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The manufactured Brexit and Trump propaganda is such an obvious example of idiocy by algorithms it is clearly designed to try and hide and ’normalize’ what has gone before.



There isn't a sentient human being who didn't know the politicians and media barons were all in cahoots over Brexit and Trump long before Flynn's filing on hedge-fund algorithm Renaissance Technologies Mercer and Bannon's Cambridge Analytica in the UK.


Mercer sailed into the City of London on 17 October 2013, to do the dirty Brexit deal which is very significant because that was long before the British 'election' in May 2015 etc etc.


In May 2015 the British military were leaving Germany while their [for example] Vitol Oil Libyan terrorist mercenary counterparts who had to be thrown out of the UK in May 2015 because they committed rapes etc were re-branded 'refugees' so they could be shipped to barracks in Germany.


The MI6 Vitol Oil Mahdi al-Harati terrorists had been around posing as 'freedom fighters' doing the whole flotilla false-flag in June 2010.


On 12 September 2015 Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn was grandstanding in Parliament Square, London giving his 'victory' speech embracing 'Free Syrian Army' mercenary terrorists in that whole Gladio rat-run, before he joined with the Tories in their 'free vote' for airstrikes on 5 December 2015.


The 'free vote' spiel was the clue staring everyone in the face that Stake-knife Corbyn was never anti-war, but instead just another foul apologist for Blair & Co.


The government resorted to using 'private mercenaries' with Kings College 'War Studies' Dept. in London trying to run cover, with 'academic' woo, which they had been doing for a very many years, because of such long standing public opposition to war.


... in 2007 private mercenaries were running amok in Iraq, and it took many years to bring them to any sort of trial and then only in the U.S. before they inevitably now only complain about the 'cruel and unusual punishment' of their sentencing...


The sheer magnitude of the horror of the Iraq War that brought nothing but death to Iraqi civilians conclusively proved there was no War on Terror


The open arrogance of politicians and journalists living in their bubble, who simply didn't care about defenceless civilians lives was there for everyone to see in their narrative.


The Brexit and Trump propaganda that is so false was always planned.


The Iraq War military swamp in Washington was brought out of retirement to prop up the Trump administration.


Trump's latest Chief of Staff is General Kelly who has only been a career opportunist in Iraq before becoming an acolyte for the Orange wailing wall.


Kelly would have failed miserably on a real front line in Parliament Square, London, without his lethal weapons to arbitrarily use on defenceless civilians. The Generals only have big mouths when they are hiding behind politicians and lethal weapons.


It is only possible to sell war propaganda in a closed TV studio etc, because the public aren't stupid. Just because politicians and news media spin doesn't mean the public believe them. Manufacturing imaginary friends from online algorithms is only a sad mimicry of mob rule which is still meaningless.


The idiocy of the Brexit and Trump propaganda is supposed to make Blair & Co appear 'normal' while hiding what they did and do, when really the politicians and journalists are still all one and the same working together trying to play the public.


Blair didn't invent the divide and rule propaganda of Article 50 in 2007 on his way out the door, because he was bothered about the City of London Faragarama.


The former British PM Cameron certainly wasn't bothered about the Faragarama either when he was publicly making an illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks etc etc.


We have never been any different from any other and all law abiding civilians anywhere.


The name of government controlled opposition like U... KIP is self explanatory in the usual revolving doors of politicians and journalists where some pose as both in the UK, while really being the same old corporate lobbyists.


Everyone now knows there are only red Tories in Labour who re-instated the Spanish Inquisition from 1492 with s 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 purporting anyone could arbitrarily be arrested for any reason, along with the accompanying ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, now repealed that union leaders were exempt from.


It is a matter of fact that the only objective of all politicians at all times towards us, has always been to abuse their public positions to keep us away from a High Court jury in our lawsuits.


It was Blair who maliciously prosecuted me using the repealed legislation as cover on 22 February 2006, which is the same date Nazi Germany had a show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943.


