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Blair & Stake-knife Corbyn's Labour have always horse-traded over the 8 March 2007 emails with the Tories, because it proves Blair & Stake-knife Corbyn & Co were trying to illegally ’remove’ we peaceniks too.

It’s a really ‘straightforward’ conspiracy.


... 'polls'... there's the reason stake-knife corbyn who is shamelessly exploiting the 'war on terror' too was never elected channel four's most politically inspiring person on 7 february 2007 when brian won 54% of the public vote, donut dannatt 18%, blair 8% cameron 6% and may and corbyn 0%...


We beat them in the Magistrates courts on 13 December 2006 [‘void ab initio’ on 14 September 2006 really] & 13 December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court [when Brown was late signing Article 50]

The 8 March 2007 email/s proves that Blair -and- Stake-knife Corbyn [and then Brown et al] were working together with the MET Police to illegally try and ‘remove’ we peaceniks.


The UK make the Stasi look like amateurs.


Stake-knife Corbyn's only real interest is keeping those 8 March 2007 emails away from a High Court jury.


The MI5 'UK Stop the War Coalition' Trojan horse is essentially the same as the follow-up/on MI5 UKIP Trojan horse, which had the MI5 'Democracy Village' in between which was an amalgam of both.


We peaceniks were doing quite a good job of purging Blair's Iraq War Labour party through the courts, until the Tories started 'meddling' in 2008, for whatever their true reasons were.

The Tories protected the Labour Party !! who were well and truly finished when I made the very public lawful citizens arrest of their Mayor of London Livingstone on 10 April 2008 over the violent attacks on and around 17 August 2007 on us, that Vitol Oil Tory Duncan et al covered up too !!


[That all became part of a High Court jury lawsuit against them]


The Tories started 'meddling' at the exact time we had proved the whole Labour Party was rotten through and through at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, including their Stake-knife Corbyn's UK Stop the War Coalition leadership incl. their Mayor of London Livingstone.


The MI5 U...KIP quip was pretty obvious.


Tebbit made a number of interesting claims about UKIP on 23 May and 25 May in 2001 where he was really acting as a gatekeeper with Farage.




23 May 2001:

... in any real sense Brexit Tebbit seems to be running cover for Farage...


MI5 obviously always try to control all 'sides' in -any- group they set up or have an 'interest' in.


 ..."who is to say... were... " is actually a very odd thing to say...


MI5 'Trojan horses' are -illegally- created by politicians when their purpose is to a) try and stop law abiding civilians effectively challenging government b) incl. by violently attacking law abiding civilians etc etc etc.


... in 2017 tebbit sounds remarkably like ummm...  farage with both very recklessly not caring one iota about their own british nationals very real european union citizenship...


The legal reality and whole point is people in the European Union with very real European Union citizenship are not 'foreigners'.  


25 May 2001:



... spinning himself really...


In 2008 Boris became Mayor of London and Cameron then publicly made the unprecedented illegal election pledge on 19 July 2009 to ‘remove’ we peaceniks so he became Prime Minister, knowing he was covering up for Brown et al who were covering up for Blair on 19 July 2007 and Stake-knife Corbyn etc.


This spun out into the appalling events of 3 & 4 September 2009.

Then they all ran the Matryoshka of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that started on 1 May 2010 under the cover of the election that was rigged by the Lib Dems student vote lie to produce the hung parliament back then, because they needed to be sure they could run the massive undercover operation against us.


[Stake-knife Corbyn had -always- been sneaking around behind our backs posing as a peacenik, while in fact illegally working with the MET Police, with Livingstone forced into the open in August & October 2007 and Stake-knife Corbyn on 25 May 2010]


The UKIP 'agenda' did try to infiltrate us too, in all sorts of ways between 2010-2011, and was connected to the time wasting 'freeman' legal woo that had been doing the rounds, which is another City of London special. 


... in fact andre walker worked at city hall for livingstone and boris which is where the city of london freeman legal woo really came from... where it was we peaceniks in parliament sq. he came and threatened in 2011 ...


... it's the same andre walker...


... 8 march 2007 emails... stake-knife corbyn - momentum - boris johnson - trump's renaissance technologies, jared kushner...

ASIO Assange and CIA ‘Chelsea’ Manning ran cover over our lawfully busting the undercover operation being run against us on January 13 & 25 May 2010 with their cover stories on those same dates spun through the Guardian 'Trust' in London et al.

The Head of the BBC Mark Thompson [who is now CEO of NY Times] illegally edited and maliciously published audio to cover up the illegal use of undercovers in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010 before the STATE OPENING.

While Brian and I were illegally detained on 25 May 2010, Stake-knife Corbyn admits in the London Evening Standard that his UK Stop the War Coalition who are not prosecuted by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson are -also- part of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ being used against us.


The Daily Mail who were also involved in the MI5 'Democracy Village' while not being prosecuted by the Mayor of London, are part owners in the London Evening Standard, which is also owned by the City of London former Russian spook Lebedev.


George Osbourne is running interference for everyone at the London Evening Standard because of all the obvious collusion.

When I lawfully started 'blowing the whistle' on everyone in the High Court on 21 June 2010 there was also then a big spat between Brian and Tony Benn because Benn was obviously trying to cover it all up too.


