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The purported 'transcript' of a telephone conversation between the American President and Australian Prime Minister is not credible because what is being hidden is who are the 31 ‘inaudible’ people the Australian government are taking.


In January 2017 there were 45 detainees left in Guantanamo, that had included British government mercenary terrorists like Moazzem Begg who returned to the UK.


... what we do know is these three brexiteers are full of it...


It would be naive to believe they set up something like Guantanamo without their own on the inside.


Their 'Russian' in the room [above] has been obvious for a very long time now.


In 2011 they put someone from their MI5 Democracy Village in Holloway. When I said the person was working for the government's MI5 Democracy Village [which everyone knew was why I was illegally imprisoned] the other prisoners knew what I said was true because prisoners knew the other person in a completely different 'role' not connected to the MI5 Democracy Village. The prisoners knew I was a political prisoner and the other person wasn't. The government pull all sorts of dirty tricks like not telling you when you have prison visits and so on. Once when a friend came to visit, where I only found out about the visit by happenstance, they told the visitor I not only wasn't waiting for a visit but not even in the prison, so the friend had to point out to the prison guard he could see me sitting there in the visiting area !!


Prison authorities don't like political prisoners because it inevitably raises all sorts of very serious questions about the politicians.


In 2011 when the government had also been arbitrarily locking up anyone over the riots at the same time, so the prison had too many people, there were a number of confrontations with prison staff over my being illegally imprisoned. These included a Deputy Governor who had a go at me in front of everyone in a corridor one day who was forced to back down in front of everyone, and then a prison guard who came into our cell to make an ill-judged comment about a newspaper report about our campaign made a hasty retreat when I pointed out a few home truths.


I made no pretense including to the Australian government who visited to make a 'report' saying the politicians wouldn't do anything [so that I err... actually had legal representation !!] that I would break out of prison if I found the opportunity and film doing it too. The two officers from the Australian government actually asked me where I would go and I said back to Parliament Square of course to have a Crown Court jury trial thank-you very much [which is what you get for breaking out of prison] and let the government/s try explaining what I was doing in Holloway Prison in the first place !!


There was an incentive to break out of prison... to get a jury trial.


All I needed was a pair of bolt-cutters really.



... 31 "inaudible"... "you need to move on from"...


 ... guantanamo is in central america...


America and Australia obviously both have legal difficulties continuing with their detainee systems that are outside any real legal jurisdiction.

The only real political 'transaction' that was evident among the propaganda is both governments say whatever suits for public consumption.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!