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It is only a very strange person who would claim Blair has ever been opposed to Brexit’s Article 50 divide and rule in any way, because he was the architect of it, on his way out the door over the Iraq War.

The Tories triggered Article 50 because they are hiding behind Blair & Co.


... 'westminster village' is a cabal of revolving doors between 'politicians' and 'journalists' who are all corporate 'lobbyists' working together against any and all law abiding civilians...


Blair has never stood for law abiding civilians freedoms and rights anywhere, and nor has any other politician either.


Whoever people choose to believe was behind 7/7 in the UK, which 'coincided' with the British Parliament introducing fraudulent corporate legislation maliciously targeting Brian in 2005, what that terror attack did prove was that law abiding civilians really needed to peacefully stand up alongside Brian, to protect rights and freedoms, to try and save defenceless civilian lives everywhere.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London, where less than a year later on 23 May 2006, it was the 7/7 Gold Commander Asst. Commissioner Allison outrageously trying to illegally 'remove' we errr... peaceniks !!


... when the 7/7 Gold Commander was at Hendon Police 'Academy' in 1984 ! only learning how to be an accomplished liar unquestioningly 'following orders' from politicians at great public expense, I was in the Middle East, including Gaza, learning what was really going on...


My first pink sequinned banner which said it all really, was "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal" [because ss 132-138 of the fraudulent legislation that included law abiding civilians, was disgracefully called the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005]


When we comprehensively beat Blair, Brown, Livingstone and Stake-knife Corbyn & Co in the courts -culminating- with our win on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court over their dirty tricks department, on the same day Brown was late signing their Lisbon Treaty, it was the Tories who came to their 'rescue' colluding with them against we peaceniks too.


One can only observe it would certainly get interesting if people started suing politicians for libel [comes with a High Court jury, which would be a fast track to repeal] when they maliciously pass fraudulent corporate legislation that very seriously tries to dishonestly portray law abiding civilians as 'criminals' which attracts all the accompanying state violence etc etc etc.


[The Crown Persecution Service astonishingly once published a libelous hit piece about me on their own website !! in 2007, which the Head of their 'Special Crime Division' did have to remove, when I served them and interestingly their lawyers who were not from the CPS, with a Letter of Claim for Libel]


If the government had to a) use jury trials over the fraudulent War on Terror legislation they invented and -violently- used against us we forced the repeal of, and or b) the legal proceedings were filmed, they would never have been able to use the legislation, let alone for so long, because they just conducted the most incredibly corrupt show trials.


When Cameron publicly made the seriously illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to just 'remove' us, without articulating any legal grounds whatsoever, it took all of less than two months to establish that what all the politicians really meant was they wanted to murder us, because they tortured me to try and cause organ failure and death in Belgravia Police Station on September 3 & 4 2009. 


I only survived that attempt on my own life because Brian heard me scream out, so he became a witness to something happening, and they knew they couldn't get away with murdering us both at the same time.


Brian died on 18 June 2011 because he hadn't had all the medical treatment he had needed for a long time, that he would have had if the lawsuits had been settled. It was the police attacking him on 5 May 2008 that led to the 'catastrophic breakdown in his immune system'.


The court records prove that Boris Johnson and the British government spent considerable sums of public money trying to hide the connection between the police attacking Brian and the catastrophic breakdown in his immune system.


The police attack on Brian happened when Boris Johnson assumed public office as Mayor of London where his seriously unhinged obsession against Brian and myself is obviously widely publicly documented.

The obvious reason Boris Johnson was particularly desperate to get rid of us was because of course we did know the truth about how he really became Mayor of London.


Brian's original corrupt lawyers Bindmans only made a pretence until September 2009, they were dealing with Brian's lawsuits, that they could never go near 23 May 2006 over, because that is when all the corruption incl. theirs is so obvious. They should have immediately gone to the High Court in 2006 !! with a High Court jury lawsuit when the MET police unlawfully arrested me on 23 May 2006, knowing as proved to be the case, they couldn't find anything to charge me with.


The partner at Bindmans called Tony Murphy couldn't cover up what he had been involved in, during 2006, so he went to Bhatt Murphy and they brought in a Chez Cotton from Bhatt Murphy who just refused point blank to deal with my lawsuits, without being able to give any reason and although most of my lawsuits were obviously joined with Brian's.


Of course the reason Bindmans could never represent me with my lawsuits was because they could never explain why -they- didn't go to the High Court on 24 May 2006 !! instead of taking all the brown envelopes.


The British government have spent very considerable sums of public money trying to find ways of refusing to hand over the CCTV of what they did to me in September 2009 because it is too clear-cut what they did.


Even when Bindmans were fired we still couldn't get rid of them because then they represented the government's covert operation being used against us from 1 May 2010 called [MI5] 'Democracy Village' because Bindmans still had to keep trying to cover up what they had done !!


When Birnberg Pierce came into the picture after September 2009 all they were trying to do was cover up for Bindmans et al because the whole Westminster racket is about ripping off law abiding civilians.


It is a matter of public record Bindmans, and indeed no other law firm, ever tried to help us force the repeal of fraudulent corporate legislation, being violently used against us, because they are on public record 'conceding' what we did not.


The big 'human rights' law firms in London were not singing our praises when we forced the repeal because it showed them up for the frauds they are too.