You won't hear Blair or any other politician cheering us for forcing the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 because they didn't and they haven't changed.


It's a legal impossibility to explain what Uncle Tom Livingstone the quisling was doing to we peaceniks throughout 2007 without taking us to court, or how I ever came to even be unlawfully arrested by the Vitol Oil Tories in February 2008 etc etc.


It is impossible to claim I could have been arrested by Belgravia Police in February 2008 for lawfully campaigning with Brian by Carriage Gates in Parliament Square, only to have that false allegation later changed to another false allegation made by Vitol Oil that I wasn't arrested for by either Belgravia Police, or Palace of Westminster Police, who also didn't arrest me for an unlawful demonstration either. It was no co-incidence that Charing Cross Police had to be disbanded from the top, down when I had won big time at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 when Brown was late signing the Lisbon Treaty.


The best they could do was give me a 'summons' that would see... them all in the High Court trying to explain what they had done, in what did become my High Court Order in April 2008 against them all that is really the original lawsuit, because no-one ever could or did explain in the High Court anything they did. 


There is no doubt that mega money changed hands on 25 May 2010 when the BBC & MET Police illegally edited and published audio to hide that the 'complainant' against me in my unlawful arrest by the same Livingstone and Vitol Oil police officer, was MI5 Democracy Village.


They hid that basic fact because otherwise all their lies immediately fall away etc.


It is well known that I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 to illegally stop me giving evidence in the High Court, all of which resulted in an additional lawsuit on 17 August 2011.


The motives and bad faith of those involved is self evident.


The Brexit British Minister for Europe and gassing and shooting protesters, Vitol Oil Duncan who only slithered out of Moscow in February 2016, have their HQ in Westminster, London and their $270 billion annual 'turnover' stashed in Swiss vaults etc.


Blair & Livingstone's Cressida the Dick who murdered Jean Charles de Menezes was hiding under an unspecified publicly funded 'Director General' rock at the same Boris and Vitol Oil Foreign Office before re-surfacing as the latest Commissioner of the Metropolitan 'Police' with Stake-knife Corbyn shamelessly exploiting the War on Terror to demand even more 'police'. 


It would be a very strange person indeed who believed MI5 weren't present !! and involved in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. 


You didn't have to spend long in Parliament Square before you learned about the state and 'secure' cordons and so on, using the whole alphabet of state 'agencies' to perpetrate their own skullduggery.


They had a tall tale about an unknown and completely invisible cordon involving Special Branch on 31 January 2007 when Blair was on his way out of public office, that they couldn't launder through courts, because what really happened was MET Police suddenly pushed me from behind without warning... into the roadway !!


It turned out there had been a whole posse lying in wait with trench-coats appearing along with an armed member of Blair's own team and of course a line-up of press including ... Murdoch.


That was the extraordinary case among 48 unlawful arrests, where they kidnapped me from Southwestern Magistrates Court during live proceedings on 19 July 2007, to stop me giving evidence, in the malicious prosecution I inevitably nevertheless won. The CPS agreed the government had "put in place a sequence of events that only put my life at risk".


It's impossible to dispute that corporations run 'intelligence agencies' etc. because intelligence agencies are run by politicians working for the likes of Vitol Oil who generate greater corporate profits for themselves by politicians using the publicly funded state for those ends.


It is a matter of fact Vitol Oil 'Sir' Alan Duncan has only ever acted in the financial interests of Vitol Oil and himself.


Brexit Britain hasn't really changed since the witch-hunt nearly five hundred years ago in 1587 when Mary, Queen of Scots was illegally denied legal representation before being executed by Queen Elizabeth 1.


In fact there is no 'plausible deniability' when someone has illegally been denied legal representation etc etc.


The completely arbitrary Article 50 is no different from the Edicts of Expulsion in 1219.



Brexit Britain remain the biggest war mongers and the worst example of democracy in the European Union.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!