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There has always been cross party 'political support' in Westminster to try and force peaceniks into 'exile' long before all the Brexit bullying.


... brian's father was a soldier who liberated people from all walks of life from bergen belsen...


There has long been no reasonable prospect of peaceniks safe access to:

a) any freedom of movement [or any other basic rights]

b) legal representation

c) health care

d) courts

in the UK, for a very long time.


The only people the Brexit bullies are trying to rip-off are British nationals, because everyone else is protected by their governments.


In our own case, the Brexit bullies are trying to force us into political exile because they are illegally refusing/don't want to payout over the August 2011 lawsuit they LOST !!.


The Brexit bullies are trying to -force- British nationals to take up any other 'residency'/'citizenship' etc to try and offload the British governments own legal responsibilities, and then just cancel the British citizenship of people like peaceniks !! they have already publicly admitted they want to 'remove'.


The con -'artist' Wallinger [below] who really is evil personified doesn't want to hand over his 'State Britain' rip-off of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign that the British government paid him over £100k !! for, that really -belongs- to us [and we all know what I'd do with it !!]:


... this evil personified gate-keeping brexit is no 'artist'... [there were too many absolute shits like wallinger who ripped us off big time] 


I am personally fed up with 'artists' because Wallinger was just so evil and treated Brian like a piece of dirt when he was in hospital and Wallinger was brown-nosing an 'art critic' from the Independent in the bed next to him at Guys, which is a rubbish hospital too. 


He didn't like Brian questioning him over who really owned 'State Britain' and when Brian died he pretended I didn't exist, because when he slithered along to speak to me in the Square after Brian had questioned him, I had stood up for Brian and gave him a flea in the ear about his behaving like a Nazi.


... 'tariffs'... wallinger's a very nasty piece of work who is straight out of the MI5 playbook, where he made his name out of being paid over £100k to rip us off...


Wallinger sells the British council, Foreign Office garbage about 'culture'. All I can say is if I ever see his 'State Britain' shit on public display anywhere, I will personally take it down, and the low-life can try prosecuting !! me.


The British government -knew- this a) unidentified agent provocateur and b) police officer [below] were never going to be called to account in the High Court over 25 May 2010 and 10 April 2013, because the British government always knew they had lost.


 ... 25 may 2010... the british government made sure this unidentified agent provocateur never appeared in the high court...


... april 10 2013... the british government have always hidden the identity of this city of london police officer, so he would never have to appear before the high court either...


That is how this seriously corrupt 'lawyer' who was in the High Court on 10 April 2013 makes -ALL- his money:


... it's actually illegal to 'advise' the government they can hide the identities of those they -and- their 'lawyers' don't want to appear in court...


[The government 'outsource' to private firms like Weightman's the non-existent 'legal cover' for 'operations' they cannot get insurance cover for, because they know they are acting illegally]


In the real world, Westminster lost over our own original High Court jury lawsuit in 2011 long ago, because it was always indefensible for the British Brexit PM Cameron to make an unprecedented 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009, that echoed Labour's 8 March 2007 emails to 'remove' we peaceniks.


Old 'five eyes' Murdoch who coughed to sitting in New Scotland Yard while hacking phones, has always been co-ordinating the phoney corporate divide and rule spin of 'intelligence' agencies.


That's a truth you won't find the 'Competition Commission' and their 'redacted' spin looking into anytime soon, because it was precisely why Westminster made multi-billion dollar corporate legislation we forced the repeal of, that was trying to violently censor the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The Donna... ald is their hired help, spinning the algorithms along with the Farage-arama et al.


Blair showed his extreme malice and prejudice with his extraordinary show trial of me on 22 February 2006 in London [that he ultimately lost] which was the same date Nazi Germany executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943.


The British government were always falling all over themselves to keep destroying my DNA !! to hide the stolen generations.


It is not true that -all- Catalans who were expelled from [for example] Spain, France and ... Italy came from the Middle East, because people have always lived all around the Mediterranean, throughout the endless divide and rule of kings, queens, politicians and religions.


... 'conversos'... catalans like bugat's have been violently forced to become and portrayed as all sorts over the centuries, which does not mean they originally came from the middle east or are all any religion like sephardi or catholic...


The Catalans were around before [for example] the Romans, Gauls and Umayyad Caliphate.


Everyone can see Brexit Labour and Tory have not made any effort at all, to in any way protect British nationals existing rights in the European Union either.


People don't have to 'apply' to Brexit bullies or anyone else to errr... keep anything they already have.


What would really be interesting to see is just how many Brexit bullies would actually sign a public register confirming they renounce all their -own- rights, which frankly would be a lot more straightforward. 


Every single politician in Westminster is corrupt and rotten to the core, falsely claiming democracy means anyone can vote to do whatever they like to anyone else, which is the complete opposite of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


It was always entirely foreseeable that Article 50 could only ever be used by completely unscrupulous politicians against entirely law abiding civilians.

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!