It remains very unusual for law abiding civilians, who a) had no legal training whatsoever, let alone b) legal representation, to have forced the repeal of War on Terror legislation.


The fact that fraudulent corporate legislation leads to so many levels of corporate racketeering is why it needs to be viewed very seriously by responsible adults.


Politicians and journalists are all too often unquestioningly bandying around the word 'criminal' when referring to law abiding civilians, just because self-serving politicians have written something down on a scrap of paper that is then called legislation.


All the politicians know they can lazily write any old garbage down on a piece of paper targeting law abiding civilians, that law abiding civilians then have to go to all the very real and considerable effort to repeal.


My own observation is that the revolving doors between politicians and journalists, where a politician who also poses as a journalist can use both hats to sell their own lies, do actively try and seriously mislead the public over legislation.


They pompously call legislation 'law' which is not the same as the peace and harmony of the rule of law which is about checks and balances and safeguards, that are more often than not completely missing from their legislation, and not by accident.


In 2007 when we really did spend all our time in police cells or courts there was a remarkably corrupt attempt to keep us out of the High Court in our 'ground-breaking' Contempt of Court case. They changed twenty-three years of case law and the letter 'a' in their own forty year old legislation, to give what was really a completely false impression for public consumption, they could keep our case out of the High Court.


In that instance they particularly didn't want the truth of what had really been going on in the Magistrates Court who don't keep honest contemporaneous records 'aired' on the court record in the High Court.


It was always difficult for the High Court to try and 'translate' the garbage that went on in the Magistrates Court into some sort of High Court record they could actually dare publish, while still calling any of them 'courts of law'.


Of course Westminster's chief goat Lord Neuberger finally came a cropper himself, when he tried spinning Boris & Co's malicious High Court injunction at us in the Court of Appeal in 2011, that we proved they couldn't use, because then they would have to give us legal representation !! which was what everything was all about avoiding... at any cost.


Lord Neuberger illegally refused us legal representation to bring an appeal [which wasn't his place to do] which actually only meant they couldn't use what they did obviously know anyway, was a fraudulent High Court injunction over being a 'Royal Eyesore' !!.


There's something seriously dysfunctional about a 'legal system' that while being cheered on by politicians and journalists, tries to maliciously prosecute [and imprison, because it was an injunction we were talking about] law abiding civilians for being a 'Royal Eyesore'.


Once Brian and I had managed to detach ourselves from the government's MI5 'Democracy Village' because I started [or rather kept] lawfully blowing the whistle on them in the High Court on 21 June 2010, after I had already started doing that on 13 January 2010 in legal proceedings that were suddenly 'adjourned' on 29 April 2010, we weren't actually found 'guilty' of causing any identifiable harm.


The courts had managed to drop everyone incl. themselves completely in it by 2011, with a) the High Court 'Judge' trying to conflate a High Court injunction over an alleged 'trespass' with ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 [which we forced the repeal of] which was pointedly never ever used against their MI5 'Democracy Village' while b) raising the spectre/spectacle of the linked High Court jury lawsuit with Westminster Council which they obviously had to withdraw because they lost !! that became our lawsuit against everyone.


The 2011 'ruling' actually turned out to be useful to us, for the purposes of our lawsuit because it shows just -how- everyone was really working together in the most despicable manner possible.


Despite all their ducking and diving at massive public expense, we eventually managed to use a High Court Order to slap everyone with a lawsuit, the High Court were forced to admit had to go ahead.


It was really shocking what we went through that should never have been allowed to happen just because some lying self-serving politicians wrote garbage down on a piece of paper and called it legislation.


It was never the case that it was not known what was going on.


None of it could have happened if the cases involving their original fraudulent legislation we forced the repeal of had to be heard before a jury.


They similarly wouldn't have got terribly far with a jury, trying to maliciously prosecute someone for being in 'possession of an umbrella' !! because the truth was the politicians et al were really acting in Contempt of a High Court jury lawsuit.


It is an understatement to point out that the revolving doors between 'politicians' and 'journalists' corporate racketeering have brought the British 'legal system' into very serious disrepute.



The only reason the British government spend so much public money trying to avoid settling lawsuits against them over what they really do, is because they want to keep attacking law abiding civilians, in any way they can find.



The reckless manner in which all British politicians treat law abiding civilians is just appalling and remains completely unacceptable.


Anyone who supports Brexit is still supporting Blair's witch-hunt project against law abiding civilians and their rights and freedoms, that all 'politicians' and 'journalists' who are all corporate 'lobbyists' do.


It's commonsense that one big lie is connected to and leads to another.


The illegal Iraq War proved there is no War on Terror and the connected divide and rule of Brexit's Article 50 proves the cabal of politicians and journalists are always maliciously targeting law abiding civilians.


What is called 'Westminster Village' only support each other against any and all law abiding civilians.


It is a very strange person who would ever support any politician or journalist ever playing divide and rule with law abiding civilians real lives.


It was always entirely foreseeable that the Article 50 divide and rule could only ever be used by unscrupulous politicians against law abiding civilians.





The mob rule mantra 'will of the people' woo has always been the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


A referendum on war would always stop war because opposition to war is what unites everyone in the UK against the cabal of two-faced politicians and journalists, who would have to produce their legal grounds they never have, to really be tested in courts.


The more law abiding civilians are able to practice the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more civilian lives can be saved.







24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!