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The various colonies in Australia only begrudgingly agreed the unelected British dictators federal ‘Constitution’ etc in 1901, which is clearly an arbitrary pro-forma colonial stitch up.


... 'dual nationality'... the revolving doors of corporate lobbyists hiding stolen generations with their italian spin...


In a time of Brexit there's a lot of political grandstanding going on with politicians 'renouncing' citizenship, which is not the same as, and/or while trying to illegally force law abiding civilians to do the same.


Section 44 of the 'Australian' Constitution which addresses dual citizenship in 'Australian' politics, is an anomaly in a number of ways.


However, the sniveling of politicians over Section 44 is obviously a pitiful sideshow when compared to 'stolen generations' of children.


The unelected ‘British’ royalty who are not even considered terribly English in Europe, are obviously really a corporate colonial franchise, who still bizarrely purport they can unilaterally sack a democratically elected Prime Minister in Australia, for any reason, no questions asked.


... rather 'sidesteps' much, including the unelected british monarch purports to be able to fire australian politicians anyway...

The utter absurdity of Australian ‘politics’ which are still so completely subservient to Westminster in the modern world, only makes their latest stage-managed offering [below] over politicians ‘citizenship’ all the more disingenuous and meaningless.


All Australian politicians only answer directly to the British Crown anyway [rather than anyone who elects them] which is still very colonial.


The Brexit world of fantasy 'glosses' over the still colonial realities of Westminster, which is not a model of anything approaching any kind of democracy.


The unelected British monarchy have presumably acquired more 'dual nationalities' than anyone else in the world !! along with their unusual attached 'power' to unilaterally sack an elected Prime Minister in Australia.



The former Australian Prime Minister Mr Abbott who is both a royalist, and religious fanatic when it suits, [that includes being a devotee of Cardinal Pell originally from Ballarat, who returned from Rome on 9 July] only looks very insincere, launching stage-managed spin over politicians and -their- citizenship on 14 July 2017.


[It's only surprising that the Vatican's Cardinal Pell didn't hide away in an Ecuadorean embassy too]


... rather odd abbott didn't keep his own records...

Abbott knows the current British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson only recently 'renounced' his American citizenship in 2016, not because it was a legal impediment to him being in British politics, but because it was politically expedient for him to do so, in a time of Brexit.


This is all the more 'extraordinary' when you consider Johnson trying to sell the United States as the next best thing in terms of 'trade' deals and so on, despite having pretended to complain about the American 'tax regime'.



... johnson claims russian and turkish heritage too, with any british heritage clearly just currently being useful to try and cast off... other people's european union citizenship...

Of course Mr Abbott has never complained about the discrepancy between British and Australian politics, where he also strangely failed to keep any record himself, of his own alleged 'renouncing' of British citizenship when entering politics.

Instead Abbott spins his tale on 14 July 2017, based on a letter from the British government allegedly dated 7 January 2015.


Most people would have presumed Abbott would have had to show some evidence of his status -before- standing for public office, but apparently not.

This becomes all the more interesting since Daniel Taub was the British born and raised 'Israeli' Ambassador to the UK between 2011 - 2015 who also ‘renounced’ his British citizenship to enter politics, before Theresa May who was the same British Home Secretary and now Prime Minister -returned- his British citizenship.



... weasel words over -politicians- citizenship...


A pattern emerges.


All politicians and journalists are only really corporate lobbyists, who trade any old 'citizenship' among themselves, for public consumption, and as a corporate commodity.


Mark Regev, the current Israeli Ambassador to the UK was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and only renounced his Australian citizenship when he entered 'politics' via Israel.


His Israeli citizenship, like that of Daniel Taub was purely based on a religious claim, despite anyone being able to join or leave a religion on any given day.


It is impossible to understand how the British colony called Israel is anything but a European military garrison, who have imposed a dual 'legal' system.


All monarchs and politicians in Europe have always used religion as a tool to try and divide and rule people for a thousand years now.


In the Spanish Inquisition for example, anyone could under the banner of religion, accuse anyone of all sorts for any reason.

The recent various stories from Australian politicians like Mr Canavan, whose tall tale is simply not credible, are hiding ’stolen generations’ of... children.

The latest Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, would because of his age have British dual nationality through his maternal grandmother, which he is 'entitled' to that he hasn’t ‘renounced’.

The once Australian Rupert Murdoch who runs the ‘five eyes’ propaganda machine just buys whatever citizenship happens to suit him on any given day.


The 'majority British psyche':


... politicians and journalists have invented a whole mythical brexit fantasy world that 'airbrushes' little englanders in westminster and whoever their collaborators in 'politics happen to be at any given time, bully civilians, which is not the same as a 'united' kingdom ...


Brexit is obviously trying to 'shift' public opposition in the UK, that is naturally united against all politicians war mongering against civilian populations.


