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It is abundantly clear the real Russian ‘scandal’ really started in Parliament Square in Central London in May 2010 which was a time of and preceded massive change.



... the 'russian' organizer... westminster and moscow had to try and 're-brand' the iraq war narrative to try and continue the war on terror...


The shadowy Raddie who was one of the 'organizers' of MI5 Democracy Village who never showed his face in the High Court and was protected from prosecution by Westminster while posing as all sorts including a 'journalist' for and on Russian State TV, was never what he claimed.


The activities of oil companies are always completely inconsistent with the war propaganda and Vitol Oil who only slithered out of Moscow in the run up to Brexit were definitely pouring money into the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village.

Westminster are obviously not in any legal position to claim they didn’t know their ‘Russian’ who was never prosecuted by the Mayor of London who was maliciously prosecuting Brian and myself, was broadcasting lies on Russian State TV in what was really part of the most appalling and unprecedented witch-hunt against Brian and myself.

The involvement of the Russian government in Westminster's MI5 Democracy Village in London apart from being seriously illegal too, actually underlines the complete and utter fraud of the whole War on Terror.

What Westminster and Russia were obviously trying to do was hijack our Parliament Square Peace Campaign to try and shift and 're-brand' the Iraq War narrative so they could continue their War on Terror.

This was because the Iraq War conclusively proved there was no War on Terror.


The Russian government are just false opposition.


When the International Criminal Court was invented in the run up to the Iraq War, all governments should have joined with armies of lawyers to really try and protect their civilian populations.


It is only war propaganda coupled with state violence that breeds war.


You can't fault Saleem al-Saqqa from Gaza who didn't waste any time doing what he could to try and save civilian lives, by forcing Abbas and Meshaal to join the ICC.



... 3 august 2017... the brexit and trump rat-run is still trying to 're-brand' the iraq war... because war propaganda is all they have [the list of 'luminaries' incl. lynton crosby, alistair campbell, mark thompson, wikipedia wales etc]...


We had an exceptionally tough learning curve over the years, because we didn’t have any legal training nor did we even have the luxury of legal representation when we should have.


It was always an impossibly uneven playing field, because it was the fundamental breakdown in the legal system in the UK, that led to the Iraq War.

When you were in our situation we nevertheless had to review everything carefully within the framework of the rule of law ourselves. This means you have to check and double check and consider everything you can from all possible angles which can sometimes be a very long process of as Brian always said cogitation.


We had to process an incredible amount of information.

This was inevitably even harder for us over the years because we often had multiple attacks being made on us from a number of directions from different state agencies that we had to learn how to deal with as best one could.


In 2007 there was an information overload because we spent the entire year either in police cells or courts while relentless state violence was being used against us.


Nothing ever moved along cleanly because we were obviously always dealing with multiple overlapping very serious situations, in the absence of any functioning legal system, which inevitably compounded the serious harm intentionally being done to us by the state.

I realized that [for example] when we walked out of court on 9 July 2007 into a police ambush after winning one case about torture, to only be tortured again !! that one of the things they were obviously trying to do was re-traumatize me.

I don’t pretend to understand the sick and twisted mindset that actually sits and plots such evil that in practice hides behind the mob mentality of state violence in the state apparatus.

On another occasion they put one of the six police officers who tortured me to try and cause organ failure and death in September 2009, right in my face very deliberately in April 2011 to see if I would recognize him etc etc etc.


The truth was and the evidence shows they definitively knew they could not use ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 after my 'void ab initio' win against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police [and his 30,000 thugs] on 14 September 2006, which is why Brian then won with 'no case to answer' [13 December 2006 & 22 January 2007] so they just gave an 'appearance' they could use it, called state violence, after that.


The truth of what constituted that 'void ab initio' is very, very shocking.


After 14 September 2006, they couldn't get a legitimate prosecution off the ground against us in the Magistrates Court using ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, which the 'lawyers' said... as they ran !! had never happened with legislation before.


That's why the split 'case' over 5 August and 4 September 2006 which we won on 9 July 2007 at Westminster Magistrates and then 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court happened, because they had to try and find another means of malicious prosecution to try and cover everything up.


When we won those malicious prosecutions we had brought new meaning to the expression 'void ab initio' because 'void ab initio' was compounded by 'void ab initio'.


There were many malicious prosecutions against us but there were those central ones that defined and explained what was going on.


When they tried to get another malicious prosecution against me off the ground under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the Magistrates Court in May 2007 which was just a distraction really, the same original hanging District Court 'Judge' Nicholas Evans from December 2005 [who had nothing to lose by then] made an even bigger fool of himself. He ruled I wasn't allowed to have a defence !! If the show trials had all been recorded and filmed they would never have dared say and do what they did. It was a pyrrhic 'victory' for them because they knew they could not repeat such nonsense. That Evans was the same War on Terror 'Judge' they had to get out of a major fix in our 'groundbreaking' High Court 'Contempt of Court' case in 2007 too. The High Court had to change 23 years of case law and the infinitive 'a' in decades old legislation to give a perception for public consumption that the truth of that case couldn't be 'aired' in... the High Court. There was too much state skullduggery involved including Evans having to hastily 'sine die' seriously fraudulent summons to try and hide all sorts they didn't want... on the High Court record.


The legislation had to ultimately be repealed because a) they couldn't get a legitimate prosecution off the ground against us in the Magistrates Court after 14 September 2006 and b) they couldn't launder the original malicious prosecution against me in December 2005 involving Evans that was so appalling, through the European Courts.


When Steve had originally first introduced the additional truth on 18 June 2006, when he was first unlawfully arrested that the government couldn't even ask for or take our details [he wasn't on their PNC etc because it wasn't really a recordable 'offence'] the state had baulked over -how- they were going to try and imprison a person without any name over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 by the backdoor because they refused to give their details.


Steve was originally illegally denied legal representation for a long time, and then the lawyers ran anyway, because the lawyers didn't want to show CCTV of a gang of police stabbing him in the head with a pen drawing blood on 4 September 2006 after he was unlawfully arrested trying to save me. Once I had run to try and get help when they had first suddenly attacked him in a corridor... they were recorded having invited us into, they later claimed was to try and get rid of Steve from the police station, [when they were also trying to destroy evidence which they did illegally do] they couldn't then let him go because he was a) a witness b) with evidence, to something very sinister going on in Charing Cross Police Station.


All the records they made up afterwards don't make any sense because they were made up afterwards.


After our win at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 Charing Cross Police Station had to be 'disbanded' from the top, down because in practice political 'policing' can only involve very serious corruption.

What is important is what you can prove with facts and law in front of a High Court jury [lawsuit] which is the ideal, that was a luxury we obviously never had ourselves.

We nevertheless successfully managed to keep pushing back on the War on Terror narrative by challenging fraudulent corporate legislation violently used against us, which did keep the very centralized state machinery busy trying to cover up their multitude of lies.


A little bit of the real democracy of the peace and harmony can have a considerable effect.

There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven year plus watch in Parliament Square.


... 25 may 2010 and the bbc and met police illegally edit and maliciously publish audio to hide !! the mi5 democracy village are the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest and then in brian's unlawful arrest on 8 august 2010....

It was 7/7 which underlined the very real importance of law abiding civilians really needing to stand with Brian to try and protect rights and freedoms to try and save civilians lives everywhere.

Everything we always did was very logical compared to the multiple layers of deceit in war propaganda which doesn’t withstand any legal scrutiny.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!