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The British Parliament were obviously always desperate to stop my 10 April 2008 High Court Order that is really a lawsuit.


It proves Labour and Tory and their agent provocateurs worked together, illegally trying to stop the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005.


... stolen generations...


The accompanying Spanish Inquisition in which politicians jackboots can make any false allegation they like to arbitrarily unlawfully arrest anyone, meaning you have to prove your innocence, if you ever even get the opportunity to, is ss 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005.


... the arbitrary -unfettered- weasel words of the spanish inquisition where anyone can make any false allegation they like against anyone...


It should never be accepted that politicians can just pass legislation to maliciously call law abiding civilians 'criminals' so they can use state violence against them.




On 25 May 2010, the media machine could not swing into action at their State Opening -unless- I was unlawfully arrested.


This was because Westminster had suddenly 'adjourned' a trial on 29 April 2010, involving their illegal use of agent provocateurs, with the lie the police officer [Cole] below who was involved in everything, had gone on holiday -after- agreeing a trial date.


Of course, it was really an admission we had won.


So their MI5 Democracy Village zombies [who are the one and same as Peacestrike] landed in Parliament Square on 1 May 2010 to build a city to try and take us out.




The government had effectively created a 'sterile zone' in Parliament Square on the morning of 25 May 2010.


I can't identify anyone with the MI5 'Democracy Village' on the morning of 25 May 2010, who wasn't part of the undercover operation, when the government would have been careful to avoid having outsiders present, because that is a variable they could not control.


[The homeless people who they used, mostly came from local hostels, who were told they would get pushed up the housing ladder etc, if they did as they were told]


On 25 May 2010, what is recorded, is the MI5 'Democracy Village' know they are legally busted, including on camera, so that whatever they unlawfully arrest me for, which they could only try and launder through the Magistrates Courts, would not keep me from going... to the High Court.


[They didn't foresee that I would get out Cole's -latest- lying witness statement [he is the link between Blair's Labour & Livingstone et al & the Tories Vitol Oil] to read to camera, which is why he is told not to dare try and search my tent, while I am there]


... the 'holiday'... unlawfully arrested -because- I am explaining Cole's involvement in the conspiracy, to people incl. police cameras !...


The BBC government media machine couldn't publish anything at their State Opening unless they had unlawfully arrested me, because I was explaining what was going on:


... just relentless state abuse...


He couldn't go near my tent while I was there, after what I had read out.


I did law, while the jackboots just 'followed orders' from politicians and media barons.


As fast as they dreamed up one abuse after another, they were always busted.


When Cole unlawfully arrested me, based on his own false allegation of -S5 Public Order- the video shows I immediately pointed out Cole couldn't arrest me because he didn't have a 'complainant'.


That is when a member of MI5 'Democracy Village' couldn't step forward fast enough as the 'complainant' against me, everyone also illegally refused to identify because they are an undercover.


They are not called agent provocateurs for no reason.


... cole unlawfully arrests me, while i am holding onto !! his -latest- !! lying witness statement... where i have earlier, read out the relevant part to police camera so he doesn't go near my tent while i am there...


They were never going to let anything that happened be aired in any High court.


... the MET Police, Dan Viesnik filming and... BBC in background... no-where near me when i am unlawfully arrested...


The BBC, MET Police and Democracy Village are a busted flush covering up the 'complainant' behind my unlawful arrest was a... member of Democracy Village.


It is commonsense, real campaigners don't step forward to be 'complainants' helping the MET police, unlawfully arrest anyone.


But -I- do have the 10 April 2008 High Court Order [incl. against the police officer who had just unlawfully arrested me]:


the bbc illegally edited and maliciously published a false account of my arrest to omit the basic fact the 'complainant' against me was a member of 'democracy village'...


They were all working together to hide the -basic- fact that I was unlawfully arrested because of a 'complainant' from MI5 'Democracy Village' because that kind of gives away what is going on.


