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Brexit has highlighted that European Union legal systems like the ECJ are more progressive in recognizing civilians rights and freedoms, like the fundamental legal reality of EU citizenship, than the UK which clings to it’s archaic arbitrary colonial ‘legal’ system.




You only have to look at the likes of the still colonial British 'Privy' Council 'legal' system in the UK, to see what lying hypocrites the UK are over the ECJ naturally having jurisdiction over EU citizenship.


It's one of those 'quirks' that the British 'Privy' Council sit in the Supreme Court who have always dishonestly purported since their moving from the House of Lords into the Guildhall, that their address is Parliament Square in Central London.


The still very much colonial UK is a country where the unelected monarch can still oust a democratically elected government in somewhere like Australia, which they did with Gough Whitlam.


The unelected monarchy still make their obscene annual pilgrimage to Westminster Abbey on their far from 'Commonwealth' Day, to I kid you not, celebrate the slaughter of indigenous people all around the world.


The unelected House of Lords which is only stuffed full of corruption could hardly be called progressive.


Blair's henchman Lord Kerr got his gong for writing the classic divide and rule of Article 50 for dictators, while he sat on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission along with lucrative directorships at Shell and Rio Tinto.


It is legally impossible to claim Article 50 was devised with the rights and freedoms of law abiding civilians in mind.


Brexit Britain with it's unparalleled off-shore banking empire has a long history of just going wherever it can to make a fast buck laundered through the City of London.


The 'War on Terror' was used to transform the whole British 'legal' system into a corporate enterprise of unparalleled racketeering.




S110 5(e) Serious Organized Crime & Police Act 2005


British politicians significantly changed legislation so that ss 110 5(e) of the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005 purported that the police could -arrest- anyone on the spurious grounds of 'investigating' anything.


Their weasel words to allow a 'prompt and effective' investigation are very far reaching, including shifting the onus onto civilians to 'prove' their innocence.


... british politicians have stretched the word 'offence' to mean anything they can personally financially profit from or raise revenue out of, where their collaborators, like police, prosecutors and judges etc are all making money too...


In practice this meant the state could and did as we proved unlawfully 'arrest' anyone [like ourselves] to put people through their whole sausage machine, including all sorts of other corporate legislative frauds too.


We did prove that it wasn't 'necessary' or 'proportionate' to arrest us for peacefully campaigning, which then showed that politicians and police etc who were defeated on that point, unlawfully arrested us on any other spurious grounds they could find.


This was the same legislation where we forced the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005


One example of the abuse of s110 (5e) of SOCPA 2005 is 25 May 2010.


When the corrupt police officer is recorded using the weasel words 'prompt and effective investigation' when he unlawfully arrests me on the false allegation of S5 Public Order, he doesn't know he is later recorded, then just making up whatever -additional- false allegations he feels like.


The best the corrupt police officer could really do was issue a summons over an alleged S5 Public Order [where he already knew my name] which of course he knew he couldn't do because he would only look like an idiot.


So he really uses ss 110 (5e) SOCPA 2005 to unlawfully arrest me, for the express purpose of later inventing -additional- false allegations.


The MET Police are only accomplished liars.


What is notable is that Cole knows he has to make up an additional 'imprisonable' offence [obstruct pc] because otherwise he knows he hasn't even got a hope in hell of holding me for long, or in fact to try and remand me to prison which is what he wanted to do.


This is because I am recorded immediately pointing out that he cannot arrest me for a S5 Public Order, allegedly against himself !! at which point an agent provocateur from the MI5 'Democracy Village' then comes forward as the 'complainant' which is still going to cause them all huge legal difficulties.


The agent provocateur was only hanging around the illegal police searches of Brian and my campaign property, that was nothing to do with the MI5 'Democracy Village' to assist the police as the recorded video of their collaboration with the police and hostility towards us, makes clear.


It is the politicians who purport through s 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005, that the police are free to arbitrarily make up anything they like about anyone without any evidence of any kind.


On 25 May 2010, there was no prompt let alone effective 'investigation' of any kind because while I was illegally held on the false allegation of s5 Public Order for 36 hours, where they just made up additional false allegations too, I was never interviewed about anything, before just being 'charged' with whatever they liked !!


The police actions only involved complete malice because they are 'following orders' from politicians.


The point is politicians only intend to use a far from legal system as a violent and oppressive weapon against law abiding civilians.


All British politicians have deliberately sought to put all law abiding civilians in the position of being labelled and treated as 'criminal suspects' for the purposes of corporate revenue raising.


That was undeniable in our own cases.


The politicians original malice that only escalated, was focused on the fact we were always going to force the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 that we had very swiftly exposed was incompatible with the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The British politicians didn't want to accept that we lawfully challenged ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, so they threw their whole corrupt sausage machine at us.


When the starting point was that s 110 5(e) SOCPA 2005 corporate legislation was illegally used against peaceniks, that tells everyone it's only intention towards everyone is malice.




The Brexit British politicians are the bullies playing the victim canard, while trying to destroy law abiding civilians important rights and freedoms.


The British politicians know that they have no legal grounds for lying to the public, to cause law abiding civilians serious identifiable harm.


The British 'Human Rights Act' with it's 'margin of appreciation' that the UK 'interpret' so widely as to mean the rule of law doesn't exist, was only invented to make it as hard as possible for civilians to go directly to the European Courts, which they could previously do.


The EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms is not matched by anything remotely comparable in the UK.


There has long been no polite way of saying "the British legal system is a universal disgrace that serves no justifiable democratic purpose whatsoever".


The real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is the complete opposite of the dictators mob rule mantra will of the people woo.


The Brexit grandstanding ignores that the Lisbon Treaty was made under the auspices of the ECJ so that European Union citizenship remains a legal reality for anyone in the European Union who wants it, that politicians cannot undo.


24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!