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The Tories colluded with Labour on 10 April 2008, to try and illegally stop lawsuits against Labour’s Blair, Stake-knife Corbyn & Livingstone & Co and the Tories 'Sir' Alan Vitol Oil Duncan and Boris Johnson which is why I was given the High Court Order in April 2008.  


The Labour and Tory 'marriage of convenience' has always refused to ‘comply’ with the High Court Order from 2008, because it is really a massive lawsuit.

... Blair’s undoing was the fraudulent corporate ‘War on Terror’ legislation against we peaceniks...


It was always a legal impossibility to explain how I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in April 2008.


What they did was all done under the cover of the London Mayoralty election in 2008, just like the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ [which led to the linked 17 August 2011 lawsuit] was done under the cover of the 2010 election, which produced a ‘hung parliament’.  

The 8 March 2007 emails [that were only disclosed in -September 2010-] do prove Blair was working with Stake-knife Corbyn and Livingstone et al.


Corbyn was always such a dreadful fraud, lying to our faces !! posing as anti-war, while really working with Blair and the unions to try and remove us, because they were all silent about the unions being exempt from the fraudulent legislation violently used against us.


There was nothing even remotely anti-war about Stake-knife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition.


[The first question I had asked when I discovered Brian was, where was the STWC helping him ? The leadership of the STWC were people who talked big about for example the long picket against apartheid outside the South African embassy, who were no-where to be seen in Parliament Square over the illegal Iraq War, which defined the times we live in]


Whoever people 'believe' was behind the 7/7 terror attack in 2005, which coincided with Blair & Co's fraudulent legislation against Brian, it proved that law abiding civilians needed to be standing alongside Brian to try and protect rights and freedoms to really try and save civilians lives everywhere.


The leadership of the UK STWC were no-where to be seen, because the 8 March 2007 emails prove they were working with Blair, trying to get rid of Brian all along !!


It wasn't until 17 August 2007 that Livingstone came out of the closet, then openly attacking us too -after- Blair was forced to resign in June 2007, which became Livingstone's downfall too [when I finally had to make the lawful citizen's arrest of him in April 2008 to try and stop his violence]

We had won big time at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 [the day Brown signed Article 50 which is really just divide and rule propaganda that lacks any legal substance] which included Charing Cross Police Station being 'disbanded' from the top down because of the obvious corruption involved.

It is as we proved is self evident, illegal to make fraudulent corporate legislation to violently attack law abiding civilians.

Livingstone was well and truly legally finished when he a) illegally tried to repeatedly ’remove’ us in 2007 without taking us to court b) while running an undercover operation where I was violently punched in the head on 17 August 2007 and he disappeared the assailant through Palace of Westminster and Charing Cross Police c) before he later unlawfully arrested myself and then much later Brian, to try and cover everything up, which fell apart by the end of October 2007.


There was no way Livingstone was ever going to take us to court, because he could only expose he wasn't anti-war !!

Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn who was running the government STWC front along with Livingstone who was Mayor of London were always all working together.

The Palace of Westminster Police and Tory Vitol Oil Duncan then colluded in making a false allegation of S5 Public Order against me in February 2008 that they knew would never fly by the time it got to the High Court, that would result in serious legal ‘difficulties’ for the Tories.

In fact the Tory Vitol Oil Duncan [who knowingly lied in the press] had unknown to me got out of a taxi behind me and instead of going through the pedestrian entrance to enter the Houses of Parliament, came up to and around me through the vehicular gates with what the sequence of events prove was the express purpose of later making what they all knew was a false allegation of S5 Public Order.

They couldn’t unlawfully arrest me at the time because what they claimed happened, never happened.

The Tory Alan Duncan actually went out of his way to come up to and pass through a group of around seven of us campaigning by Carriage Gates.

He couldn’t complain under the S5 Public Order Act about anything that was said by anyone, where I was only one of around seven people. There were quite a few police present and there was nothing at all unusual about anything.

I was much later, actually unlawfully arrested by Belgravia Police, along with two other members, out of seven members of our campaign present at the time including Brian, on the obviously false pretext of an unlawful demonstration in Parliament Square.

It was hardly new that a) we were campaigning 24/7 in errr... Parliament Square outside the British Houses of Parliament !! and b) nor was it uncommon for MP’s to be going in and out of the Houses of Parliament !!

It was Palace of Westminster Police who called Belgravia Police to incredibly have me unlawfully arrested for an ‘unauthorised demonstration’ in Parliament Square !! which no-one could conceivably have possibly believed they could do.

They couldn’t even serve me a summons over that garbage.

They just wanted to unlawfully ‘arrest’ me to have me in police ‘custody’.

