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It is false to claim that the ‘face of politics’ is ‘fast changing’ with Brexit.


Brexit sees exactly the same corrupt Labour & Tory ‘front-line’ politicians who maliciously targeted we peaceniks under the cover of the London Mayoralty election in 2008 and the general election in 2010.


... 10 April 2008 & 2013... the evidence is the Labour and Tory administrations always financially -profited- from colluding to try and stop lawsuits from law abiding civilians, incl. over the failed attempt to murder me !! in September 2009 meaning there was always going to be a change in government in 2010...


Politicians like people to forget that Brian won Channel Four's most politically inspiring person of the year on 7 February 2007 with 54% of the public vote, while General Donut Danatt got 18%, Blair 8%, and Cameron 6% with Theresa Murdoch & Stake-knife Corbyn no-where to be seen with 0%.


[I have to say that although I accompanied Brian to the 'award ceremony' because he asked me to, and it was right and proper he was publicly honoured, I never personally want to ever again be in the same room as so many disgusting, revolting and utterly repulsive politicians]




Ten years ago people didn't vote for -any- of the politicians because everyone they knew they were a rotten job lot.


The 'political' classes who along with 'journalists' live in a 'lobbyists' bubble/echo chamber of their own, really don't like any law abiding civilians having any freedom or rights at all.




It is a strange person who tries to portray Blair supporting -civilians- in the European Union because he was the architect !! of the whole bog standard 'Article 50' divide and rule.


Anyone who supports Brexit is really supporting Blair !! who all politicians and journalists do really support.



Blair opened the door in 2007 for what is now all the little Brexit fingers in Westminster, Washington & Moscow etc busily pointing at and still blaming... civilians in the European Union too !! for anything and everything.


In the UK, the Commissioner's !! of the Metropolitan Police all had the same bent copper -Cole- running interference for them from 17 August 2007 onwards involving lawsuits, along with a PC CX Roger Smith who was the original 'secondment' in... April 2006.


Cole was originally 'seconded' to try and cover up 19 July 2007 at Southwestern Magistrates Court, when I was illegally kidnapped by MET Police during !! live court proceedings in a malicious prosecution I later won over 31st January 2007, involving Blair's personal armed 'diplomatic' police -and- Special Branch.


They kidnapped me from court to stop me giving evidence, before the Crown Persecution Service were forced to admit the government had "put in place a sequence of events that put my life at risk" [ie: police suddenly pushing me into the road !! on 31 January 2007]


Blair was forced to resign in June 2007, over what he disgracefully did to us in September 2006 and then January 2007.


Not forgetting of course Blair handed over 100k to the con-'artist' Mark Wallinger to try and rip us off with his 'State Britain' in 2007 too.


We literally spent all of 2007 in either police cells or courts until we triumphed on 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court, which opened the door to lawsuits.


... 17 august 2007 was when cole first appeared because labour and livingstone were desperately trying to stop us winning in court... because they couldn't keep maliciously prosecuting us to try and stop the mounting very serious lawsuits against them...


Cole was running cover for PC CX Smith's direct involvement in kidnapping me from inside court during live proceedings on 19 July 2007 !!

The 8 March 2007 emails that the Labour Party and MET Police had illegally failed to disclose in proceedings at Southwark Crown Court in October 2007, that were only disclosed to us in September 2010 prove that Blair & Brown were always working with Stake-knife Corbyn and Livingstone.

I made the lawful citizen’s arrest of the Mayor of London Livingstone in April 2008 because he had unlawfully had a thug violently attack me on 17 August 2007, who he disappeared, before later unlawfully arresting Brian and myself to try and cover up.

My lawful citizen’s arrest in Parliament Square is part of our 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit, where I was never the one who hid what I openly did.

Once I had made what was a lawful citizen’s arrest of Livingstone his goose was well and truly cooked that obviously also threatened to expose that the UK Stop the War Coalition were really just another government run front.

They all knew they could not legally cover up the 8 March 2007 emails that they all knew existed.

It would be a very strange person indeed who said they were opposed to the Iraq War, while supporting !! the leadership of the UK Stop the War Coalition going around working with the MET Police and using the London Mayoralty etc to violently attack we real peaceniks in Parliament Square.

When I lawfully arrested Livingstone in April 2008 to try and protect us from further violent assault, he was immediately on the phone to the Commissioner of the MET Police because they knew they had hidden the 8 March 2007 emails.

I wasn’t arrested for anything when police, including armed police came flying in from all directions only to help him... escape, for the time being.

It was on 10 April 2008 the Labour party really entered into a co-alition of collusion with the Tory Party to hide what had really happened.

The Tories Vitol Oil bankrolled brown envelopes that were bunged to public officials to illegally imprison me without legal representation or trial over an alleged S5 Public Order from February 2008, which you obviously cannot be imprisoned over.

