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The Brexodus is a demonstrable example of Labour and Tories et al working together using ‘politics’ to try and play the public [just like they did to we real peaceniks in 2010] to try and force law abiding civilians to be their ‘conversos’.


... brian’s father was a soldier who liberated people from bergen belsen, who had come from all walks of life...


Their arbitrary united theme, which they will never have any ‘mandate’ for is law abiding civilians should ‘surrender’ their European Union citizenship, which obviously looks very strange on the global stage in the big picture of the world.

Brexodus Westminster look very odd bullying law abiding civilians in the European Union, which in terms of population size is not really any different from China, India or even the U.S, because what they are doing is indeed very odd.


A typically strange headline from old 'five eyes':


... 'political football'...


Most people wonder what on earth politicians were thinking to even pass the Article 50 're-write' of the 1290 'Edict of Expulsion' etc in the Lisbon Treaty, given Europe's long history that had led to the original reason to unite Europe with the European Union:


... 22 - 23 june 2017... tory -and- labour are and have always been completely united really, despite having no real 'mandate'...


It was entirely foreseeable that Article 50 could only ever be used against law abiding civilians by unscrupulous politicians.


[N.B: It’s obviously completely bizarre the DUP are campaigning to ‘leave’ the European Union when in fact everyone in Northern Ireland will keep the multiple citizenships of their British - Irish and therefore European Union citizenship whatever Brexodus Westminster or the DUP et al say.



Theresa Murdoch, 'Sir' Alan Vitol Oil Duncan, Donna... ld Trump, and the Orange Order will no doubt all get along famously.


Politicians who act so irresponsibly towards law abiding civilians over fundamentals like the very serious reality that law abiding civilians have their very real European Union citizenship in the here and now, are faking everything else.


... rent-boy capital of the world... westminster's completely heterophobic 'version' of 'lgbt' is more akin to forced 'conversions' to their rent-boy racketeering really...


In fact Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn [and 'Sir' Kier Starmer, Livingstone and Brown et al] who have always tried covering up their own truly violent attacks on we real peaceniks originally, are directly personally responsible for literally putting the Tories Vitol Oil axis of evil in government.


... apparently what labour really meant was not winning an election is not the same as losing an election... [in france the politicians just all re-branded themselves en masse 'en marche' ]


Stake-knife Corbyn's only real interest where he is no peacenik, is trying to keep the 8 March 2007 emails away from a High Court jury.




You only have to remember that Brian won Channel Four's Most politically inspiring person of the year on 7 February 2007 with 54% of the public vote, Donut Dannatt 18%, Blair 8%, Cameron 6% and ummm... Theresa Murdoch and Stake-knife Corbyn 0%.


The 8 March 2007 emails, about the conniving going on behind our backs at that time, that were only disclosed in September 2010, is a vignette of a far wider picture.


... zero 'mandate'... the question everyone is really asking is why did the politicians waste everyone's time with possibly the worst 'election' anyone has ever seen, when all the politicians are in agreement with each other anyway...


All the politicians keep doing is haranguing the public with what they want to steal from people, which is not exactly inspiring.


The MI5 Trojan Horse of Stake-knife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition is pretty much the same as the MI5 Trojan Horse of Nigel Farage's UKIP where their MI5 'Democracy Village' in between was an amalgam of both really.


23 May & 25 May 2001:

The three primary ‘influences’ in the UKIP Trojan Horse have variously been ‘liberal academia’ [Alan Sked] the City of London ‘lobbyist’ [Nigel Farage] and spookdom [according to Norman Tebbit BBC 23 May 2001 & New Statesman 25 May 2001] who -all- failed to make an intelligent case for law abiding civilians to not have freedom in the European Union.


23 May 2001:



In any real sense, Brexit Tebbit only really seems to be running cover for Farage.


... "who is to say... were... "... is a very odd thing to say really...


MI5 'Trojan horses' are -illegally- created by politicians when their purpose is to a) try and stop law abiding civilians effectively challenging government b) incl. by violently attacking law abiding civilians etc etc etc.


25 May 2001:


... the ukip 'trojan horse'... that includes tebbit spinning himself too...


It is self-evident the true role of intelligence agencies is to try and 'control' all 'sides' within 'politics'.


... tony benn and enoch powell... were originally in the anti-eu alliance...

Blair was originally opposed to the European Union too, like Norman Tebbit who by his own admission was inevitably not telling the whole truth through either the BBC or New Statesman.


... 2017... the little englander tebbit actually sounds very much like the faragarama's of this world, who have remarkable 'collective amnesia' when it comes to being truthful about who has really invaded most of the world at one time or another...


The UKIP 'agenda' did try to infiltrate us too in all sorts of ways between 2010-2011, and was connected to the time wasting 'freeman' legal woo that had been doing the rounds, which is another City of London special.


... in fact andre walker worked at city hall for livingstone and boris which is where the city of london freeman legal woo really came from... where it was we peaceniks in parliament sq. he came and threatened in 2011 ...


... it's the same andre walker...


... 8 march 2007 emails... stake-knife corbyn - momentum- boris johnson - trump's renaissance technologies, jared kushner...


There isn't a single politician or media baron in the whole self-serving bubble of Brexodus Westminster's echo chamber who has cared one iota for British nationals European Union citizenship.


The same old tunes... 'populist opportunism dressed as patriotism':


... the 'juxtaposition' of the revolving doors of self-serving politicians and media barons and their endless 'u-turns' etc...


The dates 23 May and 25 May were repeated in Parliament Square in 2006 & 2010 by Special Branch and the Matryoshka of their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts against we peaceniks. 