This all resulted in my being illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 before Brian was then illegally denied legal representation too in April 2011, while he was being treated for cancer in Germany.

It really would be impossible for two law abiding civilians to be bullied by the entire British establishment more than Brian and myself.


It wasn't until September 2010 Boris Johnson disclosed the 8 March 2007 email/s because the Tories are hiding behind Labour.


The 'smoking email'/s:



... 8 march 2007 disclosed in 23 september 2010... in legal terms this is what is known as a 'smoking email' [from simon fletcher of 'momentum' etc] because it proves blair and stake-knife corbyn were working together to illegally try and 'remove' we peaceniks [which boris et al then covered up]...


There's more than one email in the set, where there's never been full and proper disclosure anyway.



 ... april 2008... boris johnson and lynton crosby hide the real horse-trading with labour that incl. vitol oil handing round brown envelopes...




[In August & October 2007 the fake peaceniks Livingstone et al openly tried and failed to illegally 'remove' us]

After Brian died, we filed the High Court jury lawsuit on 17 August 2011 going all the way back to December 2005 which everyone clearly acted in Contempt of on 16 January 2012, before ASIO Assange went and hid behind ‘immunity’ in the Ecuadorean embassy after 4 May 2012.


... 17 august 2007...


[Andrew Gilligan had come along on a fishing expedition in October 2007 to see what we knew but I declined to speak to him, because it was illegal what he was doing while trying to hide behind the banner of 'journalism']


Any objective assessment concludes politicians horse-trading over that -8 March 2007- email is why everything spun so dramatically out of control around us.




It was exceptionally ’extraordinary’ that Brexodus Westminster acted in -Contempt- of our High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011, on 16 January 2012, when the facts are they had not applied for any ‘adjournment’ of it before-hand, while we also conclusively proved it was possible for law abiding civilians to peacefully force the repeal of a multi-billion dollar corporate ’gag order’.

The incontrovertible facts are it was -after- 16 January 2012 all the rats illegally applied for an ‘adjournment’ of our High Court jury lawsuit from 17 August 2011, while their spy ring did the stage-managed exit [because they had failed to ‘remove’ us] where their ‘adjournment’ was in any case, no longer valid after 4 May 2012.



The government clearly acted in Contempt of the High Court jury lawsuit in 2011 because they never sought to ‘adjourn’ it until AFTER they tried and failed to remove us on 16 January 2012 with all the incredible deceit surrounding that.  

So Mark Thompson Head of the BBC went and hid behind immunity in the U.S as CEO of the NY Times now running the Comey ASIO Assange spin because it is obvious to anyone who the fake ‘Russian’ leakers are who are being ‘hidden’ in full view.


ASIO Assange and Co have never 'leaked' any government information because they have always been working for the governments.



[The 'parallels' with Nixon include the illegal use of spy agencies and 'dirty tricks' against civilian peaceniks, but goes much further because we lawfully busted -both- Labour and then Tories and then some.


It's far, far worse than Thatcher's 'get Scargill'.


There is absolutely nothing remotely 'subversive' about our doing the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The Russian government were obviously originally busted working with Westminster et al incl. on 25 May 2010 etc in London -against- we real civilian peaceniks. There are several scandals that it turns out actually roll into/come together as one that has spanned many decades.


The Russian government have always been false opposition which is why MI5 Anthony Blunt and CIA Michael Straight were never prosecuted for being 'Soviet' spies, which also obviously proves the for example Australian Intelligence Services were always ‘compromised’ from their inception.


The old 'Soviet' spy ring is pretty much identical to the modern ASIO Assange et al who the Australian government have always made sure has a massive entourage of lawyers in tow.


The Trump-o-drama is just another attempt at deception because ASIO Assange obviously pimped for both Clinton and Trump so Comey is just acting as the cut-off between the two, for public consumption]


Everyone knows the Iraq War proved all the ‘intelligence’ agencies were just propaganda tools for their governments.



The Br-'exit polls' really just confirmed the public are unsurprisingly opposed to all the politicians.


The recent 'general election' has seen both Labour and Tories continuing to play the people.


This exemplifies Brexodus Britain:


... april 10 2013... this exemplifies brexodus britain with labour and tories idea of city of london 'secret' 666 'police, which is seriously illegal...


The recent 'general' election must be the most appalling ever with the Tories obviously actually trying to help Stake-knife Corbyn as much as they could, before the most extraordinary 'exit polls' were suddenly announced.

Stake-knife Corbyn's ego incredibly spins the same outcome as Brown in 2010 as a victory, when the truth is no political party got any kind of 'mandate' for anything. 

[N.B: Only the bullies in Westminster know why they haven't just agreed to appoint a mediator acceptable to both the government and ourselves to settle our lawsuit properly, because we’ve never been doormats etc. We have demonstrably only always really acted lawfully in the public interest to try and save civilian lives.]






... 'lord' paddick, the bent copper, jettisoned over his long involvement in their wilful obstruction of administration of justice [he got his gong covering up december 2005 etc]...
[When the original bent -Commissioner- of the Metropolitan Police 'Sir'/'Lord' Ian Blair was forced to disclose he was illegally following politicians orders, he went and hid in the unelected House of Lords along with Paddick.
They had 'significant' undeclared 'conflicts of interest' in 16 January 2012 etc etc]



24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!