The only reason they hid the truth was because they were all a busted flush.


In fact Cole is using the Spanish Inquisition of ss 110 5(e) 2005 to unlawfully 'arrest' me and make up anything, because he knows what he will do is what happens later, when he invents an alleged 'obstruct pc' because that is imprisonable.


... the agent provocateur [circled] who eagerly stepped forward to be the MET Police's 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest...


They grab you on anything using the ss 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 'prompt and effective investigation' legal woo, to make up something -later- to try and illegally imprison you.


They did all know what they were doing.



... agent provocateurs...


I wasn't interviewed during the thirty six hours I was illegally detained in police 'custody' before being illegally charged, because they were only trying to work out what they could do/get away with.


... i had been lawfully blowing the whistle on the agent provocateur above since 13 january 2010 !!...


It is not the case that it is lawful for police to deny you the right to a defence in police custody, so they can churn you through the corporate sausage machine.


It's a set piece, where in this instance on 25 May 2010, they had to use undercovers too.




8 AUGUST 2010



[8 August 2010, is another example of the sick and evil agent provocateur above a) filming the attack she orchestrated on Brian to b) have Brian unlawfully arrested.


This was after I had been illegally denied legal representation in the High Court on 23 June 2010 when I started blowing the whistle in the High Court, so Democracy Village had to lose fast.


The Chief agent provocateur above having Brian unlawfully arrested on 8 August 2010:


... 8 August 2010... the agent provocateurs didn't want footage in the high court of them filming !! their sick attack on an old man on crutches who had cancer, when they had him maliciously charged, for goodness sakes.


On 8 August 2010, Brian had called me when I was having a shower at a friends, which he never did, so I had come back and taken a look at his video showing Democracy Village attacking him... hours earlier. So I just immediately moved in to remove the drunken Captagon kids who were off their faces, because I knew the video showed I had legal grounds, and they were causing Brian huge distress etc.


[It was incredibly disgusting, what they had said about me, behind my back, that was sexually explicit, the government didn't want shown to any High Court jury either]


The video shows when they realized I was just going to remove them, they then just attacked Brian and made up false allegations against him, while the police inevitably refused to look at the video footage. When Brian was maliciously charged while he was in hospital with cancer which caused him huge additional distress, I just told the MET and Corbyn's henchman Starmer who was Head of the CPS then, the footage was going in the High Court and they dropped the malicious prosecution against Brian and ran like rats.


Brian had two lots of lawyers at that time [Birnberg Pierce and Birds] who were absolutely useless and desperate to run.





The first time I met a Dan Viesnik was when he turned up outside Holloway Prison in...  April 2008 when I was released after being illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial.



I thought it was odd a complete stranger who had never supported Brian or myself turned up, but didn't really think anything more about it when we all went across the road to the pub. He was just hanging around listening to what we were saying.


I did however, always think he was creepy, because he is creepy.


When he was present and directly involved in filming -and- covering up my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010 resulted from a 'complainant' from his MI5 'Democracy Village' where he was actively working with the MET Police to try and illegally imprison me later in 2011 through the Magistrates Courts, after Brian died !! without legal representation or trial, AGAIN, I knew exactly what he was, that was seriously creepy.


Dan Viesnik was working with Cole et al too.


It was all about the 10 April 2008 High Court Order etc.


They wouldn't release me on 25 May 2010, until they had brought something against me in the High Court, to try and delay my 10 April 2008 High Court Order that is really a lawsuit.




They didn't want to release me on 25 May 2010, and risk my getting to the High Court, first over 25 May 2010 etc too !! which was so directly connected to April 2008.




[In August 2011, when I managed to slap them with a lawsuit on 17 August 2011, via another High Court Order, Cole stole all our campaign property while I was in Holloway Prison and then in September 2011, the first thing Cole did -literally- the minute I was released from Holloway Prison, was wade into Parliament Square, to try and stop me going... to the High Court.]