The Labour and Tory administrations were really trying to illegally deport me, because I am a dual national, and only failed in their endeavours because they could not destroy all the available public records.

In real terms, the Labour and Tory administrations always colluded to try and obstruct inevitable High Court jury lawsuit/s.

The Tory Boris Johnson became Mayor of London and both Labour and Tory have always illegally refused to comply with the High Court Order in April 2008, where they are legally obliged to explain how on earth I first came to be illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in April 2008 on a trumped up non-imprisonable alleged offence.


The incontrovertible evidence is they were only able to illegally imprison me through the collusion between the Labour and Tories.

The ‘news’ of Livingstone’s lawful arrest was immediately known throughout Westminster because he had been accompanied by ITV on his way to ‘hustings’ and Parliament bizarrely went into ‘lockdown’.

What is known as ‘Westminster Village’ is really a very small cabal of revolving doors between ‘politicians’ and ‘journalists’ who are -all- corporate ‘lobbyists’ in practice.

Our lawful citizen’s arrest did prove -all- politicians only really work with each other -against- any law abiding civilians.

This all escalated into the former PM Cameron making the illegal ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 to ‘remove’ we peaceniks that firstly led to my being tortured in an attempt to cause organ failure and death at Belgravia Police Station in September 2009.


This was a significant 'escalation' from being kidnapped by police, during live proceedings !! at Southwestern Magistrates on 19 July 2007 to try and stop me giving evidence.

I only survived September 2009 because Brian heard me scream out so he became a witness when they knew they could not get away with murdering us both at the same time.


Brown was obviously trying to stop the lawsuits that directly involved him and culminated in our win at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007 going ahead [which was the same day he was late signing Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty]

On 13 January 2010 I formally ‘blew the whistle’ in legal proceedings about the spy ring being used against us, because I was trying to save our lives, because politicians were publicly calling for us to be ‘removed’ that did result in politicians trying to murder me !!

Those legal proceedings were suddenly 'adjourned' on 29 April 2010 so that the Labour and Tory administrations could start the Matryoshka of their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts on 1 May 2010 under the cover of the 2010 general election.

The failed attempt to murder me !! in September 2009 meant there was always going to be a ‘change’ in government which Westminster could only ensure happened by producing a hung parliament with the collusion of the Lib Dems and their student fee lie.


There's no other way to spin the torture other than they -intended- to cause organ failure and death which is why they have always illegally refused to hand over the CCTV to me, that does exist.

The Lib Dems had motive to collude against us with the other political parties because Lembit Opik also faced a High Court jury lawsuit over his ordering my unlawful arrest on January 14 2009 during the War on Gaza.  

What was always 'hidden' was that -all- the political parties maliciously targeted us.

The real ‘Russia scandal’ originated in London when Westminster, Washington, Canberra and Moscow maliciously targeted two ‘veteran peaceniks’ with ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning running cover for the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that started under the cover of the 2010 general election.

The premise of the current MSM & ALT ’news’ ’Russia scandal’ spin is only trying to hide that governments including Russia do all work together against civilians, because they are always selling some kind of divide and rule.

The Obama administration always worked with foreign governments spinning ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning, long before Clinton never sought an injunction to stop ASIO Assange’s DNC ‘leaks’ because they were obviously done with Clinton’s agreement.

The Democrats were trading places with the Republicans who started the War on Terror to wage the Iraq War, before the Democrats jumped on the bandwagon with the Arab Spring etc.

The Russian government have always been fully bought and paid up members of the whole War on Terror, despite the Iraq War proving there was never any War on Terror.

It is not a co-incidence that the MSM manufactured spin around ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning MSM revolves around inventing their story -afterwards- using the same dates we lawfully really ‘blew the whistle’ on the London torture spy ring on 13 January 2010 and 25 May 2010.

The same politicians and MSM involved in covering up what really happened in London on 13 January 2010 and 25 May 2010 spun the ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning media inventions with a story that mimics the truth.


... the revolving doors between 'politicians' and 'journalists' are really nothing more than violent corporate 'lobbyists'...


The Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ came legally unstuck because a) they were illegally using undercovers to unlawfully arrest Brian and I b) while illegally using ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 against us and not their Peacestrike/Democracy Village which was the one and same who were free to build an entire city !! in Parliament Square, while our display was repeatedly stolen !!

It is obvious everything the politicians had always done to us was unlawful with there being no doubt that everything that was done to us -after- 17 August 2011 was in deliberate Contempt of our High Court jury lawsuit.

On April 10th 2013, the incontrovertible evidence is the British Parliament were illegally trying to obstruct lawsuits against them, using ‘secret’ police because they all knew they had lost, long, long ago.

It is self evident that the more law abiding civilians can do the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more civilian lives they can save.






24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!