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The 'extraordinary' response to our High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 was to invent unprecedented legislation against us.


This repealed fraudulent corporate legislation on 31 March 2012, while in real terms trying to illegally 'circumvent' our High Court jury lawsuit, with different legislation.


... 16 january 2012 and acting in complete contempt of our 17 august 2011 high court jury lawsuit... [the city of london 'secret' 666 'police' had motive to act illegally on 10 april 2013, because they were involved on 16 january 2012, see arrow above]


In fact, Brexodus Westminster failed to apply for and get an ‘adjournment’ of our High Court jury lawsuit -before- they acted in -Contempt- of it on 16 January 2012 etc.


Their actions really completely exposed their spy ring and how it is truly evil simply because it hides behind so many layers.


It was neither normal or legal for a government to actually invent 'legislation' against me to try and bully and intimidate and cause serious harm to me -because- I had already filed a High Court jury lawsuit against the government.


On 16 January 2012, we real peaceniks who had the 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit, had our shelter stolen in the middle of winter, while spookdom who had no High Court jury lawsuit, hid behind their 'exit strategy' of a phoney 'Judicial Review' of new legislation, while still having shelter to keep trying to 'remove' us.


It was the most unprecedented deceit involving wilful obstruction of the administration of justice that in practice had been going on for quite some time.

Westminster have unsurprisingly never been able to and indeed have always refused to produce a single disclosure of the illegal operation against us on 16 January 2012.


When I complained, they did -belatedly- apply for an 'adjournment' of our lawsuit that came first, that they could not extend beyond 4 May 2012 anyway, because they knew their fraud could not withstand further legal scrutiny.


They had only belatedly applied for an -adjournment- of our High Court jury lawsuit that came first, because a) stealing our shelter had left us unmoved, while b) they had also all been caught out lying that they had an injunction on 16 January 2012 protecting their spookdom's shelter.


So they not only had to belatedly a) invent a High Court injunction dated ummm... 7 February 2012 protecting their spooks shelter, but b) also apply for an 'adjournment' of our 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit that errr... came first or their phoney 'injunction' protecting their spooks shelter, would have immediately fallen away anyway.


The rats overtly ran when I finally said I would take the spooks crap and dump it outside New Scotland Yard down the road [which they all knew I would do] and let's see what the 'police' et al can invent to try and 'arrest' me for doing that, because I had lawfully blown the whistle in courts over all their evil spookdom long ago.


They couldn't get around their deceit of 16 January 2012 because they all publicly told too many lies.


Westminster similarly refused to hand over the records of the City of London 'secret' 666 'police' operation on 10 April 2013, because they were still acting in Contempt of our original High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011, which they made abundantly clear they would continue to do throughout the entire country.


Only politicians know why they have failed to agree a mediator to properly resolve our original High Court jury lawsuit, that involves Westminster's unprecedented wilful obstruction of the administration of justice.


The real question Tebbit 'sidesteps' [below] over the [for example] MI5 UKIP Trojan horse is how many MI5 agents -illegally- use the 'revolving doors' of their positions to become MP's etc and/to hide what they have done etc etc etc ?


... 'revolving doors'... tebbit is really spinning cover for farage in the MI5 UKIP Trojan horse...


This is not really true in any legal sense:


... seriously disingenuous spin... members of the public would [for example] view MI5 agents using their roles to become MP's rather differently because it entirely subverts any real democratic process...


The spin gives anyone pause for thought about just how many MP's are 'former' spooks who really used their jobs to become MP's etc, which is of particular concern with spooks and politicians always acting as though they should be 'above the law' etc etc.


All MP's obviously have MI5 'vetting' to become MP's which is different and frankly legally meaningless.


The corporate 'revolving doors' are very obviously subverting the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Theresa Murdoch and Stake-knife Corbyn are exactly the same MI5 'Democracy Village' from 2010-2012, where one was running the MI5 Home Office, while the other pretended he was a peacenik while attacking we real peaceniks.


The 8 March 2007 'remove' peacenik emails that were only disclosed in September 2010 prove Stake-knife Corbyn had always been doing this, before being joined by Cameron's unprecedented illegal election pledge on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks too.


Stake-knife Corbyn is really a war mongering Blair-ite through and through with his War on Terror mantra being jobs for the boys at BAE and the MET Police.


Government 'officials' often hang on to/hide behind one 'public' position or another to try and avoid personal liability over lawsuits, because police 'operations' for example like 16 January 2012 have to have liability insurance, which they won't get/doesn't apply if they are acting in a 'political' capacity.


