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There could never be anything good about Brexit because it is a miserable premise.


I don't think the cabal of politicians and media barons have ever run such a negative campaign in the UK pointing the finger in so many other directions rather than at themselves.


... 'the queen's theatre'... everything about the same old dull, miserly and mean spirited job lot is miserable...


The emails 8 March 2007 [Labour] and 17 January 2012 [Tory & Lib-Dem] etc prove Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and 'Momentum' [union leaders] along with Theresa Murdoch & Co were always working together to try and illegally 'remove' we peaceniks.


It was the comprehensive lying by this same cabal of politicians and media barons that meant we had to campaign in Parliament Square in the first place and then for so long.

The announcement that Westminster “prepares to show it’s Brexit hand” it didn't on 29 March 2017, is not going to be accompanied with the flourish of any fanfare as the whole world fawns in jubilation at the feet of the same old self-serving British... politicians.


Everything about Brexit only involves negative campaigning:



... 28 august - 1 september... article 50 was only ever designed to be used by unscrupulous politicians...


All the politicians ran negative Brexit campaigns, that were not for the benefit of the public, but to use a referendum to give the public perception that people's rights could be surrendered to and only existed subject to the whims of politicians.


When Westminster used to do their practice runs for their State Openings which they did at night, so they didn't have their triumphalist bands playing, what was left that you heard was the senior officers barking orders and the eerie sound of the jackboots marching, bayonets and all. It always made me think of what it must have really been like in all the countries they so savagely invaded and occupied.


It was also how I knew that apart from the small matter of the police never having any warrants to conduct their illegal searches that only started in mid-2008 that they had also lied about their sniffer dogs having to go in our tents, that even when they did, then became we still had to get out of our tents. It was during their night practice run, before the days of illegal searches that I heard a police officer ask the police with sniffer dogs if they needed to go into our tents and the police with sniffer dogs said no because the dogs would be able to detect anything from outside the tents.


One of the later extraordinary police inventions in what was a perjured 'witness statement' anyway, was I kid you not, that a terrorist might be able to a) evade the 24 hour surveillance there is on Parliament Square, from all directions, that includes b) thermal imaging the police admitted they used to c) bring along and set up a rocket launcher !! in our tents while we slept, all without our happening to notice either !! At that time the police were really trying to distract from their trying to make out their trolls tents which they had no problem being left unattended for months on end -were attached to us- which we always complained was what was really trying to set us up for all sorts.


The rotten politicians were really far, far more terrified of a 25w loudspeaker being used across five lanes of traffic on the busiest roundabout in Central London.


They invented their illegal search lies -after- their legislation about 'security risk' had already been ruled a legally meaningless term in court, where what is most obvious is the state are never trying to protect law abiding civilians anywhere.


Their illegal searches were really just an excuse to try and cause trouble because whatever we did like letting the sniffer dogs in then became by the next illegal search we had to get out of the tents too, so that basically the police could trash everything inside which is what they did in November 2009. They only used sniffer dogs sometimes anyway, but they did always know they were pushing the envelope continuing the illegal searches.


They used the false pretext of a search to just trash absolutely everything in November 2009 so I just looked at what they had done, and covered it over and put a tent... on the grass again and left their crime scene exactly as they left it. Whenever they came along and moaned about our tents being on the grass I just pointed to what they had done, which was along with even worse evil things they had done.


The illegal searches were one of many ruses designed to cause us harm.


There had been no difference between the extreme violence Livingstone used trashing our property and violently attacking us, to try and 'remove' us because we were on the grass or the 'police' doing the same because we were on the pavement.


Ditto Johnson.


The corporate state very obviously worked to the theory that if they continuously used reckless state violence they only needed to get 'lucky' once to cause irreparable harm which can be caused in so many ways.


The British state didn't ever 'nicely' invade and occupy other countries, because they aren't even remotely civilized towards law abiding civilians in the UK.


... there was no state opening in 2011 [there was the royal wedding on 29 april which involved pretty much the same routine] and the state opening was on 21 june in 2017 [they changed all state openings to spring, to supposedly coincide with 5 year 'fixed term' parliaments, which didn't last long]...


It was only the Tories who helped Labour stay in government beyond December 2007 until 2010, after Blair was forced to resign in June 2007 and then Labour and Livingstone had to hand over the reins of the London mayoralty to the Tories in April 2008.


Labour was only able to get re-elected in 2005 with a reduced majority, because the Tories voted for war too.


Blair & Co's Spanish Inquisition and ss 132-138 which came into 'force' on 1 August 2005 actually got Royal Assent in April 2005 before the May election and 7/7 in July.


The re-introduction of the Spanish Inquisition in ss 110 (5)e of SOCPA 2005 where anyone could arbitrarily be arrested for any reason accompanied by ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 [now repealed] was all about violently attacking... peaceniks !! at home too.


The politicians all used 7/7 to create a public perception the legislation was in response to the terror attack when in fact they planned the legislation that preceded the terror attack.


... the politicians were desperate to silence lawful opposition to the iraq war...


In fact both Labour and Tory [and the DUP] overwhelmingly agreed on trying to illegally silence opposition to the Iraq War, with their only quibbling among themselves, being about the details.


The likes of Diane Abbott, Robin Cook, Tom Watson and David Davis all supported the legislation and openly opposed Brian, with Stake-knife Corbyn and McDonnell only initially pretending to oppose it, because they had done the dirty deal making their union leaders exempt.


When politicians were effectively challenged that their multi-billion dollar corporate legislation was not compatible with the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, it was very much the case across the whole spectrum of centralized Westminster, that:



"... this declaration of the law has taken them by surprise....they really are surprised that there is any such thing as law.

International law, natural law, any law at all was to these men simply a propaganda device to be invoked when it helped and to be ignored when it would condemn what they wanted to do..." [Nuremberg Trials]



The fact politicians publicly persist in dishonestly claiming they can vote to do anything they like [ie: a majority vote/mob rule is 'law'] does mean they really don't want any honest, let alone public discussion at all, about the true limits of administrative governance, including their legislation.


It's the answer to question 1 below [because of course Blair didn't act alone] that led to all the politicians pulling the number two question... Brexit:


... the politicians and media barons obviously don't ever talk about blair inventing the arbitrary article 50 on his way out the door in 2007...


The politicians were out of touch with reality when they labelled us a "national disgrace" in May 2010.


The Brexit Westminster Les Misérables really are just a dull, miserly, mean spirited and miserable job lot who the whole world have known for a very many years now are "a universal disgrace who serve no justifiable democratic purpose whatsoever".


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!