[N.B: It was Brexodus Westminster’s Blair & Brown spinning the stolen Maddie ‘mystery’ in Portugal in the Lisbon Treaty year of 2007. That implausible tale revolved around incredibly irresponsible parents paraded as ‘pillars of the community’ because they are ‘doctors’ who just happened to leave three children under the age of five alone in a strange place every night, that happened to be near the home of the Ashkenazi Clement Freud, who was a paedophile.

The crocodile tears of Blair and Brown during their baton change in 2007 were obviously completely insincere]

Blair had done the whole Nazi routine with his show trial of this Catalan peacenik on 22 February 2006 that he ultimately lost, which was on the same date Nazi Germany had executed the white Rose peaceniks in Munich on 22 February 1943.



The most polite comment one can make is they were barking up a tangential branch in the wrong tree with that show trial.

Brexodus Westminster lost against we peaceniks -in courts- on 13 December 2006 [which was really the 14 September 2006 ‘void ab initio’] and 13 December 2007 when Brown was late signing the Lisbon Treaty.  


The Tories and Labour -exploiting- the War on Terror in... 2017:


 ... mi5 theresa mudoch... was at the home office 2010 - 2016...


... while blair's stake-knife corbyn calls for more...  police...


In contrast we cut through all the 'chaff' and filed a High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al on 17 August 2011 going all the way back to December 2005 [which in all the circumstances was being 'diplomatic' really]


In history there are some, for example, British - Portuguese ‘converso’ merchants who willingly became tools of kings, queens and popes etc in a long line of military and spook-dom who worked in the central corridors of governments internationally.






Then there is a different...  Catalan lineage, which involves a diaspora including the stolen generations, who are sometimes made to look similar.


The peaceful old Catalans are an example of an ancient people [who were around before Gauls and Romans] who have always lived around the Iberian peninsula on the Mediterranean, while the kings and queens and popes etc have all been having their endless corporate squabbles that inflicted a diaspora of forced ‘conversions’ etc of all sorts.


The British had their original edict of expulsion in 1290, followed by France in 1306, and Spain in 1492 that included Portugal after a royal 'marriage of convenience' etc etc.


The Kingdom of Spain at that time included Sicily and Naples in Italy and it all followed on from the Umayyad Caliphate too.


... the 'hidden' donna... 'stolen generations' incl. catalans...


All the 'rulers' at that time wanted people to belong to whatever their 'religious' flavour of the times happened to be that suited 'rulers' alliances and therefore pockets, so people didn't really have a whole lot of 'choice'.


The mere existence of a European Court of Human Rights in the European Union is an improvement compared to the arbitrary rule of politicians, kings, queens, popes and the Umayyad Caliphate.


There is a lot of history in Europe that isn't really spoken about at all.


Some of my own Catalan ancestors from the Iberian peninsula around the Mediterranean, have variously been Sephardi and Catholic, because Catalans were historically in Spain, France and parts of Italy, with my own Catalan ancestors being mostly around the Pyrenees in Spain and France with some in Italy.


Most governments are not really honest about their true collaboration with for example more 'recently' Nazi Germany because they wanted 'influence' in the Middle East.


Brexodus Westminster obviously wanted to populate their military garrison in the Middle East after World War Two.


There is no real difference between the -old- British and American 'Soviet' spy ring of MI5 Anthony Blunt and CIA Michael Wright who were never prosecuted, and the -modern- MI5 Nafeez Ahmed, ASIO Assange, CIA Manning & Snowden and MEP Farage whose cover stories are intended to hide our lawful busts on and around 13 January, 25 May, 21 & 23 June 2010.


The Brexodus Putin the Pretender & Co are very obviously false opposition in the old boys club of corporate divide and rule.



 ... venona... echelon... and the 'stolen generation'...




You don't have to spend long in Parliament Sq. Central London to know there is no difference between the manufactured political 'sides'.


It was exceptionally ’extraordinary’ that Brexodus Westminster acted in -Contempt- of our High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011, on 16 January 2012, when the facts are they had not applied for any ‘adjournment’ of it before-hand, while we also conclusively proved it was possible for law abiding civilians to peacefully force the repeal of a multi-billion dollar corporate ’gag order’.

The incontrovertible facts are it was -after- 16 January 2012 all the rats illegally applied for an ‘adjournment’ of our High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011, while their spy ring did the stage-managed exit [because they had failed to ‘remove’ us] where their ‘adjournment’ was in any case, no longer valid after 4 May 2012.




It wasn't the CIA 'Chelsea' Manning being unlawfully arrested in a massive undercover operation in London on 25 May 2010, while the Australian government have always made sure ASIO Assange has a whole entourage of lawyers in tow.


The real reason ancient Catalans have been subject to so many purges over the centuries under one guise or another that didn’t really have anything to do with religious ‘conversions’ by ‘rulers’ was because they were never interested in the corporate squabbles of divide and rule.

Everyone knows all intemperate ‘rulers’ have their various badge and label brigades that have included hiding -behind- any number of ‘religious’ banners etc.

What is entirely natural however is that most humans first and foremost always want to live the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

Brian who was the greatest peacemaker of our times, was himself a Christian who never forced religion or ‘churchianity’ on anyone else and indeed welcomed and encouraged the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

Most people know the corporate world is always trying to force people to become ‘conversos’ of one kind or another in all sorts of ways, while the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is what really guides all decent and civilized humanity.

The butterfly effect is the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, meaning the more people are able to practice the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, the more humanity there is in the world.






24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!