[It was the same day they had ‘suddenly adjourned’ another malicious prosecution that had already been ‘stopped’ once because of judicial and police corruption, they wanted to keep out of the High Court, after December 2007]

The ‘unauthorized demonstration’ in Parliament Square was an obvious false pretext that had to be dropped and the other two campaigners faced no charge, while I was after nearly twenty four hours of being illegally detained, unlawfully arrested over a different, alleged S5 Public Order complaint, made by the Tories Vitol Oil Duncan.

I had just asked Cole who was the same police officer in the Livingstone posse for a copy of the ‘witness statement’ that when he gave it to me I just ripped it in two without saying a word, while returning to the police cell.

It was such obvious corruption.

Cole came waddling after me ‘further arresting me for criminal damage’ which went no-where.

The facts amounted to such straight up and very serious collusion over corruption that was so obvious could never be laundered through all the courts, let alone so soon after December 2007.

So the Tories and Vitol Oil knew it was only a matter of time before they were going to face a massive lawsuit too.

Livingstone already knew he was facing a massive lawsuit.


When I very publicly made a lawful citizen’s arrest of Livingstone in April 2008 in Parliament Square, to try and stop any further serious violence against us, and when he was accompanied by ITV and was straight on his mobile phone to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, he knew that he was legally finished then.

The Commissioner of the MET Police had his own problems after December 2007 so the best he could do was use armed police from Palace of Westminster etc to extricate Livingstone as they all ran !!


They couldn't arrest me for anything.



They obviously didn’t want the alliance between Blair, Corbyn and Livingstone exposed in front of a High Court jury.

On April 10 2008, Labour and Tories entered into a 'marriage of convenience' because they both faced massive lawsuits involving -politicians- using their public roles for personal financial gain.

There was incontrovertible evidence of -politicians- directly attacking us in their personal capacities.

They came legally unstuck because I was unlawfully imprisoned without legal representation or trial over an alleged S5 Public Order that they tried to use as cover to illegally -deport- me.

They had nothing of substance against me at all.

They had to bribe many public officials.

When they had initially dumped me at Holloway Prison in 2008, the staff had refused to admit me because the paperwork made it legally impossible to do, because you cannot even be imprisoned for a S5 Public Order !!


There were a lot of phone calls back and forth between staff at Holloway Prison before the staff finally admitted me.

When the blues brothers from MI5 visited me in prison with the Kafkaesque spiel that a) they had no record of my existing in the UK !! which was seriously dishonest while b) I was being illegally imprisoned in Holloway, they just couldn’t make the spin fly.

The Prison governor, who illegally held onto the Habeas Corpus paperwork, tried to make me sign a ‘waiver’ over her being bribed, before I was released, which I refused to do.


It was the shamefully corrupt Prison governor herself who illegally with-held the Habeas Corpus paperwork from me, until I was released !!

The prison staff were all talking about what was going on and indeed volunteering the information that very big bribes were being paid.

The High Court had to give me a High Court Order in 2008 which is really a lawsuit.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police’s solicitor Sarah Winfield aka the Windbag, strangely tried attacking me outside the courtroom, before being restrained and taken away by the Commissioner’s bent brief Adam Clemens.

Boris Johnson always behaved in such an obsessively unhinged manner towards us that is very well documented in public records, because we always knew the ‘secret’ about how he became Mayor of London by bribing public officials too.

It is self-evident that Cameron making the illegal ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 that led to Brown using torture to try and cause my organ failure and death on 3 & 4 September 2009 at Belgravia Police Station, before the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ on 1 May 2010, was still trying to cover up that High Court Order over 10 April 2008.

The MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was unsuccessfully used to try and ‘launder’ over/through the High Court Order from 2008, where they just ended up with the -additional- High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 that they have always acted in Contempt of.


The Leader of Westminster Council Colin Barrow was in Parliament Square on 16 January 2012 when he was forced to resign because they were acting in Contempt of my High Court jury lawsuit too.


The Metropolitan Police Authority 're-branded' themselves MOPAC at the stroke of midnight on 16 January 2012, because they had acted in Contempt of the High Court jury lawsuits too.


The current Prime Minister who was the MI5 Home Secretary was writing a seriously disingenuous email on 17 January 2012, after they had failed to remove me, trying to pretend that she hadn't acted in Contempt of my High Court jury lawsuit.


The corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions 'Sir' Kier Starmer made his 'career' out of being paid to try and cover up from December 2005 going from Head of Doughty Chambers to becoming Head of the DPP, which is the Crown Persecution Service, and then MP and Corbyn's Brexit pointman.


You don't ever hear them cheering us repealing their fraudulent corporate legislation, because they did all personally profit financially from it.

The MET & City of London Police ‘ambush’ on 10 April 2013 using the 'secret' 666 police because I went to the High Court, was obviously part of the same deceit.

The British Parliament could not even begin to claim they 'reasonably believed' a police officer wearing the fake numbers 666 was acting in the lawful execution of any public duty for goodness sakes.


They had all long been acting in Contempt of the lawsuits that we had so obviously won, because they only want to keep attacking law abiding civilians.







24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!