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The British government always knew they had lost our August 2011 lawsuit.

It was always legally indefensible for the Brexit British Prime Minister Cameron to publicly make the illegal ‘election pledge’ on 19 July 2009 to ‘remove’ us, using the entire apparatus of the state, from which all else flows.


... State bullying of a law abiding civilian is very, very serious because the longer it goes on, because more and more people get involved to further their own 'careers' through .... BULLYING !!..... it easily escalates dramatically reaching the epic proportions, of violently imposing MOB RULE, using the lame 'excuse' of 'following orders'... where in our own case many politicians were directly involved.


It is self-evident that the illegal use of 666 was only a further admission they have lost the lawsuit, where to this day the British government still refuse to even agree a mediator to reach a full and final financial settlement.

I do know the British government’s City of London lawyer Martin Forshaw who was in the High Court on 10 April 2013 personally instructed the City of London 666 police officer to act illegally to hide his identity, because Weightman's already ‘represented’ another unidentified City of London police officer over 16 January 2012 too.

Weightman’s take taxpayers money to drum up City of London business by -bullying- law abiding civilians, which is obviously cheered on by all the City of London racketeers.


The City of London lawyer had become increasingly -hostile- towards us and in particular didn't want any contemporaneous court records kept and openly lied about court records that existed, and so on.


The City of London lawyer tried to cover up our 13 December 2007 win [below] on the same day Brown was late signing the Lisbon Treaty [Article 50]  and when he couldn't cover up we won, he THEN ridiculously tried to put a 'public-interest immunity' certificate/gagging order on the case to cover up all their lies, including his own !!!!:


... 13 december 2007 when brown was late signing the lisbon treaty after we won what was an incredibly long trail of deceit, which is behind blair being forced to resign...


Of course it is impossible to impose a gagging order to try and hide what they really did to a law abiding civilian legitimately repealing corporate legislation, that only goes to show just how disreputable the self-serving City of London 'lawyer' really is.


They were only trying to claim public-interest immunity when they were being sued !! and worse while they were not even trying to settle any claim !!!! with their 666 fraud !!!!!!.


It's impossible to claim public-interest immunity over 666 because no police officer could claim they 'reasonably believed' they could bully !! the public while hiding their identity.


A person wearing the blatantly false number 666 is going out with the intention of breaking the law to cause identifiable and foreseeable serious harm.


The City of London 666 'incident' which is very, very serious, epitomizes Brexit bullying, because that is the reality of the UK today.


... gagging orders.... all they really wanted to cover up was their truly appalling relentless and violent bullying that took many shapes and forms in trying to stop me lawfully repealing their multi-billion dollar corporate legislation that was trying to end free speech !!...


Other governments had copied the British government's 'War on Terror' free speech ban that the union leaders were involved in too !!


Our real experience proves it is not possible to claim there is a single politician in the UK who supports law abiding civilians having free speech, because every single politician lied !! about that legislation.


It is impossible to impose a gagging order against some-one legitimately repealing corporate legislation.


The latest British Prime Minister who was the MI5 Home Office on 16 January 2012 was quick to ridiculously try and distance herself on 17 January 2012, from their failed operation to illegally try and ’remove’ me on 16 January 2012, which was the most appalling public display of state bullying.

[I can now see that after we had filed the August 2011 lawsuit, they set up their Peace Strike/Democracy Village spin-off in the City of London called Occupy, to try and distract from and hide my lawsuit. They wanted to sweep me away on 16 January 2012, which they failed to do -before- they had shut down all their own connected ‘start-ups’ like their Peace Strike-Democracy Village-Occupy]

Theresa Murdoch, Boris Johnson and Sir Alan Vitol Oil Duncan have all been involved as is all the latest Labour Party front bench, incl. Stake-knife Corbyn, and the former DPP/Doughty Chambers Kier Starmer, and Diane Abbot and Shami Chakrabarti. They always hid they cut the deal to make union leaders exempt from the fraudulent legislation they originally used against us, we forced the repeal of.


The government's extreme malice and prejudice had always existed because they started with their show trial on 22 February 2006 in London, that they ultimately lost, which was the same date that Nazi Germany held their show trial and executed the White Rose peaceniks on 22 February 1943 in Munich.

What we know is that there was cross party ‘political support’  [they are all massive bullies] trying to exile me from the UK to avoid the payout over the lawsuit they LOST.

They are all just BULLIES who not only lost a lawsuit, but are trying to avoid paying out.

There is no reasonable prospect of my safe access to a) freedom of movement or any other basic rights, incl. b) legal representation c) health care d) courts in the UK, so the UK are just illegally trying to force me into permanent exile etc simply to try and avoid any and all of their legal responsibilities.


They are inevitably going to end up in the ECJ [European Court of Justice] because contrary to their own PR, they are the most appalling bullies.

There is obviously nothing remotely legitimate about politicians ganging up to bully any law abiding civilian.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!