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The British were the first to expel Sephardi Jews, who had arrived from France in 1066, with the Edicts of Expulsion in 1219 [think Brexit 2019] before the French followed in 1306 and a marriage of convenience between Britain and Spain led to the Spanish Inquisition in 1492.


... the banner of religion actually hides that many are persecuted not because of any religion...


All the inbred unelected European monarchies and their political spin-offs knew they were waging Two World Wars that slaughtered millions upon millions of civilians across Europe to install a European military garrison in the Middle East, so most governments are not at all honest about their true collaboration in making that happen.

It is a matter of fact all the rulers in Europe have only been using religions as another means to divide and rule people for the past thousand years.


The vulgar Brexit bandwagon has proved 'politics' is the biggest 'mind control' game going.


Anyone can change their 'politics' on any given day too.



This is Brexit propaganda really:




Most people know the Westminster echo chamber of the algorithms of the BBC & 'five eyes' Murdoch are as usual trying to play the public.






Saleem al-Saqqa did the best he could to try and protect civilians lives, by forcing Abbas & Co who are false opposition too, to join the ICC.






The sad and sorry false opposition in the UK where the rest of the world is to blame for anything and everything use the same specious religious 'argument' that is used to try and hide Israel is a errr... British... colony:



... 1st august 2017.. the false opposition playing catch-up trying to cover up british politicians like livingstone and stake-knife corbyn violently attacked we real peaceniks too...


The BBC insider Icke & Co are really apologists for the very same British politicians who already tried to illegally 'remove' we peaceniks and killed Brian.


The false opposition never cared about Blair's Livingstone & Co violently attacking we real peaceniks and then unlawfully arresting us [Livingstone & Co lost those cases too] to try and cover up.


... january 2008... when the violent thug livingstone was still mayor of london... and had failed to illegally 'remove' us in august and october 2007 [before we won big time in court 13 december 2007, when brown was late signing article 50, lisbon treaty]...


The violent attack and unlawful arrest of Brian above [and also Steve when we managed to break through police lines to try and rescue Brian] by TSG riot police [Brian won the malicious prosecution brought against him while Steve was never charged with anything] happened after my massive win at Southwark Crown Court in December 2007 where Steve had won too. One of the immediate consequences of that win was the food chain at Charing Cross Police Station had to be disbanded from the top, down. The reality is arbitrary political policing just involves outright corruption with money changing hands.


[When I had won in court on 9 July 2007 which was a case connected to the case that we then also won in December 2007 all hell had broken loose when we walked outside the court straight into a police ambush and four of us were unlawfully arrested, and I was tortured again, while obviously no-one was ever charged with anything]


The false opposition have never even been remotely bothered about the British politicians 'Spanish Inquisition' that continues in the UK today with ss 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 that has been used for many years now to arbitrarily arrest anyone under any pretext.


What were the false opposition doing when Brexit happened and all the British politicians ganged up together to bully law abiding civilians saying they would come for you, by taking away MORE of your important rights and freedoms ?


The false opposition were jumping on the bandwagon cheering the politicians on, including pretending... British politicians don't try and force people into political... 'exile' and it's all no big deal if it happens to you.


In the real world it's really not difficult to understand that Israel is just another British colony.


The reason most British politicians belong to various 'Friends of Israel' political groups in the UK is because they are Israel, which is their colony.


The obvious reason that war propaganda uses a religion that anyone can join or leave on any given day of the week is because it is the only banner they have to keep trying to recruit people to what is really a military garrison.


The false opposition are truly disgraceful vultures hiding violent attacks on real peaceniks -in the UK- by Livingstone & Co, who famously maliciously publicly called Brian and myself "racist" way back in 2007 to try and cover up his truly violent attacks [and unlawful arrests where he lost the cases too] against us:


... last time anyone looked it is blair's livingstone & co and the vitol oil tories covering up violent attacks etc on real peaceniks...


Livingstone slyly got the Tories to maliciously publish the smears in the London Evening Standard via Andrew Gilligan in October 2007 on the same day he knew he had lost his cases against us.


Livingstone & Co's somewhat 'flawed' and seriously misogynist 'theory' in 2007 was that a gang of cojone-free males of various 'colours' and including 'Acting Inspector' Cole could gang up to violently attack a white woman.


Even worse, is that attack was trying to cover up an... earlier attack where I was violently punched in the head, before Livingstone and the MET & Palace of Westminster Police disappeared the assailant [picture above].


In fact Livingstone was running an undercover operation in conjunction with him illegally trying to 'remove' us in August and October 2007, because he knew he couldn't take us to court.


