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The Brexit bullies knew they could never bluster their way out of the European Courts blaming Johnny Foreigner over a referendum on war, that would end war.


... the brexit bullies always really feared this 2012 referendum banner because it unites everyone against all the two-faced politicians and journalists...


The banner came out of a long and wide-ranging discussion we had over referendums, more generally, obviously long before Brexit appeared on the horizon. 


We eventually agreed that it was likely that a referendum on war would probably end war, including because a referendum is subject to legal proceedings, which would help to make more people aware that politicians can't just pretend like they do, that a) politicians can vote for whatever they like, or b) politicians don't know about or can c) avoid all law.


The thinking behind the banner was that if politicians held a referendum on war they would actually have to publicly come up with legal grounds, which they obviously never have, that they would then still have to argue in a court.


In fact I feel particularly strongly that other governments really should start taking responsibility themselves !! to protect their civilian populations, by joining the International Criminal Court, with armies of lawyers.


It's really impossible for any government to pretend they don't know !! exactly what the war mongering British government are like.


If governments really cared about their civilian populations they would put their civilian populations first by joining the International Criminal Court, thereby helping to strengthen the rule of law, instead of a two faced weapons supply line that is just about money.


[In fact the Brexit bullies with all their wall to wall propaganda behind their own different referendum haven't actually produced any legal grounds that would allow them to steal law abiding civilians European citizenship.


This is why they have spent the whole last year trying to bully and force British nationals in the rest of the European Union to take up other residency/citizenships so the British government can try and -offload- their legal responsibilities.


The British government of all political shades are the most appalling bullies who have been absolutely horrid to British nationals across the European Union, because they cynically held a referendum they knew had nothing to do with democracy, because all they are trying to do is -offload- any British nationals they don't want, across the European Union


They want to try and make it 'complicated' for British nationals in the rest of the European Union, which all the European Union politicians are letting them get away with doing, because they did all agree to invent Article 50 which is it was always foreseeable could only ever be used by unscrupulous politicians against law abiding... civilians.


Article 50 is a straight up divide and rule tactic only being used against law abiding civilians.


The European Parliament !! disgracefully tried to very belatedly give themselves legal cover !! over Article 50, dishonestly saying it couldn't be argued in the European Courts which is palpable rubbish, but illuminating in terms of the deceit of likes of Guy Verhofstadt.




The real question not being answered by -any- politician anywhere in the European Union is why any civilian is being bullied and put to any inconvenience when European citizenship is sold to rich people who don't have it !!


What is the real price of European citizenship that -everyone- already has ?


It's not like the stingy City of London Brexit bullies who go on about how well off the UK is and will be out of the European Union, are offering a £2 million 'clean-break divorce' to every civilian British national who wants to stay in the European Union !!


The Brexit bullies are ripping off British nationals across the European Union big time, trying to do nothing but cause trouble.


They should really be doing any deal directly with British nationals across the European Union, because they are the civilians who are not owned by or represented by other governments the British government pretend they are 'negotiating' with.


It's the same old story of all the self-serving politicians everywhere putting themselves centre-stage playing good cop, bad cop for the cameras depending on their audience. These politicians never cared about Franco in Spain and so on, and so forth.


Juncker is a complete fraud saying politicians still fear the 'populist' backlash from Brexit, because it was the politicians themselves who invented the whole fraud of Article 50 that is only being used against law abiding... civilians


Of course there isn't a government anywhere who welcomes a real peacenik, and there are far too many appeasing the Brexit bullies, out of all sorts of self-interest.


The Russian government who have always been fully bought and paid up members of the 'War on Terror' who never really opposed the Iraq War, are inevitably huge cheerleaders for Brexit bullying along with all their gremlins in the Kremlin.


People will never forget that the Brexit bullies stood with Moscow... against British nationals freedoms !! in the European Union. 


The Brexit British Tory -and- Labour parties singing from the same propaganda page as Putin the Pretender !!


Of course most Russian adults know that Putin the Pretender's repeats of Brexit bully ASIO Assange's left-overs is obviously as fake as it gets, along with Moscow relying on the London Guardian 'Trust' CIA Snowden follow-up, to try and make them look good. 


The propaganda that is put about for public consumption by Westminster doesn't match in any way what really goes on in Westminster, where you see some pretty weird things going on over the years, when you are around 24/7.   


The Brexit bullying has been an important reminder in just how two faced politicians and journalists still are towards all law abiding civilians, with their lies that anyone can just 'vote' to do whatever they want to anyone else, which is so blatantly only indoctrination to the mob rule 'will of the people' woo that really is fascism]


The Brexit bullying of law abiding civilians has to be called out for what it is, instead of making any number of excuses for those doing it.




24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!