In our own long experience MET Police officers [for example] involved in illegal operations always do it for financial reasons including as a means of either promotion or to take early 'retirement' etc hiding in a) the unelected House of Lords or b) behind the 'legal' department in Westminster Council [it hasn't changed since the days of 'Dame' Shirley Porter] c) the Bahamas etc.


The MET Police who are only accomplished liars are just working their way up the racketeering food chain.


Everything Westminster did from 17 August 2011 onwards and after 16 January 2012 was in -Contempt- of our 17 August 2011 High Court jury lawsuit.


Of course everything they had ever done to us was the most incredible abuse of all due process.




[The 25 May conspiracies. It is possible the reason the MI5 'Democracy Village' State Opening was on 25 May 2010 is because it tied in with Tebbit talking about the MI5 UKIP Trojan horse on 25 May 2001 etc.]




Stake-knife Corbyn really is the most horrible coward who is only trying to hide the 8 March 2007 'remove' peaceniks emails that they could never explain before a High Court jury.


He lied to our faces while hiding what they were really doing behind our backs.


Livingstone was forced out into the open in August and October 2007 when he lost against us too.


Everything fans out from those 8 March 2007 emails that were only disclosed in September 2010 because Boris Johnson was trying to save his own posterior.


Brexodus Cameron made the unprecedented illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to 'remove' we peaceniks knowing full well he was hiding behind Brown on 19 July 2007 who was hiding behind Blair and Stake-knife Corbyn.



'Political football': the rule Britannia mob let loose on the continent:


... quite a few queens, not enough tennis...


Bit odd to have a sing-a-long for a savage old unelected dictator trying to -force- law abiding civilians to 'surrender' their European Union citizenship:


... the propaganda of westminster wanting a little sing-a-long with their lager louts who terrorized and trashed french towns during euro 2016... [the mi5 home office recruiting grounds for the edl are the football lager louts]


... murdoch is such a freak...


... article 50... i think they mean compost... in france, after the manufactured presidential 'protest' vote, the latest spectacle is politicians deserting the traditional 'political' parties en masse, to re-brand themselves as 'en marche' which unsurprisingly produced a very low turnout from the public in the first round of the general election...





Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and their 8 March 2007 emails prove they are Blair-ites through and through who made their union leaders, including the police union exempt from violent legislation they illegally used against us, we forced the repeal of.


We were winning against Labour in the courts in 2007, so the Tories just jumped on the Labour bandwagon to make money for themselves, because they stopped Stake-knife Corbyn & Co being exposed through the courts many years ago.


There's a real question mark over why the Tories would do that, because what they did goes beyond just money.


Labour certainly didn't want their MI5 STWC Trojan horse etc in court.


[The Trump-o-drama is just another one of Westminster's Trojan Horses designed to distract from themselves.


It's 'unlikely' politicians and media barons in the U.S. which btw include the BBC Head Mark Thompson from 25 May 2010, who is now CEO of the NY Times, will be admitting Brexodus Westminster have been 'meddling' in American elections anytime soon, while their 'Russian' export ASIO Assange has been 'hidden' in full view pimping propaganda for everyone, with his entourage of lawyers in tow.


The idea sly Westminster who are the acknowledged biggest propagandists in the world, kow-tow to Washington, is up there with tall tales like the tooth fairy and Father Xmas.]


Meanwhile old 'five eyes' Murdoch currently touts an American passport while the ghastly Lynton Crosby keeps writing terrible scripts.


Westminster do make the Stasi look like amateurs for goodness sakes.


All anyone can really see in Westminster is one 'political' party who just pretend they have different 'sides'.



The 'Westminster Village' bubble of politicians and journalists just live in their own echo chamber that is completely disconnected from humanity.


Their narrative is entirely dysfunctional because they have absolutely no contact or meaningful engagement of any kind with the public, because that would require far too much editing.


In the real world they still look very nasty haranguing and bullying law abiding civilians to try and force people to 'surrender' their European Union citizenship.





... 'lord' paddick, the bent copper, jettisoned over his long involvement in their wilful obstruction of administration of justice [he got his gong covering up december 2005 etc]...


[When the original bent -Commissioner- of the Metropolitan Police 'Sir'/'Lord' Ian Blair was forced to disclose he was illegally following politicians orders, he went and hid in the unelected House of Lords along with Paddick.


They had 'significant' undeclared 'conflicts of interest' in 16 January 2012 etc etc]



24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!