Brian used to actually refer to Livingstone incl. to his face as Uncle Tom Livingstone the quisling because Livingstone is obviously so not anti-war.


[It was on 9 July 2006 the MET Police had first tried to falsely accuse me of being "racist" in desperation, when I told interrogators I was "jumped by a gorilla" who had unlawfully arrested me in another case I won. I had to point out to the idiots I was describing someone they knew was clearly a white cojone-free male dressed in black leathers]


... 9 july 2006... i was "jumped by the [MET Police] gorilla" on the right in black leathers who they knew is clearly white, who unlawfully arrested me outside d.street...


In July 2006 the MET police were violently attacking us because they knew they were going to.... lose... in court on 14 September 2006.


I have been unlawfully arrested by people of all 'colours' and numerous 'religions' including plenty of lick-spittle ex-squaddies, who just want to carry on violently abusing law abiding civilians for politicians, in civvy street.


Once when a person ripped down some of our banners, inevitably leaving his mess for us to clean up, he then ridiculously complained to the police about my calling him white trash, which seemed entirely appropriate in all the circumstances. I just sent the MET police [who slithered along and said the person was Israeli, meaning what ??] away with a flea in their ear, because they obviously couldn't explain why he wasn't complaining to the police about our banners, including -before- he illegally ripped them down, to then only afterwards pretend to complain about being called White Trash.  


The ghoulish BBC insider Icke who is false opposition who is really an apologist for British politicians, has previously also tried to cover up for Vitol Oil Tory Sir Alan Duncan too.


The British Minister for gassing and shooting protesters:


... february 2008 and vitol oil duncan has to be shut down on tv at the exact time while we were being illegally detained, when he starts complaining about us, while having a rant that protesters are lucky they aren't gassed and shot...


The Tory Vitol Oil rant came via the Boris-o-graph [ie: the Telegraph]


... a telegraph editor...


... the links...


An unsolicited email from the Stake-knife Corbyn Swat Team:


... an unsolicited email from the stake-knife corbyn swat team...


... i obviously wouldn't respond to the stake-knife corbyn swat team who can go ask the boris-o-graph for the original themselves...


Imagine having the seriously corrupt Sir Kier Starmer as their Brexit henchman who was the former DPP of the Crown Persecution Service !! who has... zero credibility.


This is what Tory and Labour call 'policing' in the UK, it's that bad:


... 10 april 2013... sir kier starmer & co's secret police who they still can't remember the name of ??!!...



... the union leaders are a rotten lot too...


The link between Vitol Oil Tory Sir Alan Duncan and Livingstone is over my High Court Order from 10 April 2008 against them which is really a lawsuit too [that obviously also shows Labour and Tories really always work together]


That all 'evolved' into the MI5 Democracy Village in May 2010 when the BBC and MET Police et al hid the 'complainant' against Brian and myself in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010 and Brian's unlawful arrest on 8 August 2010 were MI5 Democracy Village.


They did all definitively know everything they did to us was 'void ab initio' because of the court ruling on 14 September 2006 !! against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police maliciously prosecuting me.


It doesn't get much more serious than a 'void ab initio' ruling directly against the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, because he has around 30,000 violent thugs unquestioningly 'following orders'.


The witch-hunt against Brian and myself over many years, really is the worst example in recent history in the mainland UK, by a very long way.


N.B. Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn & Co hid their union leaders who weren't really anti-war were exempt from fraudulent corporate legislation violently used against us we forced the repeal of in ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005. You won't find them celebrating our forcing the repeal because they didn't.




One does get some obtuse unsolicited emails like this one laundered through all sorts that is about Queen Elizabeth 1 ridiculously trying to maintain 'plausible deniability' over the execution of Mary Queen of Scots who was... illegally denied legal representation [so nothing much has changed since then]:


[The real source of an unsolicited email below is quite possibly connected to the MET Police in the UK, who are just being their usual spiteful and nasty selves about... someone else too, they are trying to harass. The Stasi UK Police will love Brexit because it will inevitably be accompanied by yet another plethora of fraudulent corporate legislation]


... the mad professor's address obviously isn't a computer company and the link actually goes to an asian 'news' website while watertoren-doorwerth is a dutch website about a watertower...


The crest on the water-tower is about the Hamilton family [and Spencer's] and Mary Queen of Scots who went and lived in France where she married the Dauphin who became King of France before he died and she remarried before being executed by Queen Elizabeth 1:


... a political tale... the hamilton's and mary queen of scots...


"The theatre of the whole world is wider than the kingdom of England":



... illegally denied legal representation ... so nothing has changed since the 1500's then...