There has long been dual nationality between Australia and the UK in the form of a ‘right of abode’ which means Australian nationals who [depending on their age] have British parents/grandparents are the same as British nationals and so on and so forth.


[I originally only learned anything about the 'bureaucracy' of the Commonwealth because of various generations of family members inevitably having all sorts of different and overlapping 'nationalities' all over the place in 'modern' times]

The ‘renouncing’ of dual citizenships by those in ‘political’ office is a bit of a red herring really, because there are no legal obstacles to politicians reclaiming dual nationality in the revolving doors of ‘politics’ and ‘journalists’.

It was only more recently in the 1990’s that the bureaucracy of the Australia government caught up with and formally recognized what was really dual citizenship, because there is no legal difference in having right of abode and a British passport.

The Australian bureaucracy have never got round to amending the ‘Australian’ Constitution to reflect natural law so there is the anomalous and connected situation of a) politicians, but not b) the unelected ‘British’ Queen having to ‘renounce’ other citizenships in the still far from Commonwealth.


The British bureaucracy has grown so 'unwieldy' because of course they have recklessly invaded and occupied so many places, all around the world, they have just been making up whatever happens to suit politicians at any given time.



In fact, three recent Australian Prime Minister’s Julia Gillard from Barry in Wales, Tony Abbot who was born in London to British and Australian parents and Malcolm Turnbull who had a British grandmother, have all been dual nationals really under existing laws.



The British Commonwealth connection to the 'colonies' for civilians generally only now extends to children born in the UK or for example Australia, to a mother [used to be maternal grandparents too] who is British and/or legally resident in the UK/a dual national.

So the latest anomalous -Italian- spin really is just political, because there is no problem per se, outside ‘politics’ in being a dual national, which reflects people’s real lives in a world no human made.

The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is always more important than corporate politics to any decent and civilized law abiding civilian anyway.

There is an all to easy to see, far wider failure in colonial ‘politics’ to catch up with the modern interconnected world because an obvious question remains over how on earth can an unelected ‘British’ monarch sack a democratically elected Australian Prime Minister ?

The multiple layers of politics in Australia haven’t made much real progress in responsible administrative governance, while they have been busy with their social engineering to suit political ends.

What is called the ‘Australian’ Constitution is actually still completely British, while the British ‘Privy’ Council legal system remains a colonial throwback of increasingly doubtful legal standing.


The British legal system is a deliberate omnishambles.


The most likely reason that Section 44 hasn't been amended is because it would inevitably draw attention again to the role of the British 'monarchy' in Australian 'politics'.


The Commonwealth is unnecessarily very backward when it comes to realistically addressing anything to do with the anachronism of the British monarchy in this day and age, which has nothing to do with whoever happens to be the monarch.


In real terms it just means they continue rejecting the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


In Australia, they should at the very least, just open up the 'Constitution' to some form of public consultation.

Of course a British and Australian dual national who is a political exile of European ‘extraction’ etc with children who have additional nationalities, has a whole different set of practical difficulties to reconcile because of corporate politicians.


My own experience includes there is fundamentally the underlying problem of politicians passing fraudulent corporate legislation that dishonestly purports law abiding civilians are ‘criminals’ so they can use state violence against you.


In fact, the reality law abiding civilians can have dual nationality and/or even European Union citizenship does not necessarily mean people always have the choices other people might assume they do.


I was living in New Zealand before having returned to the UK, just before Blair came to power followed by his War on Terror on law abiding civilians everywhere, and what is really his Brexit.



... there was obviously no way blair could front his brexit that he was the architect of, on his way out the door, that is such a classic divide and rule...


The British politicians were always trying to force both Brian and I into political 'exile' while of course the Australian government didn't want me there either etc etc etc.


I would never deny I am European, but that isn't always necessarily the same as where one might want to be for personal reasons, because the reality of humans and life is we are all a rich tapestry.


There are inevitably two very conflicting worlds of what can be administrative governance and corporate 'politics' which Brexit has brought into stark relief too.


Brexit Boris is a supreme hypocrite who having form trying to change the whole history of English ‘land law’ to try and illegally ‘remove’ Brian and myself, now rants on about the evils of European Union citizenship !! for law abiding civilians.

No-one has ever stopped him renouncing his own European Union citizenship either, that interestingly no-one has seen -any- British politicians actually do with their whole Brexit bullying that has only once again been maliciously targeting law abiding... civilians.


The British Prime Minister having similarly lectured everyone on the evils of the EU, while alternating between playing the victim or being an innocent bystander, along with saying what a wonderful opportunity Brexit will be for politicians to go out into the world beyond Europe, is of course spending her whole summer holidays on the continent in the... EU.

Politicians and journalists where those like Boris Johnson are both, are very strange and unpleasant beasts indeed.


The incredibly myopic history that British politicians impose in schools is such crass and unadulterated propaganda that is such a load of old cobblers, it really doesn't travel well beyond the echo chambers of Westminster.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!