running a truly violent undercover operation against us...

Brian called Livingstone an Uncle Tom and quisling to his face. He also called out the ghastly Tony Benn too in the High Court on 21 June 2010 after I had started outing people on the court record, before the judge literally ran and closed the court to the press and public on 23 June 2010 when I was illegally denied legal representation.

Most people know the union leaders were bought long ago.

There really is no difference between politicians who do always work together against the public who they are just trying to play with divide and rule propaganda through media barons.

British politics is really one very centralized unit with news media propagandists just filtering out their divide and rule spin more widely through algorithms while the intelligence agencies run cover.

The Russian government are also false opposition who publicly spin the likes of ASIO Assange and Galloway, while 'Sir' Alan Duncan's Vitol Oil Tories who only slithered out of Moscow in the run up to Brexit, do the business deals they all profit from, ‘behind the scenes’.



... interconnected 'algorithms' including the london branch of cia google & youtube don't exactly inspire public confidence...

When the Brexit PM Cameron publicly made the seriously illegal ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 to ‘remove’ we peaceniks he did that safe in the knowledge he was working with the entire British establishment that includes the leaders of the UK Stop the War Coalition like Stakeknife Corbyn.


... october 2011... the british houses of parliament don't have the same wriggle room over politicians direct involvement in using mi5 democracy village, special branch etc against we peaceniks in the uk...

It is a matter of fact that in 2010 MI5 et al was illegally trying to join us with the Russian pretenders in... Parliament Square, Central London !! all of which was seriously, seriously illegal and part of the most incredible witch-hunt ever seen on mainland UK.

The only reason they were able to run their MI5 Democracy Village ‘hidden’ in full view for two years that Stakeknife Corbyn and Co supported is because the politicians and media do all work together selling one divide and rule.






The BBC state broadcaster and MET police illegally edited and maliciously published audio to hide the 'complainants' in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010 and then Brian's unlawful arrest on 8 August 2010 were from the MI5 Matryoshka of Democracy Village:


... this was shockingly illegal hiding the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest on 25 may 2010 was the mi5 democracy village matryoshka...


The British establishment have never acted in a remotely decent and honourable manner when their agents have legally been a busted flush.


We were always very open about it because it is very, very serious what was going on, they ran from legal proceedings in courts over where politicians, police, media and themselves hid they were the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests etc !!:


... it was politicians, police, media, MI5 who all hid MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests !!...


They were legally sunk -again- when MI5 Democracy Village significantly put up this sign with the words MI5, for all of five seconds, attributing the statement to my name while running themselves from legal proceedings, hiding so much:


... MI5 democracy village uber rat who repeatedly hid from court while flippantly writing this -after- they killed brian !! took it down in about five seconds flat, when they saw me take a picture of it, because it is a fact MI5 democracy village were the ones running from the high court hiding they were the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests etc, working with politicians, police and media !!...


The government treated the public like idiots when the public were not remotely surprised with what MI5 et al were doing, that they have a long history of doing.


The very serious legal point is the government had no legal grounds to use agents of any kind against us.


MI5 Democracy Village were illegally operating outside all law to maliciously cause the most serious harm possible.


... the MI5 agent who wrote the MI5 sign on their tent, who btw unlike us did have legal representation, while always hiding from appearing before a high court jury etc, never dared repeat this from 13 January 2010.... let alone front up in a court over it...


The government agencies all work together.


 ... it is a matter of fact the british and australian governments didn't want this before a high court jury because it is so seriously illegal what has been going on, none of which they could deny...


[I can unequivocally prove before a High Court jury, I have never worked for government agencies and was targeted in the most incredible and unprecedented witch-hunt against Brian and myself]


MI5 Democracy Village etc in the UK was just so seriously illegal, the government only have excuses that aren't legal grounds over why they didn't want it all 'aired' before a High Court jury.


The most apt description of intelligence agencies is 'the banality of evil' because they try and hide the evil that really goes on, behind multiple layers of banal a) procedural abuses and b) media 'filtering' while they duck and dive all over the place.


It is important to remember just how very serious it is when politicians maliciously write fraudulent corporate legislation that opens the door to all sorts of incredibly violent government deceit.


It is a matter of fact they all -ran- from my 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit.


It’s obviously not a level playing field, let alone anything approaching a real democracy when the truth is all the politicians violently gang up on... law abiding civilians.



The Russian government have long collaborated with the British government in playing divide and rule because of the long history of inbred European royalty over the centuries that included the British-German Queen Victoria having relatives all over Europe.


[There's obviously nothing remotely 'Communist' about Clinton, Trump & Kushner's wealthy cash for visas/'green card' property clients from China, link here too]


On 12 September 2015:


... 12 september 2015... shamnesty... westminster just re-branded their terrorists 'refugees'...


The Mahdi al-Harati revolving door rat-run of mercenaries who posed as 'freedom fighters' on the false-flag flotilla way back in June 2010:


... may 2015... the mahdi al-harati revolving door rat-run of vitol oil mercenaries... [who were found guilty of rape]


In 2015, British troops were shipping out of German bases and mercenaries, some of whom had been thrown out of the UK, shipped in:


...mercenaries are obviously not refugees...


The lethal weapons British mercenaries were using in Syria obviously didn't grow on trees.


There's obviously nothing remotely heroic about taking lethal weapons from the British government to murder defenceless civilians in Syria.


The politicians and media barons have long been trying to 're-brand' the Iraq War:


... putin the pretender & co giving a platform to the mi5 matryoshka of the vitol oil democracy village... [one of the 'organizers' above mike raddie never fronted up in the high court, while pretending to be a 'journalist' with 'russia today' etc]...


The MI5 Democracy Village lot were a nasty evil bunch doing all sorts while we have illegally been denied legal representation.


The whole Brexit 'Les Misérables' routine is the same old spin from the same old politicians still trying to arbitrarily illegally 'remove' law abiding civilians.

The only real democracy there is, is the peace and harmony of the rule of law which has checks and balances and safeguards against the arbitrary use of state power.

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