The unelected British monarchy who were Hitler's biggest fans slink off to celebrate the massacre of indigenous people from all around the world in the still far from 'Commonwealth' at Westminster Abbey... every year.

Those obscene celebrations at Westminster Abbey !! every year have not been made into a 'major event' or 'religious festival' that is televised in the UK by the BBC or Rupert Murdoch, let alone around the world, because all decent and civilized people would find it repugnant.


Yet it still quietly goes on.


... the unelected british monarchy were hitler's biggest fans...


There was one year they didn't put up their far from Commonwealth flags in Parliament Square, because they didn't like me broadcasting on a 25w loudspeaker they were celebrating their slaughter of the innocents.

You don’t ever hear Zionists question or criticize the unelected British royalty because Zionism which is not the voice of all Jewish people is just the re-branding of that very same colonialism.

Many Zionists treat Sephardis as second class citizens in a much wider North-South divide that has long existed in Europe.

The long colonial British war mongers who are the biggest rip-off merchants going with their ‘off-shore’ banking empire weren’t going to just ignore there was all that oil they wanted to control in the Middle East with their Israeli colony that was their foot in the door.

The Iraq War which conclusively proved there is no War on Terror, was really about propping up the price of abiotic oil that is not running out anytime soon, which is why the Iraq War which has so dramatically devastated Iraq, was not really opposed by governments.


It has inevitably taken the Iranian government all of about five minutes to pretty much kiss and make up with Qatar and by extension the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey over the War on Syria, while the Iraqi Muqtada al-Sadr, who has just been invited to Saudi Arabia was widely condemned in April for saying it is fair President Assad of Syria should step down.


While it is not the business of anyone else who Syrian people might choose or have as their President, what anyone can observe beyond face saving exercises, is this.


President Assad was wrong and put himself first, by not showing the courage to join the International Criminal Court with armies of lawyers to try and strengthen the rule of law to try and save civilians lives, because he knew full well exactly what [for example] the British war mongers are like.


Colonialism is not new.


Saif Gaddafi was lounging around in London in 2010 still cheering on Iraq War Tony Blair & Co !! not we peaceniks, while the British were preparing for their MI6 Vitol Oil Libyan terrorists, the false-flag flotilla Mahdi al-Harati & Co to overthrow them !!


It's a matter of fact Brian and myself were the 'two veteran' peaceniks really being attacked in 2010 in London by the Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village where it was illegally being hidden they were the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests, while the sleazebag ASIO Assange was parachuted in to run cover.


... mega money changed hands with the BBC illegally editing and maliciously publishing audio given to them by the Metropolitan Police, to cover up MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest at the 'State Opening' on 25 May 2010...

In the Spanish Inquisition which is the same as the fraudulent corporate legislation ss 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 in the UK today, that included ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 we forced the repeal of, anyone could arbitrarily accuse anyone of anything for... any reason.

There were families [for example] driven etc out of Catalonia and Italy using the pretext of religion even if they were not Jewish.

The unprecedented witch-hunt against Brian and myself in the UK is the worst example by a very long way of persecution in the mainland UK in recent times. This was conducted by the revolving doors between all politicians and journalists because they obviously cannot publicly debate war propaganda which is a crime within the basic framework of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The underlying problem with the British war propaganda over their Israeli colony which is really a military garrison is that any religion is something anyone can join or leave on any day of the week.

The language that is bandied around about a British colony is deliberately truncated and misleading.

It’s such a cop-out when British people only point the finger at Israel or Saudi Arabia while not demonstrably opposing their own British government and it’s far from legal system in any way, which is most evident in the Brexit propaganda.

The two most recent Israeli ambassadors to the UK are Daniel Taub who was born and raised in the... UK and Mark Regev who was born and raised in... Australia.

They both claim [dual] citizenship of Israel based on a religion anyone can join or leave on any given day !!


Another famous British trope is to point the finger at the Americans, by complaining British politicians are just poodles, when nothing could be further from the truth when you look at how international organizations etc have cynically been constructed.


It is British war propaganda that ultimately slyly hides behind anyone and anything else.

The British colony called Israel operates an arbitrary dual ‘legal’ system that is not widely spoken about because it is not anything remotely approaching a democracy either. One election across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine where it is well established there is no difference between the politicians would most probably return an Arabic administration.

It is the British establishment again, who installed and support the unelected House of Saud, and are responsible for not supporting a democracy in Israel/Occupied Palestine.


The British establishment who are the worst example of democracy in Europe obviously aren't too eager to promote anything in the Middle East they don't really practice... themselves !!

The real democracy is the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!