On 26 May 2010, the Tory Mayor of London brought a malicious prosecution against Brian and I that everyone publicly claimed was about a bye-law and trespass etc, that the court records prove was really about ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005.


They brought the malicious prosecution on 26 May 2010, before they released me, to stop me getting to the High Court first over 25 May 2010.



... rebecca hall is part of the MI5 'Democracy Village' posse heard on the camera they didn't know was still recording, supporting cole and their 'complainant' with their unlawful arrest of me...


It is well established that when I was then in the High Court still blowing the whistle on the illegal use of agent provocateurs etc, I was illegally stopped from giving evidence and illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010.


... rebecca hall [on the right] is recorded complaining about me with cole and the 'complainant' after they have unlawfully arrested me, when they don't know the camera they have taken off me, that brian had handed to me, is still recording !!...


The Mayor of London's lawyer Mr Hanson who was a partner at Evershed's had to do a bunk and was bunged money to set up his own law firm when they are a busted flush, because what is -missing- from his 'Statement of Truth' dated 26 May 2010 before I was released, proves he is really trying to cover up my April 10 2008 High Court Order !!


They were big on trying to gas us in the Square by illegally trying to force us to be just on the pavement, because their one way traffic system led to their London buses spewing out their thick black 'particulates' directly on to us:


... an extraordinarily 'convoluted' way of bringing a malicious prosecution over ss 132-138 socpa 2005 really, against brian and myself...


They reduced their purported ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 'zone' that they claimed extended to 1km around Parliament to a sliver on a... pavement.


[Of course that was before they passed their retrospective legislation purporting it was a 'crime' to have any shelter of any kind]


The 8 March 2007 emails [which are all about our tents] that were not disclosed until September 2010 are 'missing' from Hanson's 'Statement of Truth' because they show Livingstone violently attacking us because he and the MET Police could not prosecute Brian and I for any breach of ss 13-138 SOCPA 2005.


... 26 may 2010... hanson later does a bunk because he did not reasonably believe his 'statement of truth' was remotely true [so the mayor of london later brought in tfl lawyers]...



I put it on the High Court record and said it to the 'Judge' that they were trying to gas us:


... their state run gas chamber on the busiest roundabout in central london...


The Labour Mayor of London had violently attacked us repeatedly  without taking us to court, in 2007, because they all knew they couldn't take us to court.


It was a legal impossibility in 2010 to try and replace ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 with a High Court injunction over a bye-law, all to try and -imprison- us, which they could never say was proportionate under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005.


They could never prosecute us using their High Court injunction, including because then they would have to give us legal representation which was what they were trying to avoid doing.


We proved that whatever the illegal legislation was they used against us, it wasn't about removing banners or umbrellas, but about illegally 'removing' the person.


I walked the talk over repeal.


... low... when my best friend was dying...


They tried to illegally remove me on January 16 2012 which was the most incredible accumulation of all evil acting in Contempt of my 17 August 2011 lawsuit, incl. because they did not want me and our banners to still be there when they had to finally repeal ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 on 31 March 2012 etc.


It was my 17 August 2011 lawsuit that finally forced the overt agent provocateurs into retreat.


There is something very, very wrong with a -government- that is so seriously dysfunctional, an entirely law abiding civilian can be unlawfully 'arrested' forty eight times, that required the most relentlessly appalling abuse of all due process from the entire apparatus of a state, all because the government didn't want to repeal multi-billion dollar corporate legislation.


The British Parliament's dirty tricks department, who do all sorts are pure evil, because all they are trying to do is break you in any way they can find.


It wasn't like it wasn't all 'hidden' in plain sight really.


In our case, not a single politician could ever say they did not see and know what they were doing.


It's an undeniable fact it really is a witch-hunt when a state violently arrests a law abiding civilian forty eight times !! just to try and stop them forcing a repeal of corporate legislation.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!