The history of Two World Wars in Europe that saw millions upon millions of civilians slaughtered, makes it even more incredible that any politicians even put Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty.


It was entirely foreseeable it could only ever be used against law abiding civilians by unscrupulous politicians.


... in the real world of... the rest of the world, brexodus westminster just look very odd relentlessly haranguing and bullying civilians to try and force them to 'surrender' their european union citizenship...


In the real world of... the rest of the world, Brexodus Westminster look very odd relentlessly haranguing and bullying civilians to try and force people to 'surrender' their European Union citizenship.


And that's before any reasonable and rational law abiding civilians consider how politicians could legitimately possibly translate what they demand into legislation that is compatible with the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


Most people would not willingly renounce most citizenship/s anyway, which are not usually subject to an arbitrary political vote from someone else.


The Labour party's triumphalism over losing another election, because they are united with the Tories in trying to force people to 'surrender' their European Union citizenship, is frankly incomprehensible.


All anyone can see is one big 'nasty party' in Brexodus Westminster pretending they have different 'sides'.


The unsavoury election was just another opportunity really for all the politicians to gang up together to keep bullying and haranguing law abiding civilians to try and force people to 'surrender' their European Union citizenship.


Theresa Murdoch and Stake-knife Corbyn put themselves centre stage, in a cynical exercise in propaganda, to try and distract from what they are really trying to illegally do together, which neither will ever have any mandate to do.


They are both literally the same old MI5 'Democracy Village' from 2010-2012, where one was running the MI5 Home Office while the other pretended he was a peacenik while violently attacking we real peaceniks.


The original 8 March 2007 'remove' peaceniks emails that were only disclosed in September 2010, prove Stake-knife Corbyn had been violently trying to remove us, before being joined by Cameron's unprecedented illegal 'election pledge' on 19 July 2009 to try and 'remove' we peaceniks too.


These are the same politicians who then made unprecedented new legislation in December 2011 to keep attacking us in -Contempt- of our High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011 that they did not apply for or get any 'adjournment' of -before- continuing to attack us etc etc.


Stake-knife Corbyn is really a Blair-ite war monger through and through, with his whole mantra in the War on Terror being jobs for the boys at BAE and the MET Police etc.


They haven't changed in any way at all, as they continue to recklessly try and cause serious identifiable harm to law abiding civilians.


It is more than odd that politicians who already have serious form with unprecedented deceit in waging war while obsessively attacking peaceniks, should suddenly turn their attention towards continental Europe with their latest Brexodus citizenship racket.


Our own original High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011 makes it unnecessary for us to give Brexodus Westminster the benefit of any doubt in terms of their bad intentions towards ourselves.


They have already acted with unprecedented -Contempt- towards our own very real lawsuit with their wilful obstruction of the administration of justice


[Only politicians know why they have failed to agree a mediator to properly resolve our own original High Court jury lawsuit, that involves their unprecedented wilful obstruction of the administration of justice.]


They have shown nothing but complete and utter Contempt for any real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, and therefore -all- law abiding civilians.


It is not normal for people to be arbitrarily forced to 'surrender' their citizenship to politicians and their whims, who are talking about anything but the real importance of that citizenship, which makes anything else politicians say sound shallow, selfish and mean spirited because it is.


There's nothing any politician trying to forcibly take away law abiding civilians very real foundation of European Union citizenship, could possibly say, that could be worthwhile.


Politicians who have no respect for fundamentals like law abiding civilians citizenship, including their European Union citizenship in the here and now, are faking everything else.


The real world exists outside the bubble of Brexodus Westminster's own echo chamber of politicians and media barons.


The manufactured Trump-o-drama with it's 'travel ban' which has been struck down by courts anyway, or it's 'wall' like the 'English' channel, is still not anywhere close to the extremists in Brexodus Westminster trying to force real people to 'surrender' their real European Union... citizenship.


The mere existence of the European Court of Human Rights in the European Union is an improvement compared to the arbitrary rule of politicians, kings, queens, popes and the Umayyad Caliphate.


In the big picture of economic blocs and countries with populations of a similar size etc to the European Union what Brexodus Westminster are trying to do, just looks plain weird, because it really is.